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Dawn of the Phoenix

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Summary: When Dawn is kidnapped by her father, it's up to the Council and some new allies to get her back.

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Harry Potter > General > DramaNaitchFR151134,47302115,47531 Mar 057 Jul 05Yes

Epilogue: Secrets Revealed


When Voldemort finally called the Dementors back to his service, he gained more than just powerful allies. He also gained the fortress of Azkaban, and all the souls trapped within. Most of those souls- mostly the Ministry employees, and those who didn’t want to join the Death Eaters - went straight to the Dementors. All the rest swore allegiance to Lord Voldemort and joined his ever swelling ranks. As for the prison itself, he turned it into his castle. A few new wards, a modified Fidelius Charm… and now, the only people who could find it were his loyal servants.

And his servants…my, how they were growing. While he was somewhat upset to loose many of his most loyal supporters at the Battle of the Ministry, his mood was improved by the sheer amount of dark creatures his other servants were able to recruit. And the numbers just kept growing.
Plus, most of those that were captured at the Ministry had already been freed after pleading to being under the influence of the Imperious. Such a wonderfull curse...

His only loose end, at the moment, was that thrice-damned prophecy. He had already punished Bella for letting it get destroyed, but that satisfaction wouldn’t get him its secrets.

But now he had something that would.

And so Lord Voldemort found himself walking down towards the cell that held all of the answers he needed.

Remus Lupin had lost all track of time.

He wasn’t sure how long it was ago now, but he had been on a mission for the Order when he had been ambushed. He knew why- Voldemort was after the Prophecy. He knew it, too. Sirius, knowing that there was a good chance he wouldn't come back, told him shortly before the Battle that claimed his life. Sirius had wanted to make sure that someone would be there for Harry when he learned about it, and Remus had swonre he would be there.He also swore that he wouldn’t give it up to anyone, especially Voldemort.

Remus knew that even if Voldemort got his hands on him, he would try to pry the prophecy out of his mind. But he had been practicing Occlumency for years now, and the wolf inside him provided an extra layer of protection against mental intruders. He knew that his mind was secure, and that nothing Voldemort threw at him would pry the secret from his mind.

But that was before they locked him in this infernal cell. Before Wormtail, his ‘friend’, paid him nightly visits where he beat him with his silver hand. Before they posted Dementors outside his door, which made him re-live the hell his life had been ever since James and Lilly had died. Now he knew that his mental discipline, even strengthened by the beast within him, was at an all time low.

The door opened, and in came Wormtail; once more with a sick smile on his face. He made a show of flexing his silver hand, as if working out the kinks before he brought it down upon his former friend. Silver was deadly to Remus, as it was deadly to all Werewolves; but the small contact he gained from the hand every night only made him sick. He knew that if the beatings persisted, enough silver would build up in his system and he would die But he strongly suspected that he’d be dying soon anyways, as he finally saw the man who destroyed so many lives enter behind him.

“Well.” Remus rasped out. “Lord Voldemort himself. To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Wormtail backhanded him with his silver hand.

“Silence!” his old friend shouted. “You are not worthy enough to say the Dark Lord’s name!”

“Careful now, Wormtail.” Voldemort admonished. “I still need him conscience to answer my questions.”

“Take your questions and shove them up your arse, my lord.” Remus spat back. Voldemort chuckled at his defiance, then whipped out his wand and pointed it right at the werewolf. “Legilemens!”

If Voldemort had tried this trick a few weeks ago, there would be a very strong chance that Remus could have blocked him out. But after weeks of Dementors, and beatings, and silver poisoning, he just didn’t have the strength anymore.

Images flashed through his mind- laughing with Sirius, James, Lilly and Peter as James attempted to use his new Muggle barbeque…visiting Lilly and James in the hospital shortly after Harry had been born…teaching Harry how to cast the patronus charm…spending Christmas with his friends in the Order…Sirius telling Remus that if he didn’t make it, Harry would need someone to help him through the difficult times ahead, telling him about the prophecy… The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…Borne to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…And the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives…The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…

Lord Voldemort ended the curse and his serpentine-like face contorted into what could pass for a smile. After all this time, after all the effort, after everything the Potter brat had put him through- he finally knew the secret that the old fool had tried to keep from him. And he could finally rise… and the Wizarding world would be his…

“Can I kill him now, Master?” Wormtail pleaded, a maniacal glint in his eyes.

