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Jasper's Crossover Drabbles

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Summary: A collection of crossover drabbles posted at tthdrabbles.

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Harry Potter > Multiple Pairings > OtherjasperFR1322730177727 Mar 0527 Mar 05No

First Day on the Job (btvs/hp)

Title: First Day on the Job
Word count: 200
Fandom: Harry Potter
Challenge: starting over
Notes: I don't write very often.



Narcissa Malfoy couldn't help the twitch of her mouth. She actually smiled. She let go of her mask of distaste, grinning. Not a true grin. More like one side of her mouth inching up a tad.

"Perhaps we could start afresh, Rupert. Ironically, I am the new council librarian someone named... " Her black leather-encased hands took out the bit of parchment where all her pertinent information was. "Willow Rosenberg hired."

He made an odd clucking sound with his tongue. That side of her mouth twitched a bit more. This was too fun. He was ever-so annoyed yet too much of a gentleman to tell her to get the hell out of his little council headquarters. This could prove to be most entertaining, and to think she'd thought having to work like some sub-creature because Lucius was in prison and her assets were frozen would prove horrifying and completely beneath her. Not so. She got to reacquaint herself with an old friend.

Though by the way he was trying to melt her head with his eyes alone, friend might be a bit of an overstatement.

"If you'd just show me to the library, Rupert."

"That's MISTER Giles to you."



The End?

You have reached the end of "Jasper's Crossover Drabbles" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Mar 05.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking