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Dawn of the Phoenix

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Summary: When Dawn is kidnapped by her father, it's up to the Council and some new allies to get her back.

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Dawn of the Phoenix

Dawn of the Phoenix

By: The Nature Boy Drew Niehaus

(Very Poor) Summary:

A year after the defeat of the First, Buffy and the gang settle down in Chicago. But when Hank Summers suddenly resurfaces and takes Dawn away, Buffy and the Council will need to pull out all of the stops to bring her home.

Featuring characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Harry Potter. Featuring original characters created by the author.

Legal Disclaimer: The characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel are the property of Mutant Enemy and were created by Joss Whedon's brain. Joss Whedon may have had something to do with it, but I'm pretty sure his brain can take all of the credit. Characters from the Harry Potter Universe are the property of J.K. Rowling and her brain. The 4 Horsemen, Devil’s Brigade, and all subsequently created characters are the sole property of MY brain. I created them, and I can kill them. I can even resurrect them because, in this story, I am GOD.

SPOILERS: Buffy season’s 1-7, Angel Season’s 1-5, Harry Potter through OOTP.

And so begins my new story. This is an alternate universe, so NO Stargate present. This is my re-envisioning of how Buffy and the NEW Council meet the Devil’s Brigade, or Horsemen. This takes place post-Chosen and post –Not Fade Away. But first, a little background-

I created The Horsemen characters (Originally and occasionally still called The Devil’s Brigade) back in '96 or '97, and have a trilogy with their story already mapped out in my mind. This is why the background for the Horsemen in this story is so similar to the background I gave to the Horsemen in Shadow Play- it's all a part of the original trilogy, which I may get around to actually writing soon. Around season 4 of Buffy, I incorporated my characters into the Buffy-verse, and have kept them there ever since. Recently, I've gotten into Harry Potter, and I got an idea for another crossover that I wanted to write. HOWEVER, I realized I couldn't write THAT story without first officially introducing my characters to the Buffy characters.

Enter this story.

I came up with this story at work, and managed to map it out over 4 hours. It won't be very long- probably 10 chapters at most. And it will set up the characters for the sequel The Light Brigade and the final part of the trilogy, Chi-town Rumble. Many people don't like reading stories with original characters, but I am asking you to give this a shot and at least review a few chapters. I plan on someday writing professionally, and I need any feedback I can get to help me become a better writer.

There will be no real relationships in this story except for the ones that were present in the shows- Willow/Kennedy, Wes/Fred-Illyria. Faith and Robin broke it off and now have a very brother-sister relationship which will play into the next story.

For more thoughts or feelings, visit my Live Journal, under users/naitch03. For now, on to the show!

Final Author’s Note: This story is setting up the Potter crossover, but actual Potterverse characters will not be present in this story until the final chapter. Certain words, phrases, or concepts will be making sporadic appearances, though.

Chapter 1: History of the World: Part 1

Buffy's POV

Oh, god. I can't believe this is happening.

It seems like only yesterday that Dawn was asking me "What are we gonna do?" after we escaped from the collapsing Hellmouth. The First was history, there were potentially hundreds of active Slayers...we could do anything we wanted.

So we all split up. Willow and Kennedy went to Rio. Andrew went with Giles to England to start with rebuilding the council. Faith and Wood went to Cleveland to watch over the new Hellmouth and help train any Slayers that they found. Xander decided to wander around the country as he grieved for Anya. The, Slayers, scattered to the winds- some headed home, others just wandered the country, helping out when they could. And I took Dawn to Rome, where she attended her sophomore year in a Grecian school and I dated a hunk who called himself The Immortal.

After almost a year had passed, Andrew showed up to tell us about the status of the new council. Giles had decided to learn from the original Councils many mistakes- as soon as Willow freed up the Council's vast amount of funds, Giles purchased several buildings and hundreds of acres of land all over the world. He had the London Council building rebuilt and made it the main headquarters for our overseas branch that dealt with Slayers from all over Europe. In the States, he bought land in New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Chicago- thereby spreading our forces out across the country and keeping a strong force on the new Hellmouth. Our American HQ is in Chicago- a major metropolitan city in the middle of the country that makes traveling to either LA or New York a simple enough matter. As soon as the new HQ was set up- located at the old University of Chicago campus, which was put up for sale when a new, modern campus was built a few miles away- the old gang showed up to take residence. Xander came back first and started on major renovations, replacing the Skywalk, refitting the main class buildings to hold work out areas, retrofitting the science labs with the latest equipment. Shortly after Willow, Kennedy, Dawn and myself came back, we learned of a disruption in LA- Angel was in trouble. Putting our feelings about him running Wolfram and Hart aside, we, along with about 50 Slayers, went to LA to rescue him. It was a terrific battle- apparently, Angel had managed to thoroughly piss off the Senior Partners by killing the people who were doing their works on this plane. They had sent an army to kill him off once and for all, and when we arrived it was Angel, Spike(!), and two others- one who was badly wounded, and the other who sent off my Slayer senses right away. But she was fighting with them, so I let her be. The slayers and I saved Angel's butt (I even got to help him slay a dragon!) and we invited them all back to Chicago with us. Andrew found Wesley's body, but was surprised to find him still (barely) alive and rushed him to a hospital. We had him transferred to the Slayer HQ as soon as our infirmary was up and running, and the weird blue-haired chick (Angel told me her name was Illyria and, apparently, she was an Old One) never left his side while the former Watcher convalesced.

New Slayers came to us to be trained, and they were put up in the dormitories, while the senior staff was housed in the old Office tower that was refitted with apartments. Dawn loved the view from our apartment- we were three floors from the top, so she could look out over the city everyday.

