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Ya Gotta Have Faith

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Summary: The X Men need a new doctor, someone to take Jean's place on the team. Faith needs a new life separate from the Scoobies. What happens when a small squad of X Men meet the Bad!Slayer beating up Sabertooth?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredIshiFR152529,93312136139,6653 Apr 055 Dec 06Yes

Mutant Meets Slayer

Title: Ya Gotta Have Faith

Summary: The X Men need a new doctor, someone to take Jean's place on the team. Faith needs a new life separate from the Scoobies. What happens when a small squad of X Men meet the Bad!Slayer beating up Sabertooth?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea.

Author's Notes: For some reason I felt the need to write a story largely from Faith's point of view, with an idea of what she might do, should she happen to run into the X Men after 'Chosen'.

It was meant to be a training exercise. Someone had been killing the mutants in Westchester, and Charles had decided to send Bobby, Jubilee, Rogue and Kitty to find out why. All the murders had occurred in nightclubs, so it made sense to send teenagers who could fit in. Logan would follow to keep an eye on them, and make sure they didn’t get hurt.

They didn’t expect to get caught up in the middle of a fight between a slim brunette and Sabertooth.

And they certainly didn’t expect to see said brunette – who couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds – punch Sabertooth hard enough to send him flying into, and through, the brick fence surrounding the club.

“Pretty frail.” The big man mock-cooed, tracing Faith’s pale cheek.

“I was looking for vampires and demons, not kitty on crack.” The Slayer snarled, ducking away from the hand. She wasn’t in the mood to play nice, the cab here had cost her fifty bucks. “Fuck off.”

“No reason to talk to me that way, frail.” The hand stopped caressing, sharp claws digging into soft skin and drawing blood.

“Shit!” Faith whirled around, slapping the man. “I said fuck off. I don’t have time to cater to weirdos.” She knew he wasn’t a demon, her Slayer senses weren’t screaming at her. But at the same time there was something off about him. He was nutso.

Strange amber eyes narrowed. “Now I’m going to have to punish you.” He rumbled.

“Ooh, I’m scared.” Faith sneered. “You want to punish me? You’ll have to catch me first.” She raced out the back of the club, not wanting any of the people inside to be hurt in her fight with cat-guy. She could feel him stalking after her, becoming more excited. If they weren’t about to fight she might be drawn to him. After all, she liked the hunt too.

The cut on her cheek stung, but it was scabbed already, and anticipation of the fight sang its seductive song through her veins, making her head swim with thoughts of blood and pain and violence. The darker side of the Slayer was already howling for blood other than hers to flavour the air, and Faith knew that if she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she’d see evil in her eyes, bloodlust and excitement. The face of the Slayer. Many a time Faith had caught the eye of Buffy while the pair of them still wore that face. Her heart was beating a tattoo against her chest, and the thrum of battle wove itself around her like a pleased cat. She was going to fight. And she was going to win.

“Take that you overgrown tomcat!” The woman yelled. “I warned you.”

Sabertooth growled warningly. “I’ll get you, frail.” He threatened. “When you least expect it, I’ll get you. And you’ll die.”

The lithe brunette didn’t seem worried at all. “Sugar, you’ll have to get in line.” She said, tossing her hair back. There was a faint lilt to her words, something Bronx-ish, but also Californian.

To Wolverine, she smelt feral, free, like the hot deserts surrounding LA. She was savagely beautiful, like an Amazonian warrior, and he knew immediately that she would understand his need for the hunt.

Rogue felt like she was home. The girl’s voice had something of hot Mississippi nights in its sassiness, and the wild glint in her eyes reminded her of the way Mummy and Daddy had looked at one another.

Jubilee saw the desperation of a fellow street rat in the girl’s stance, hands on hips, head cocked to one side, eyes ever watchful. This was someone well used to the pain the world could bring.

When Bobby heard her arrogant words and saw her slim body he couldn’t think. He’d always been cold. Only three people had ever managed to heat him up. Rogue, Johnny, and now her.

Kitty recognised the untamed intelligence in that fiery gaze. Finally, a kindred spirit, someone who knew what it was like to need to know everything, to be unable to rest until all loose ends were tidied away, and everything was put in its place.

When Faith saw them, she was just plain confused. “What the hell do you want?” She barked, blood still pumping in her veins. She was hot, hungry, and horny. It had been an unexpected workout, meeting the mutant here, but there was still an entire neighbourhood to patrol.

“Who are ya?” One of the girls asked. She had a drawling Southern accent, and a sweet little figure, lusciously curved. Faith’s hungry eyes traced over fragile features framed by dark hair.

“Name’s Faith.” She smoothed back her own brunette curls from where they’d escaped her ponytail. “What’s with the white streaks? Aren’t you a little young to be going grey?”

The girl’s cheeks flushed at Faith’s hot stare.

“None of your business.” The Asian girl snapped, blue eyes glinting fiercely.

“Wanna fight me too, do ya?” Faith challenged. She was in the mood for more, and if China Doll was offering…

“No, she doesn’t.” The third girl said. This one had a soft voice with no visible accents at all, something surprising in New York City. She was quite unremarkable, even a little plain, but there was something about her, a fierce light that said you didn’t mess with her and live. Faith liked her immediately.

“Very well.” The Slayer receded, leaving Faith in charge again. Her street-wise caution returned too, and dark eyes fixed on the two men. “And you? Do either of you want to fight me?”

Bobby shook his head, blue eyes wide. “How’d you do that?” He asked. “Punch Sabertooth so hard, I mean? He’s impossible to defeat! Even Logan has-ow!” He glared at the shorter, yet more intimidating man, who’d elbowed him none-too-gently.

“Quiet.” Logan commanded. “We don’t know her. You shouldn’t be revealing everything.” This training exercise had gone completely haywire, but, for some reason, he wasn’t angry at all. He got the feeling that they were supposed to meet Faith.

“Am I going to get any of your names?” Faith asked irritably. She wanted to do something, dammit. Her muscles were all tight and she knew already that she’d need a lot of exercise before she went to be tonight. Plus a really, really cold shower.

“Rogue.” The Mississippian said softly, her green eyes glinting in the darkness.

Damn, her eyes were just like Dawn’s. Full of sadness and maturity, and a deadly power too intense for her to control. “Nice to meet you, honey.” Faith flirted automatically, head reeling from the insight. Rogue was a mutant; she’d stake her life on it.

“Jubilee.” The Asian said reluctantly, those almond eyes still narrowed in suspicion. That was good. She was nervous, cautious. Not about to do anything rash.

“Kitty.” The third girl ventured, her steady regard making Faith’s skin feel too tight, as though Kitty could reach right inside and pull out her soul for examination and study.

“Kitty, huh? Any relation to the psychotic bastard I just kicked to hell and back?” The Bostonian Slayer joked, hoping to get rid of the uneasy sensation.

Kitty shook her head.

“Good. Wouldn’t want to have to kick your ass too.”

A growl rumbled from the older man, a warning that the Slayer instinctively responded to. He was telling her not to harm his pups, or she’d regret it.

“Relax, wolf-boy, I was kidding.” Faith rolled her eyes, amazed at how easily she fell back into the banter she’d often exchanged with the Scoobies. She felt so comfortable with these people. It was really weird.

Rogue let out a sharp hiss of shock, and Faith’s eyes swung in her direction, noting that the green eyes were wide.

“Ya’re bleedin’!”

Faith looked down at her stomach, noticing for the first time that her white top was once again soaked in blood. “So I am.” She said, before surrendering to darkness.

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