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Ya Gotta Have Faith

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Summary: The X Men need a new doctor, someone to take Jean's place on the team. Faith needs a new life separate from the Scoobies. What happens when a small squad of X Men meet the Bad!Slayer beating up Sabertooth?

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We're Home

Title: Ya Gotta Have Faith

Summary: The X Men need a new doctor, someone to take Jean's place on the team. Faith needs a new life separate from the Scoobies. What happens when a small squad of X Men meet the Bad!Slayer beating up Sabertooth?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea

Author's Notes: Well, it’s all over and done with. The story’s finished. There will not be a sequel. Unless there IS a sequel. But I don’t think there will be, I’m moving on ^^. Next up, a BTVS/Furuba crossover. If anyone’s interested in reading that, please indicate so in your reviews.

This story has been an amazing journey, both for me, and for my characters. I feel like I have a better handle on the way I write Faith and Dawn now, and I'm sure I'll have fun developing them even further as I continue to write. Please, read my story Magical Mutations, a challenge from the one person who actually held me to my promise of a story ^^. And if any of the other people who guessed the lyrics were from Rent want stories, send me an email to The specs for what I can write are written in almost all of my author's notes.

Thank you all so much for your support and comments. I've enjoyed writing for you.


Surprisingly, there were no casualties, merely a few injuries, nothing more serious than the flying girl, whose wings were literally torn off. But apparently they regenerated anyway, so even that wasn't too much of an issue. Kitty was nearly disembowelled, but because of an instinctive phasing escaped with a nasty scratch. Faith broke her leg and Dawn gained a few more scars on her abdomen, and everyone had nicks and bruises, but overall nothing major. Both Willow and Dawn were severely depleted, however, and needed to rest.

So everyone injured gathered in the infirmary, while those who weren't tended to them. Poor Spike got stuck tending to Kitty, who was asking him questions that made the experienced man blush.

"So, if you're a Vampire, your heart doesn't beat, correct?"


"Then how is it you had sexual relations with Buffy?"

"'S all about the blood, pet." If he'd hoped that would dissuade her, he was proven wrong.

"But you haven't the heartbeat and pulse to gain an erection. Do you use Viagra?"

"So, you're hot," Jubilee told Xander, blowing a noxious pink bubble with her gum. "What can you do?"

"Build stuff. I also provide witty banter. And you?" Xander asked absently, wrapping her wrist.

"I blow stuff up and provide sarcastic banter. Oh, and I prank people."


"Uh huh. Wanna pash?"

"Head hurts," Willow whimpered.

"Indubitably, my dear, yet you still need to sit up," Hank replied calmly. "I cannot administer the painkillers until you do."

Groaning softly, Willow did as she was told, eyes fluttering open.

"Sweet Shakespeare, you are lovely," Hank whispered.

"Flattered, but gay. And taken."

"No matter. I do believe I have met you before...are you by any chance Little Red?"

"Big an' Blue? Wow, I'm honoured. Now gimme the drugs."

"We're going back to Cleveland tomorrow, Dawnie," Buffy said as she wound a bandage around her little sister's midriff. "So...what do you want to do?"

"I'm staying here," the brunette replied, looking her sister dead in the eyes. "I...I kinda like Rogue a lot."

Buffy smiled. "Hey, no big." She patted Dawn's knee gently. "We can chat over the phone and stuff, like we do when you're in England. We're gonna send some Slayers out here soon; Faith says there was a mass of Vamp activity in the city. Would you be their Watcher? We'll buy you a house, and you'll get paid, of course-"

"No," Dawn interrupted. "I...I don't want to be away from Rogue so much."

"At the end of this semester, Rogue graduates, Dawn," Charles said from the door. "Then, she will be free to leave if she wishes. It is not a common occurrence, but some of the X Men have lived off campus before. Rogue does not wish to do to Salem University, and she wants to live in the city. If she had a place to live with people I trusted, and who knew about her skin...well, I'd be much more comfortable with the idea."

"Rogue mightn't see it that way," Dawn objected. She didn't like having her life arranged for her.

"Which makes your reason for not being our New York Watcher moot, Dawnie. Just ask her. We don't leave until tomorrow, and that's not enough time to purchase a house, anyway. So we'll be coming back. What you decide merely effects whether you are our NYC liaison or...Andrew is." With a wicked smirk, Buffy stood. "Go on, Dawnie. Talk to Rogue. I'm gonna go check on Faith."

