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Change of Plans

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Summary: *answer to Jinni's Quickie Challenge pairing 44* Willow did a stop in St-Louis before going back to Sunnydale, right after she left England.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JeanClaudeSerenaFR1511,777023,7778 Apr 038 Apr 03Yes
Title : Change of Plans
Author : Serena
Rating : PG-13
*answer to Quickie Challenge Pairing 44*
disclaimer : BtVS belings to Joss Whedon. AB belongs to Laurell K. Hamilton.


Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I had said no, if I had refused his offer, the deal. Where would I be now?

I don’t like thinking about that stuff.

I know I did the right thing. At first, I only saw it as a way to protect the city and its people, a way to help others, just like I did in Sunnydale. Now, I don’t see it that way. I’m actually happy with him and it’s no mind trick.

‘What is she talking about?’ you ask yourself. I understand. You’re confused. Even I sometimes have problems believing it. The situation did confused the hell out of me at first. Now though, I don’t regret anything.

Let me tell you my story.

Before going back to Sunnydale, after my ‘vacation’ in England, I made a stop in St-Louis. Actually, I made a stop in a lot of places, but St-Louis had been the last. I wasn’t ready to face the music on the Hellmouth. I wanted a little relief from the supernatural. Imagine my surprise when I realized the supernatural was ‘normal’ in the US, except in Sunnydale. Geez!

Giles would have had a grand time learning all the stuff on shapeshifters and vampires. They were nothing like we used to have on the Hellmouth. They don’t look really scary, but the truth is, they are even more dangerous than those from ‘home’. They are deceivers.

And of course, with the luck I have, I had to stumble upon the dancing club owned by the city’s master. I know this because I met him. And the Ulfric. And the Executionner. And… you get the drill. I think I’ve met everyone important in St-Louis in only one night. All I wanted to do was dance.

My night was kind of ruined when rogue shifters and vamps crashed through the windows. Panic alert! Every human in the club was screaming and rushing to the doors. Nobody wanted to be caught between two groups of vamps and shapeshifters in the middle of a war. My lucky night!

They fought for a short time. Some of us ‘normal’ folks got caught by the rogues, putting a stop on the carnage the important people of the city were doing to protect themselves. I had seen enough to know that St-Louis was relatively peaceful with the actual master. Just seeing the one who wanted the title, I knew it would be hell. I didn’t need to think it twice. I dropped my shields.

Only the vampire master stayed on his feet. The others weren’t powerful enough to ride the waves of my power. They all dropped to their knees. I knew I looked scary at that moment. I was floating two meters above ground and I didn’t need a miror to know my hair were black and my eyes, pits of darkness. I could feel the energy around me, bolts of power crawling on my skin.

I wanted to look scary. I wanted the rogues to run and let us in peace. It worked. They ran. But all the heads of the actual leaders turned to me. Drats!

I’ve never been shot before. But I hate guns. I think I don’t need to explain why. So I was kind of angry when the Executionner and the blond guy beside her shot me. The bullets never reached me and their guns flew through the windows. “I don’t like guns,” I told them simply.

“What are you?” the black haired woman asked.

“Who or what I am doesn’t matter. Remind me to never help you again. I don’t like your reward.”

I had never heard a vampire laugh before… well, that kind at least. I didn’t know if I hated or liked it. It was creepy. The master’s voice felt like it was caressing my skin inside and out. I think disturbing covers it.

I knew the shifters were closing in on me. I had to get out of this place and fast. Powerful or not, I wasn’t as fast as the creature surrounding me. I didn’t even see him coming at me. I only had time to see his black hair and midnight blue eyes before slumping on the ground, unconscious.

I woke up, get this, laying on a poster bed with blood red satin sheets. No windows. Black and white decorations. Didn’t take me long to figure out who’s bed it was. Him coming trough the door confirmed it.

I don’t think nervous is an appropriate word for I what I felt at that moment. I was on a bed, without shoes, staring at the very sexy master vampire of St-Louis, his gorgeous second in command, the extremely handsome Ulfric of the local werewolf pack, the disturbing but good looking blond guy with the big gun, and the pretty woman known as the Executionner. What a welcoming party!

Let me tell you, I was in for a long night.

* * *

Anita Blake pointed her gun at the slight woman on the bed. “I’ll repeat myself. Who the hell are you?” The gun flew across the room. “And how did you do that?”

