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Dear Diary, From Watcher Junior

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Summary: Dawn writes in her diary to keep records of the new Slayers discovered after Willow cast the spell in Chosen

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Chapter 1: LA

Author: kayleyangel
Title: Dear Diary, From Watcher Junior
Rating: 15
Summary: Dawn writes in her diary to keep records of the new Slayers discovered after Willow cast the spell in Chosen

Legalese: All characters except those noted below with their respective rights, properties and copyrights are the property of their respective creators, authors, owners, producers and agencies. These characters are used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended or meant, and no money will be made from this story. This story may be copied in its entirety, and may be distributed as long as all copyright information remains.

Author's Notes: I know there is a lot of Dawn writing a diary fic but this is my little attempt for writing one. Each chapter will be crossed in some way with a different fandom.


Dear Diary

I used to keep a diary when I was 15, I can remember whining about how Buffy would treat me and how no one considered me special except for mom. I stopped writing in it after I found out I was more special than anyone could ever imagine. I lost that diary after the recent destruction of Sunnydale. The word destruction doesn’t even begin to give justice to it though.

After the fight with The First (who came up with that lame name?), Sunnydale collapsed into the Hellmouth. It left Sunnydale a crater and the Hellmouth permanently closed. At least we think it’s closed for good. According to Giles only one other Hellmouth collapsed, and it’s closed.

Currently we are living in the Hyperion. Angel moved out to run an ‘evil’ law firm to try to bring more good about. So he’s allowing us to base our operations out of here for the moment. I don’t think we will be here much longer. I think Buffy wants to leave tomorrow. Doesn’t she know we still need rest? It’s been only a week since the fight.

In the fight, we manage to have a greater survival rate than we expected. But I suppose I should have a record of those who didn’t make it. For their memory lives on in those who fought but no one else knows of their sacrifice.

Anya Emerson – killed by a Harbinger, saving Andrew Well’s life
William the Bloody (Spike) – went up in flame after the amulet he was wearing focused the sun’s rays through him
Amanda – killed by the Turok’Han before Willow’s spell made them into Slayers
Robin Wood – killed after his wounds got infected

That’s right, Robin survived the original fight but died because we couldn’t treat his injuries straight up, by the time we reached the hospital… it was already too late. An infection had set in and it worked its way through his system. He lasted two extra days. Faith never left his bedside.

The state of shock, most of us are in, continues. We took on the most powerful of evils in Sunnydale and survived but lost our loved ones. Faith is mourning Robin, Xander and Andrew mourning Anya and Buffy as well as I are mourning for the loss of Spike. Although Buffy doesn’t know it, I thought of Spike as my brother…

Sorry about that, short interruption. Buffy just told me we are leaving at 9am tomorrow. We’re heading to New York since Willow cast a spell on a large map to indicate where the new Slayers are located. New York apparently has the most, I personally think it’s New York for the shopping. Buffy has a weakness for shopping. And since we don’t have much in the way of belongings… where better to go?

Another interruption, this time it was Giles. He was saying goodbye. He’s heading back to England to look after the new Slayers over there plus he’s planning on beginning to rebuild the Watcher’s Council. I’m loosing my father figure now. I’m back to just my sister. This bites, I need the Scoobies round me, they are my whole family now days. Hank Summers apparently doesn’t even know I exist and apparently Buffy wants to keep it that way.

Word from several of the Slayers is that they will be heading home too. Buffy has organized with Angel to allow Andrew to stay at the Hyperion to be base camp for our operations until Giles is all set up. That’s right, Andrew! He’s going to look after the LA based Slayers and the Slayers going home will have to check in with him every week until we can get new Watchers for everyone or Giles can get a Toll free number in England for Americans to call.

I think Buffy planned it to be Andrew, firstly to stop her or Faith from killing him, secondly to stop Giles from having him deported from England and thirdly cause he has really tried recently. I think it will give him a big boost in self-esteem.

Well it’s late and I need some sleep.

Dawn Summers
Watcher in Training
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