“You have done well, Wormtail. Assisting in my re-birth…bringing this- thing,” he indicated Remus, who was still slumped on the ground, “ and getting me the prophecy I’ve so desperately craved… something my darling Bella couldn’t even do. So take your reward, Wormtail. Kill your old friend.”

The man formerly known as Peter Pettigrew slowly stalked towards Remus, who was pushing himself up on all fours.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for so long, Remus… so long… none of you never thought I was good enough, or talented enough… but now, I'm the last of us left... and I’ll be beside the worlds most powerful wizard as he takes this world for us all…”

Remus laughed bitterly. “You always…were a fool…Peter…” Remus gasped out as he fought to look Peter in the eye. “You…fancy yourself…to be a … Dark Lord, do you? Well, I hate…to break it…to you, old friend…. But there is only one Dark Lord-" Remus managed to stand up, and look Peter in the eye. “And he does not share power.”

With a snarl, Wormtail threw a vicious punch at Remus, the sliver hand catching him right under the jaw. The impact was so great that Remus was thrown back against the window at the far end of the cell, which caused the shutters to shatter, and suddenly the room was filled with a bright light…

"Wormtail, you fool!" Lord Voldemort shouted...

Number Four Privet Drive

And Harry Potter awoke with a start, his hand clutching his still-burning scar. He managed not to scream- his Uncle Vernon hated when he screamed at night. In fact, the last time a nightmare had awoken Harry, Uncle Vernon had threatened to chain and gag the boy to his bed, ‘just to shut him up.’

So Harry didn’t scream. He didn’t call out, he didn’t moan. But he couldn’t stop the tears that were rolling down his cheeks, or the silent sobs that were escaping his lips. This had been the first vision he had had since Voldemort had sent him the false one about Sirius, which had cost his godfather his life. But he had no doubts about the validity of this vision. No, Voldemort may have sent him this vision, but it wasn’t to trick him into rescuing Remus. It wasn’t even to trick him into going after Voldemort himself by showing Harry where he was. No, there was only one reason why Voldemort sent him this vision-

To gloat.

Voldemort now knew the prophecy. The last thing holding him back from declaring open war on the Wizarding World was gone, and now he would come out into the open. And Harry would be a prime target.

Reluctantly, Harry pulled himself out of bed and grabbed a piece of parchment and a quill from his trunk. He knew that Dumbledore should be notified immediately, but he wasn’t sure how much he should put into the letter. The secret may be out, but that was no reason to throw caution to the wind. After a few moments to clear his head, Harry put the quill to the parchment.

Dear Professor,




With that, Harry rolled up and sealed the parchment, then attached it to Hedwig’s leg.

“Take this to Dumbledore, girl. And hurry!” he whispered as he opened the window. Hedwig gave Harry a little nip with her beak, then flew off into the night. The letter on the way, Harry closed the window and laid back down on the bed, and cried once more as he mourned the passing of the last of the Marauders.

To Be Continued…

Well, thus ends Dawn of the Phoenix. I hope everybody enjoyed seeing a strictly Harry Potter chapter for once, and it should lead in nicely to Book Two, which will be entitled Harry Potter and the Light Brigade. Things you can expect:

Dawn and Miriam as students at Hogwarts.

Buffy and Faith teaching Muggle Defense

Faith’s official (as told by Whedon himself) last name!

More magic!

More adventure!

More history!

The Golden Trio!

All this, and SO much more!

I have this story almost completely planned out in my head, and it should be a doozy. I don’t mind in saying that it has been heavily influenced by the MANY other stories I have read on this site, and on, though I will not steal anything outright. But I will give credit to where credit is due, so let me please thank the following authors for their inspiration, while at the same time sending you over to their stories. While a lot of them have inspired or influenced me in some way, all of them are very good reads. Here is, as I call it, The List:

Fallenstar2- This author has influenced my story more than any other author, save one- Her writing style, storytelling, and lots have all been superb, and it was she that sold me on the Draco-Dawn pairing. So while you wait for my lazy ass to post, go read her stories- they’re worth it

- Harry Potter and the Slayer’s Crusade

- Harry Potter and the Aurora Mirabilis

- Where Will You Go

- Where You Have Been

- Dance

AngelEyes52- Wrote some vbery good stories that made good use of Original Characters, an had an interesting plot to boot. Go read these stories:

- Harry Potter and the Staff of Vigor

- The Fine Line Between Love and Hate

Angelic Demon16- Talk about making good use of OC- this author has taken it to a whole new level. Death, rebirth, vampires…one of the coolest AU stories I’ve read yet.