“I’m Willow. And if you don’t what telekinesis is, we’re in for a long night.” She sighed. “Look, I’m really sorry I helped you in your power struggle with the running guys and next time, I’ll just look when you all get killed. Satisfied?”

Edward took a step toward the redhead. He froze when he heard a voice in his head. [Don’t push me!] The woman on the bed was looking straight at him. He turned to Anita. “She’s also a telepath.”

Jean-Claude laughed. Willow shivered and not in fear. “She a witch, a powerful one. And I can make a guess at where she’s from. I didn’t think there was anyone with enough power to make a power wave strong enough to feel from California to St-Louis, but here she is. So the rumors are true. There is a witch strong enough to destroy the world if she wanted to.”

Willow winced. “Can we forget that most horrible moment of my life? I’m not up to discuss philosophical consequences of me trying to burn the entire planet to a cinder. I’ve had enough of those with a coven in England. Can I go home now?” Asher stepped forward. His blue eyes locked with the green ones from the redhead.

She was drowning. He was strong, not as much as the master, but enough to make her head spin. He was trying to enthrall her. Her control snapped. Her eyes turned black and the vampire stumbled back. “Back off!” she growled. Jean-Claude laughed again. “Stop it! It’s disturbing!”

“I didn’t wish it to be so, ma chère. We are not here to harm you.”

“Really?” she snorted. “If you wanted cooperation, knocking me unconscious was a bad idea.”

“I see that now. My deepest apologies then, ma petite fraise.”

Willow froze. The air itself seemed to stop around her. “What did you call me?” she whispered.

Jean-Claude frowned. “What is the matter, little one? Didn’t you know you smell like strawberries?”

Apparently, the witch didn’t like that name, they noticed. The flames of the candles flared and the redhead on the bed screamed. The wind howled as if a storm was building in the room.

Jean-Claude’s eyes widened. The redhead on his bed was panicking. He cursed outloud, making several heads turn to him and gasp in shock. The backlash of power hit them and he struggled to stay on his feet as the others fell on their knees. He quickly covered the distance between him and the witch and took her in his arms.

Gradually, the air felt less heavy and the supernatural creatures in the room could stand up. The black haired vampire was whispering in french in the redhead’s ear as she clung to him like a life saver. They would have to remember never to remind her of what she smelled like.

“There, ma chère. No need to be afraid. I’m sorry to have disturbed you so. It seems that it is a weird night for all of us. We were actually wondering if you would be willing to help us.”

Willow sniffed and looked into his eyes. They were normal. “You want my help?”

He nodded. “We’ve had troubles with the rogues recently and your help would be valuable.” He smiled, showing a bit of fangs. “Of course, we will give you compensation.”

* * *

Naturally, I accepted or I wouldn’t be telling you this story. I didn’t go back to Sunnydale. I called my friends, asked them to ship my things to St-Louis. I still write to them. They call me sometimes, even Spike who keeps getting in trouble and wants help from me or Jean-Claude. I think he even hired Edward once for one thing or another. I'’ not sure I want to know.

Jean-Claude himself was the reward for my help. I didn’t ask this much but hey! I’m not going to complain. We banished the rogues from the city a couple of weeks later. I actually let Jean-Claude feed on my blood. Quite the power boost! Jason didn’t mind to skip is nibbling a couple of nights. And I sure didn’t mind to receive the nibbling. Okay, at first it was more like ‘lay back and think of England or the US in that case’, but after a while, I was an active participant in the whole bloodsucking thing. It wasn’t very difficult. Jean-Claude is sex on legs. I don’t know how Anita resisted him for so long. I sure didn’t.

“Thinking of me, ma sorcière?”

I jumped when I felt strong arms encircled my waist and shivered as he whispered those words in my ears. His voice never failed to make me tremble in pleasure. “I was thinking about our meeting, so yeah, I was thinking about you. How did you… sorry. Stupid question. Enhance sense of smell.”

Jean-Claude smiled. “Indeed.” He pulled me backward. “Come back to bed, I jumped when I felt strong arms encircled my waist and shivered as he whispered those words in my ears. His voice never failed to make me tremble in pleasure. “I was thinking about our meeting, so yeah, I was thinking about you. How did you… sorry. Stupid question. Enhanced sense of smell.”

Jean-Claude smiled. “Indeed.” He pulled me backward. “Come back to bed, mon amour.”

And I did. Boy, did I enjoyed it!

The End

You have reached the end of "Change of Plans". This story is complete.

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