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After so Long

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Summary: Buffy and Harry were best friends growing up but were seperated when she moved away. What happens when she comes to Hogwarts?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherJennaSummersFR71212,71224331,22125 Mar 0528 Jun 06No

New School, New Country, Hell

Chapter One:

New School, New Country, What a Nightmare

Six Years Later:

The light flooded into the small room painted with cool yellow paint, posters covered the walls, and cloths covered the permenantly messy floor. A large bed covered in a large fluffy bedspread and a mass of messy blonde hair. A typical 15 year old sleeping in on a nice summer morning until....


"Buffy...ya gotta get up. We have to go to the airport...." a female voice yelled through the door.


"I'm coming in.." the voice called again as the door opened to reveal a 15 year old with long strait red hair and a plaid skirt on that fell to her knees with a pink fussy bunny sweater on. The girl walked over to the bed and started shaking the blond head of whoever was beneath the large covers. Until the person rolled over in the bed revealing a bright green pair of tired eyes that held a bit of annoyance.

"Wils, why do you have to wake me up so early (pouts). My slayeriness makes me need oodles and oodles of sleep. SO GO AWAY!" with that said the Buffy as she flipped back over to go to sleep.

"Oh no you don't..." the red head said to herself more than her sleepy counterpart as she through all the blankets off Buffy revealing her cute sushi pajamas that read 'Yum sushi.'

"WILLOW ROSENBERG, don't you ever do that again." the blond said glaring up at Willow in a way that sent most vampires running.

"No, we have to leave soon. SO GET READY. Look.." Willow said pointing to her face, "I have resolve face so get up."

"Fine..." Buffy finally gave in with a pout as she headed towards the bathroom.

*Half an Hour Later*

Buffy walked down the stairs wearing tight low rise faded jeans, spiked high heels and a black halter top showing off her glowing tanned skin that was a large contrast to her light long wavy blond hair and green eyes. Behind her was her floating trunk that seemed to barely close with the tons of closes stuffed inside.

"Hiya Buffster, pleasure to see you wake this lovely SATURDAY morning." Xander called from the breakfast table where he had just finished his rather large breakfast as he sent a glare at a older man dressed in tweed.

"Giles..." Buffy whined to her watcher and guardian since the death of her parents the year before. "Why do we have to get up so early?"

"Because Buffy, Your little stunt at the end of last termgot all of you expelled from the Sunnydale Magical Institute. The only school that would take you all in after your many transgressions was Hogwarts in England." Giles replied as he usually did cleaning his glasses.

"It was just a itty bitty fire. What's the big deal." Buffy said in defense of herself and her best friends.

"A little Fire, Buffy you burned down the entire cafeteria at school." Giles said yet again cleaning his permenantly clean glasses.

"G-man, didn't we have a good reason I mean couldn't we tell them that it was full of vamps and all will be forgiven." Xander put his two cents in.

"No, it's not that simple. Buffy can't have anyone know about her being the slayer, meaning we can't tell them about the vampires. AND STOP CALLING ME G-MAN!!!" Giles set Xander and his whole 'truth' plan to rest.

"Giles... I don't want to go to a new school now, we're starting our 6th year." Buffy whined to her watcher.

"You're going to Hogwarts and that's final." Giles said in his Ripper voice making the three teenagers know that he meant business.

At this point in the conversation Willow thought to make her opinion known to the others when she said, "I know we have to go to a new school, but does it have to be in a whole nother country. Adjusting is going to be hard enough already but to have the whole different cultures thing is gonna make it harder."

"Hogwarts won't be that much different Willow. In fact I'll be there to as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher so I'll be able to help you adjust and Albus Dumbledore will no doubt give you another chance." Giles said to soothe their worries.

"Fine, ok. We'll go." Buffy said for all of them.

Giles pleased with this answer clapped his hands together before saying, "Fantastic, let's get going then. You have all your things?" Everyone nods. "Okay grab onto the portkey and lets head over to Diagon Alley so you can pick up some things for school next week." With that said they all grabbed their things and left the tiny little appartment they had been staying in.

Moments Later in Diagon Alley

"So this is it." Buffy said to Willow and Xander as Giles went to get them rooms at the Leaky Cauldron.

"Yep, England. The Land of Tweed." Xander said referring to Giles constant attire.

"New School." Willow put in.

"GOD, this is gonna be Hell."

:) Review please I love getting everyones opinions.
The next Chapter is gonna be a HP character one just so you know.
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