"Yer just can't stay uninjured, can ya." Logan grunted, settling Faith onto the bed.

"Anything to be against your manly chest, big guy." Faith jeered, arching her back and popping the vertebrae.

"Shut up, we can't do anything. I'm too old for you, and I'm gonna live-"

"For ages, I know. Fucked if I care, Logan. Look, I'm unlikely to live past thirty, but do you see me being all 'oh, I'd get with you, but I'll probably die in a few years so I'll just suffer'? No, because I believe in living life to the fullest. You might NOT life for fucking ever, you stupid dick, you might die tomorrow. It takes a little more work to kill you, but it takes a little extra to kill a Slayer, and B.'s died twice already. Don't fuckin' well put your life on hold for crap that hasn't happened yet."

"She's right, you know." Buffy said, walking over. "I mean, I put off telling Spike I loved him because I thought we had forever. He was supposed to be immortal. Now look at us, he won't even talk to me anymore. So Carpe Diem, mkay? Faith, are you coming or staying?"

"Coming...unless I have a reason to stay?" It was a shy question, completely out of character for the usually brash dark Slayer.

"Alright, we'll give it a go."

"Cool. Coz, y'know, I'm done slaying, so I need to fulfil my double H craving."

"I'll leave Faith to explain that, I have to go be elsewhere." Buffy hurried away.

"Marie?" Dawn tapped on her door.

"Ah guess y'all will be leavin' now." Marie didn't turn to look at her.

"Why would we be?"

"No enemy left. Why would ya stay?"

"Because you're here. And I want to be with you."

Slowly, the curvy mutant turned around. "Ya're gonna stay?"

"Of course I am, you goose!"

Grinning, Marie threw herself at Dawn, peppering her face with kisses. "Oh, that's wonderful!"

"Did you actually think I was going to leave? Idiot." Dawn ruffled Rogue's hair affectionately.

"Maybe we should finish our earlier conversation?"

"In a minute...what are you planning to do next year?"

"Go to university, Ah guess." Marie shrugged.


"Not here. Ah don't wanna live here anymore. Ah mean, Ah love mah friends, but it's not the same yanno? Ah don't wanna be living in their pockets constantly. So Ah think Ah'm gonna live in a dorm."

"So...what if I was offered a job in New York proper, and had a house there? Would you like to live with me?"

"Um...Ah...yes! Ah would!" Seizing Dawn's face in her hands, Marie kissed her passionately.

" I'll tell Buffy," was all Dawn could manage.

"We'll be back in a month to sort things out, try not to attract anyone with your amazingly smexy Keyness until then, mkay?" Buffy hugged Dawn tightly.

"Geez, you do it once and they never let you forget it," Dawn grumbled good-naturedly. "I'll see you then."

"Bye, Spike! Try not to take too much Viagra, it's very expensive!" Kitty waved, bouncing up and down.

"Hey, Xan-man!" Jubilee yanked Xander's head down to hers, planting a wet one on his lips. "Look me up if you're ever in New York, New York, okay? You're hot."

To Dawn's surprise, even Faith and Buffy had a small hug.

"Don't forget to call once a week," Buffy said sternly, squeezing Faith. "Otherwise we'll come looking for you again."

"Uh, dude, you know where I am now. There's no looking about it."

Dawn smiled. "Thanks for helping us. You didn't have to."

"You're our Dawnster, Dawnster," Xander pshawed. "Of course we're going to help you."

"Now don't blow anything up, Dawnie. A-and before you do spells, talk to me about them first."

The Key laughed. "I will, don't worry."

"And try not to battle anymore mutants, okay? They're our friends, now." Buffy teased.

"Okey dokey, Buffy. Don't you guys have an apocalypse or something?"

"Chill, we're going. Thanks for everything, Professor Dude!"

"G'bye, sir!" Willow's hair darkened, and then they were gone.

Dawn turned to look at Faith. "Don't you think it's weird that so much has changed...and yet everything is the same as when we got here?"

"D., for everything to be the same as when I got here, I'd need a huge gash in my belly, and you'd have to not be here," the dark Slayer replied. "But I get what you mean. Everything is different, now. And yet..."

"We're home."

End Story

The End

You have reached the end of "Ya Gotta Have Faith". This story is complete.

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