- Moonlit Nights

Beck89- a brilliant author (number three on the top five for me) who needs to update more. Expertly integrated Buffy into Potterverse with little to no fuss, and has given me plenty of inspiration.

- The Youngest Evans

DragonKatGal- Good lord, how do I start on this one? Brilliant stories, cohesive plots…the only thing she needs to do to improve is update more often! Check these out:

- Forbidden Past

- Seduction by Darkness

- House of Black

- A Murder’s Daughter

- A Witch’s Family

- A Wizard’s Slayer

- And so many more that I haven’t even read yet!

Elsawriter- Another excellent writer. I enjoyed the following stories immensely:

- Redemption

- Redeemed

- Closer to the Darkness

Halric the Harmless- Started a brilliant story, can’t wait for the next update. Check it out and catch up!

-United they Stand

LavenderBrown- I cannot begin to praise this writer. Her stories were so good, it felt like reading the real books 6 & 7. Not only that, there was true continuity from the past books, and all characters were treated just how they should be treated. It will take a while to read, but I urge EVERYONE to check these out:

- The Book of Morgan Le Fey

- The Final Reckoning

Lilguji- Just read the story. It’s to good for words:

- The Secret of the Chamber of Secrets

Lisette- Number 4 on the list. Just a brilliant writer whose stories DEFINITELY influenced Dawn of the Phoenix, especially the torure of Dawn. Read these stories, they’re worth the time.

- Twist of Fate

- Racing with Destiny

- Sacrifice Par Amarth

- Equinoxium- a Lord of the Rings crossover

Melindaleo- Another set of stories that read almost like official books. Gives these a try-

- Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion

- Harry Potter and the Curse of the Damned

OloEopia-Merlin- Just read these stories. Have I steered you wrong yet?

- Harry Potter and the Galator

- Harry Potter and Fait Accompli

Ringo’s Wildrose- Coming in at number five…

- Dumbledore’s New Army

The Reader of the Books- Some AWESOME, heart wrenching stories. Give these a try, for some none-crossover goodness-

- Harry Potter and the Hidden Power

- Harry Power and the Fortress of Shadows

The Gramarye- Go read this story as well- it has some excellent story-telling in it!

- The Summer of Our Discontent

Anoron-A Brilliant Author that ties for second in my book. And since it’s my book, it can. READ THIS STORY-

- The Key to Marauding

And there were so many more… Go over to TTH and look for ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ and it’s sequel, ‘Snake Charming by Echo. ‘Anywhere You Go’ by Sonja. ‘The Eighth Weasley’, by Fyre (and whose story is on hiatus. Give her an e-mail, encourage her to continue! Never mind! She’s updating, and it’s also on ), And Finally-

Malli- Never before have I been so affected by the death of someone I didn’t know. She was a brilliant author, a gifted storyteller, who was cut down in the prime of her youth. Her story, never completed, has been reposted by Dur’id the Druid for all to enjoy, and many authors are trying their hand at completing it (just check the link on Dur’id’s authors page. As a lot of you can tell, I used a piece of Malli’s story in mine. It was not meant as theft, but rather as a tribute, so that some of her may live on in the fiction we write. Corny, but true.

- The Phoenix Child

There are so many more great stories that I have bookmarked, or that have influenced me in some way. These are but a few of those, and only a handful really influenced my stories at all. The rest are just good read;)

I will start posting 'Light Brigade' when I have some chapters written. Untill then...

Till we meet again, I have but one thing to say.

Don’t go away angry,

Just go away:)

Peace and love and all that stuff.

-Andrew Niehaus

The Nature Boy

Stylin’ and Profylin’ since 1980

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn of the Phoenix". This story is complete.

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