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Ya Gotta Have Faith

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Summary: The X Men need a new doctor, someone to take Jean's place on the team. Faith needs a new life separate from the Scoobies. What happens when a small squad of X Men meet the Bad!Slayer beating up Sabertooth?

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredIshiFR152529,93312136139,6653 Apr 055 Dec 06Yes

New York

Title: Ya Gotta Have Faith

Summary: The X Men need a new doctor, someone to take Jean's place on the team. Faith needs a new life separate from the Scoobies. What happens when a small squad of X Men meet the Bad!Slayer beating up Sabertooth?

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the idea.

Author's Notes: For some reason I felt the need to write a story largely from Faith's point of view, with an idea of what she might do, should she happen to run into the X Men after 'Chosen'.

So, what do we do now?” Dawn asked.

Buffy looked out over the crater that used to be Sunnydale. With a muffled crash, the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign fell in. She smiled.

Those words echoed through Faith’s head every night as she lay on the hard mattress in her one-bedroom apartment on Fifth Avenue New York City.

“Whatever we like.” Had been B.’s reply.

So why was it that whatever Faith liked wasn’t bringing her happiness?

New York didn’t actually have a very big demon population. In fact, Faith had taken to patrolling only every third night. There just wasn’t enough to do every single night.

‘In fact,’ Faith thought, rolling over onto her side, ‘that’s probably part of the problem. I’m bored stiff here.’

But there was no way she was throwing in the towel and going to play Happy Slayers in Cleveland. No, she loved the Scoobies like they were her slightly-deranged weapon-happy family, but she wanted to make it on her own. She’d done it pre-Sunnydale, and she could do it again.

Pity that had to include not accepting money from them.

‘Enough.’ The brunette Slayer told herself firmly. Tomorrow was a Slay-night, so she had to get some sleep.

Within moments of thinking that, she slipped into dreamland.

It was a sunny day at Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters, and the students were happily getting ready for class, chatting amongst themselves, telling jokes, and pigging out on the delicious breakfast that had been cooked for them.

The teachers, however, were not so joyful. They still felt deeply the absence of Dr. Jean Grey, and the fact that they hadn’t yet managed to find someone to take her position in the school was something that lay heavily on all their minds. They needed someone who could take care of the injuries of the students and staff, who could listen to their woes, and who could fight with the rest of the X Men.

Little did they know, their prayers were about to be answered…

Faith woke up on Slay-night feeling better than she had in a long time. She practically bounced out of bed and into her morning katas, humming lightly as she did so. It was a good day, her hair behaved, the toaster was no longer on strike, and the milk, for once, wasn’t spoiled. So Faith began her study in a very good frame of mind.

While in prison Faith hadn’t had much to do with her time, so she’d turned to learning how to become a doctor. It would be convenient to be able to treat her own injuries so that the Slayer healing would work better, and it was nice to exercise her brain, since she couldn’t do it by fighting with the Scoobies.

Contrary to what her school reports said, Faith was a very intelligent girl, who certainly didn’t object to picking up a book if she could get something out of it. It’s just that TV often took priority, since it distracted her from her Slaying, and, in its own way, kept her sane.

But without the TV to keep her occupied – they had set viewing times in the prison, and nothing made sense when you’d spent months in a coma – Faith had fallen back on books. She knew all the theory for being a doctor, and had passed the premed exams with flying colours. She was on a scholarship at NYU, and was already on her way to becoming the Paediatrician and GP that she longed to be. With luck, she might even be able to do a specialist in another area of medicine after she’d worked in her own practice for a while.

Now Faith divided her time between studying and Slaying, rarely leaving the house except for groceries and to go to uni. She just didn’t see the point. She didn’t have any friends, didn’t need them, having always been something of a lone wolf. And Giles had never gotten around to sending her a new Watcher, perhaps because he didn’t know where she was. Sure, Faith kept in touch, calling once a week, but she used disposable cell phones and drove to Manhattan so that they couldn’t trace her that way.

She just wanted to be happy. And frankly, she didn’t think being reminded of her past every time she looked at B. was going to do that.

Sighing, Faith slammed shut her notebook, and the Medical Dictionary she’d been taking notes from. Her good mood was ruined now.

Getting up, the dark-eyed Slayer walked over to her wardrobe and took out her slaying outfit, black leather pants and a white top with a black heart on it. Thick lines came out from the heart at all angles, making it look as though it was broken. Along the bottom of the shirt, just in line with her stomach, was a tear rimmed in a dark red-brown. That cut had been made when B. stabbed Faith, hoping to save Angel’s life with her blood.

Faith chuckled as she pulled her thick hair up into a ponytail. Of all the things she kept from Sunnydale, the top she nearly died in had to be the strangest. Still, it put her in the mood for, to quote B., ‘serious slayage’, and that was all that mattered in her book.

Tonight she planned to take a look at Westchester. There’d been increasing reports of bodies turning up in that area, and while it could be vigilante groups taking care of the ‘mutant menace’, it could also be demons killing off humans.

It was strange to think that there were more mutants than demons in New York, given the size of the city, and rather annoying too. B. wanted a normal life, for sure, but Faith knew that she needed to Slay, craved the blood and the violence. It was part of her make up. Without the adrenaline pumping through her veins, the sharp tang of blood in the air, her limbs screaming in exhaustion and her breath labouring in her throat she felt…lost.

Faith came back to herself and grinned, realising that for the past five minutes she’d been staring blankly at her axe as though it was some kind of alien. She’d best be careful, or she’d end up dead, losing herself in her thoughts like that.

Quickly grabbing the axe and a few stakes, Faith exited her apartment, locking the door behind her and heading out onto the streets.

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