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Summary: Drabbles for TtHDrabblesLJ.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - Other(Recent Donor)EmonyFR13536,40201322,7763 Apr 0514 Mar 11No

Golden Pineapple

Title: Golden Pineapple
Word count: 100
Fandom: Psych
Challenge: #97 - Golden Moments
Summary: Shawn misses out on a golden moment. Buffy misses out on an actual psychic.
Notes: The hotpants are here - I noticed them online whilst skiving at work ;)


The first thing that caught his eye were the pineapples in his office. Tiny, tiny, little pineapples. Then his mind lets him fill out the picture– white denim hot pants. Blonde female body. Very hot blonde female body - looking at him.


“Hi,” he sticks out his hand and puts on a British accent; those hot pants at the very least are British, “Shawn Spencer. Absolutely lovely to meet you.”

“Buffy Summers,” she answers, ignoring his hand. And she has an irritatingly Californian accent. Damn.

“Can I help you?”

She looks at him, shakes her head and is gone.

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