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Both Eyes

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Summary: The Scooby Gang joins the Order. Joyce meets a certain Auror there. Xover w/ Harry Potter.

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Both Eyes

Summary: The Scooby Gang joins the Order. Set in the beginning of Season 5 and during book 5 of Harry Potter.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything… so there.

Rating: R, because I don’t know if something will happen later.

Spoilers: It goes along with Book 5 so there will be spoilers…

A/N: Nothing really… maybe later.

Feedback: Yes! Do it now! Or later, whenever you would like.

People knew that Alastor Moody’s magical eye could see through walls, the side or back of his head and many other places but he never told anyone that he could ‘see’ through people.

He knew immediately if he liked people or not based on what he saw. A light inside resembled innocence to him. That, and bravery, which was more important to him.

When Lupin first introduced Buffy Summers to Moody he saw great bravery and responsibility. He was in awe when she told him her battles with soulless vampires and demons. She never heard of Voldemort and the only witches she knew were her two friends, who didn’t even use wands.

The Slayer was clueless, yet very important to the Order. Although she couldn’t fight wizards there were other creatures that joined the Dark Lord she could handle easily. Her friends even asked to join.

The red head witch, Willow, and her partner, Tara, were a great help. No one knew what to do with Xander though. Later, they found out Xander was great at decoding secret messages by Death Eaters.

Rupert Giles was a great strategist and had a great collection of books and knowledge. He, like Xander, shouldn’t fight among wizards, but Moody had a feeling they weren’t going to sit home.

Then there was Joyce Summers; Buffy’s mother.

Alastor Moody was smitten. He saw she had a heart full of nothing but love.

At first he only saw her at Order meeting. She was always sitting next to Buffy. She gasped at terrible news and applauded at good.

Then, somehow, Voldemort heard of the ‘Sunnydale Division’, so she, and the rest of the gang, came to live in the Grimmuald Place.

At first, Joyce’s younger daughter hated the house. Then she became great friends with Harry Potter. Joyce, always thinking of her children, asked where Dawn should go to school. Dumbledore said she was welcome to Hogwarts. She could study Muggle Studies, Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts (although she could never do spells she could read other ways of getting rid of unwanted creatures), and Herbology. She was the only muggle in school.

Joyce went with Dawn to see her first day of school, which she would go with the first years and wear the sorting hat. Dawn was sorted into Ravenclaw and soon was seen inseparable from her best friend, Luna ‘Loony’ Lovegood.

Her mother on the other hand was bored. No one let her clean up the house because she was a muggle and slow. So she talked to others from the Order.

Molly Weasley reminded her of a soccer mom. It’s ironic because Molly, nor her husband, knew what soccer was. Joyce and Molly talked about their children majority of the time.

Author Weasley made Joyce feel like she was the most interesting woman on Earth. She told him all she could about muggle life, currency, trade, motor vehicles, medicine and even government.

Lupin and Sirius were like the sons she never had. They would talk about how they hated to be treated the way they were. Remus was a werewolf and Black was an innocent man framed into hiding. She would tell them not to lose hope and then treated them to tea or coffee.

Although Tonks and Kingsley were hardly around she still treated them like family. If she ever needed to go out Tonks, disguised as a woman Joyce’s age, would go along. Buffy refused to have her mom go out unprotected. Kingsley often soothed Joyce if she had a panic attack, which was when she heard terrible news.

“He has an angelic voice,” Joyce once said.

The Scooby Gang and Dumbledore were always in Hogwarts, so the only other person around was Alastor Moody.

He scared and attracted Joyce.

They would usually sit in the kitchen and talk about their past. Moody would talk about his past as an auror and Joyce talked about her battles as a mother, trying as hard as she could for her children to have a normal life.

The only other battle she was apart of that she could remember was when she hit Spike because he was trying to hurt Buffy.

“I didn’t even know he was a vampire.”

Moody laughed.

Of course, there was flirtation.

It frightened them, yet made them feel younger.

One of them had to do something about it.


“Oh no,” Joyce said, “I didn’t know there would be so much controversy over Dawn going to Hogwarts.”

Alastor looked across the table and saw Joyce reading the Daily Prophet.

“Let me see that,” Alastor said and she handed him the paper.

On the cover in big, bold letters it said:

Why Muggles Shouldn’t Learn Our Arts

And underneath there was a picture of Dawn.

“It doesn’t sound too good, but Dumbledore will take care of everything,” Moody said, trying to help.

“So much for school. I can’t have her stay in this house! She’s just a kid.”

“It’s okay, Joyce. We’ll think of something,” he patted her hand and smiled lightly.

Smiling was easy with her around.

He looked at her blonde, long hair and longed to touch it. Then at her pink lips and longed to kiss them.

Joyce looked at Moody and noticed that both of his eyes were on her and only her. She felt trapped.

“Do something,” she whispered.

She meant ‘do something about the Dawn situation’, but he nodded and kissed her quickly. His lips defied his personality. They were soft.

He was still nodding when they parted.

She held his head to make him stop and she kissed him.

They have known each other for months but this was their first kiss. It felt right and they knew it.

The kiss across the table became more passionate and rougher. Moody separated from her mouth and started to nuzzle her neck.


“Say my name again,” Moody said as he lightly bit her neck.

“I didn’t say it,” Joyce sighed, her eyes filled with passion and quickly filled with terror as she looked at the kitchen door and saw Albus Dumbledore there, looking as though he saw nothing.

“We’ll finish this, I promise,” Moody whispered as he went over to Albus, leaving Joyce alone to think.


TBC... If people like it.
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