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After so Long

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Summary: Buffy and Harry were best friends growing up but were seperated when she moved away. What happens when she comes to Hogwarts?

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: OtherJennaSummersFR71212,71224331,23825 Mar 0528 Jun 06No

After so Long

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from either BtVS or HP


"Buffy!" a skiny dark haired boy of around 10 years old called running across the lawn of Number 4 Privet Drive to the house next door Number 5. His family or whatever you would call them had just left for his cousin's ,Dudley's birthday so he was going to spend the day with the Summers family.

"Harry? Watcha yelling for?" Responded a loud voice from the window above where Harry now stood. This voice though was not tinged with the normal British acsent like everyone else in the area, it was an american voice of a young girl.

"Aren't we going to play Buffy? The Dursley's are gone for the day." Harry Potter called up followed by what could only be called a squeal of delight and little footsteps pounding through the house before the door burst open.

People may say that every little girl was beautiful, but they obviously hadn't seen the likes of Buffy Ann Summers. To anyone who ever were graced with her presence would truly know what pure innocence was. Little Buffy was a small child even amongst her fellow 9 year olds she was considered small, she was what many considered an angel with her long light blond locks of wavy hair that fell almost completely down her back, and her bright green eyes that were only rivalled in intensity by her best friend Harry's. they made quite a pair.

"Harry!!!" Squealed Buffy flinging her arms around him in a tight hug.

"Buffy!!!" He mocked her earning himself a light smack in the arm by his tiny comrade.

" isn't funny" Buffy whined to him earning a light smile from her termally sad friend.

"Fine, can we go play now or are we gonna stand here all day?" Harry asked making his way to her backyard and the playground that lay in it.

"Hair-bear..." Buffy started like she always did when their was something important she had to say.

"What is it? Is something wrong?" he began to ask concerned for his only friend.

"My daddy got a promotion, Hari-bear"

A complete look of confusion crossed the young boys face, "Sooo, should I congradulate him or something...."

"NO, you don't get it... he got a promotion to go work in America Hair-bear. We have to move back to California." Buffy told him tears streaming down her small face.

Now Harry understood why his best friend was so upset, she was going to be leaving him alone with the Dursley's. They may never see each other ever again.

"Harry.." Buffy began in a weak voice, "are we still going to be friends Harry?"

Turning to Buffy he could clearly see the pain in her eyes, in her soul like he was always able too. He didn't hesitate before bringing her into a tight bear hug that only children could do and saying, "Forever, no matter what happens we'll always be best friends."

"You promise?" Buffy asked looking up at Harry's young tearstrained face.

"Forever." And with that said they went off and played like they always did for the last time before she was gone from Privet Drive and momentarily from the life of the little boy who loved her with all his heart.


A/N: If anyone was wondering Buffy is exactly one year younger than Harry. This also takes place a year before he gets his letter and heads to hogwarts. Please review and give me any suggestions you might have so I can include some in this fic. My pairings have already been decided but you are willing to guess. I will be including some of the Scoobies like Willow, Xander, Giles, and others.
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