Three days ago Dawn and I went to the Watertower to do some serious shopping. Everything was going great until we split up- me going to a sporting goods store to pick up something for Faith, who just came into town, and Dawn to a clothing store the next level up. I agreed to go up and meet her after 20 minutes, and we parted ways. 20 minutes later, I was riding up the escalator when I saw a site that made my blood freeze. My father- excuse me absentee father, Hank Summers, was dragging Dawn towards the stairwell. I'm not so sure what shocked me more- the fact that Hank was forcible dragging my sister through a crowded mall, away from me, or the fact that Hank was here at all. Hell, he didn't even remember my birthday for the last two years, and didn't even bother to contact me when my mom died. For the past few years, as far as I was concerned, Giles was my real father- Hank was just the guy that got my mom pregnant. So I see Hank dragging Dawn to the stairwell, and I sprint up the remaining stairs and dash towards them. I briefly lost site as they entered the stairwell, but I figure, no problem- I'll just catch them on the way down. So I burst through the door-

And the stairwell is empty. They had disappeared. I searched up and down, but there was nobody there.

To say I was frantic would be an understatement. I ran to mall security and told them my sister had been abducted. I gave a statement to the police when they came. I called Giles and told him what happened. And I spent a restless night walking the city, looking for any signs of my sister. The next day, we waited to hear from the police.

Instead, we heard from our old friends at Wolfram and Hart, now under new management.

They showed up at the council the next day with a signed affidavit, stating that Hank Summers now had sole custody of his daughter, Dawn Summers. Apparently, that bastard of a father hired them to help him gain custody of his youngest daughter, which the courts, for some reason, granted. Knowing that I would never allow her to be taken, Wolfram & Hart decided to take her when I wasn't around to avoid complications. The only reason they bothered to show up at all was to gather Dawn’s remaining personal items so she could have them in her new life with her dad.

We got a letter from them the next day, stating their intention to sue us for personal injuries sustained when I threw their asses through the plate glass window in the lobby out into the courtyard.

The police couldn't help us- technically, since Hank has sole custody (along with a court order preventing me from seeing my sister), they have no authority to interfere. Once upon a time, the Council had the power to help, but we don't have the government contacts yet to make anything substantial happen. I was so depressed, I was on the verge of giving up, and taking another lunge off a high tower to my death.

But then Kennedy told me about a local detective agency that her family had used in the past, one that specialized in going up against players like Wolfram and Hart and, apparently, my dad. She told me they had a very good tract record and, since nothing else would work, we might as well give it a shot. So that is how I found myself sitting here, in a surprisingly nice office, considering the rather shabby exterior of the building we are in, looking at a guy that can't be too much older than me, and hoping this kid can help me get my sister back. Because if they can't, I don't know what I'll do.

Dawn's POV

At first I was surprised. Then angry. Then scared.

My father shows up all of the sudden, and demands that I come with him. Says he's got sole custody of me now, because Buffy isn't responsible enough to take care of a 16 year old girl. Says he's gonna take me away, and everything will be all better.

I just laughed at him. 'At least Buffy was around for me,' I told him. 'At least she didn't fly off to Spain to bang her secretary.' He didn't like that. So he grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the store, into a stairwell where a man in funny robes was waiting for him. He grabbed both of us, and suddenly we were in an office building. I knew instantly what had just happened.

We had teleported.

More to the point, my dad had teleported, and he wasn't freaking out. Actually, he was quite calm. I knew in that moment that something was wrong, so I did what I do best-

I screamed my head off. At least until someone bludgeoned me over the head with something heavy.

A couple of hours later, I woke up in a small, dark room. No furniture, no windows. A voice had told me that Buffy had brainwashed me, and that I was here for 'deprogramming.' The voice told me it would be a long, hard, and painful process. I told the voice where he could stick it. That was two days ago.

I didn't have any company for two whole days. I also didn't get any food or water, so when they slid a cup of water in through the meal slot on the door, I drank it down greedily. A few minutes later, I was loopy on the drugs they had slipped into it. I found that I couldn't move my arms or legs, and I could barely hold my head up. So I could offer no resistance when the door opened and the elderly doctor came walking in.

He looked to be in his late sixties, with thinning grey hair on top of his wrinkled old face. He gave her a cruel smile.

"Hello dear. Are you ready to begin your deprogramming?"

Dawn glared at the man. "I don't NEED any deprogramming!" She snarled. "I just want to go back to my sister!"

The doctor clucked his tongue. "You see, THIS is what I'm talking about." He said. "She has poisoned your mind against your father, and made herself out to be some sort of perennial saint! This is brainwashing at it's worse. But fear not, little one. I think I can save you." At this point he brought his hand out from behind his back- it was holding a syringe. "You see, there are certain things that can help break brainwashing. Take pain, for example. You put the mind through enough pain, and it sort of resets itself. Makes it so much easier for you to separate the facts from the fictions." With that, he stabs the needle into my neck and depresses the plunger.

I wince at the pain of the needles intrusion. "If you think that stabbing me with a needle is going" I suddenly realize that it wasn't the needle I should have been worried about, it was what he shot into my system. I start to feel a burning in my veins, moving throughout my body. "No..." I manage to get out before red-hot lava is flowing through my body. The pain is beyond intense; I feel like I'm being incinerated from the inside out.

My screams echoed down the hall for hours, until my throat is raw and I couldn't scream anymore. Soon, I was lying in a heap on the floor, coiled up into a fetal position. The doctor promised to come see me the next night to continue my treatments, then left the room. That was last night, and now I can hear him coming down the hall, ready to start the treatment again.

Buffy, where are you?

The doctor opens the door.

Oh, god. Please help me.

End Intro

To be continued in History of the World, Part II: Jews in Space!

(Chapter title subject to re-naming on Author's whim.)

Feedback is always appreciated!
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