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Blood Sky

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Summary: A hasty spell lands the Scoobies in a strange land. (Can you guess where?) Answers coming...

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Literature > OthermariahFR1315410121,7406 Apr 056 Apr 05No
“Willow, Willow. Wake up!”

Willow felt a stinging slap to her face before opening her eyes. “Ouch! What the hell?” She sat up, only to find her head spinning, then leaned back to find Kennedy cradling her head in her lap. Kennedy gave her a reassuring smile, that at the moment, didn’t seem all that assured.

Giles sat back on his knees, a worried look in his eyes. “That’s what I’d like to know.” He looked up at the sky, which was very dim with clouds rolling in from not too distant mountains. “Where exactly are we?”

“How would I know? What happened?”

“We were losing. You did a transport spell.” Giles looked around the empty field that was blanketed with melting snow. “And we’re here.”

“Goddess, my head hurts.” Willow sat up gingerly, thankful for Kennedy’s strong arms to support her. “I knew where we were, you yelled.” Willow froze with panic. “Dawnie! Dawnie!”

“I’m right here, Willow.” Dawn bent over into Willow’s field of vision, that seemed unusually narrow, black rings were still imposing on Willow’s view. Dawn stood again, tall, and looked out around the distant fields. “Faith and Buffy are scouting the perimeter.” Dawn’s beloved sword was strapped to her back, and she held a small crossbow on her arm.

Willow could make out cold muddy puddles, and was pretty sure she saw a distant dim figure of a slayer, running as only a slayer could, far out in the field. “Is it me, or is it dark?”

“It is dark.” Giles confirmed. “Either sunrise or sunset, I cannot tell.”

“Sunrise.” Kennedy informed him. At his startled look, she shrugged. “Slayer thing, the sun’s over there. Can’t see it yet.”

“Well, we’re all here, we’re all alive, thank goodness for small favors. You’re the only one out of sorts. Now. We need to know where here is.”

“Cold.” Willow shivered. “So cold.”

Giles ran his hand through his hair and regarded her with concern. “Willow, you have got to think. Where are we?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“You told me to grab everyone and leave. I knew where we were, so I just thought ‘elsewhere’. You don’t have to know where you are going for a transport spell, just where you are. And without time to prepare, I just grabbed and ran.” Willow was now sitting up, her head between her knees. Kennedy was rubbing her back gently. “What sort of demon was that, anyway?”

“A temporal distortion demon.”

“A whatsis?” Willow registered his answer. “Oh great! Do we know when we are?”

“Sunrise.” Kennedy pointed out across the field, where a sun was rising. It was small and seemed dwarfed by the heavy clouds that overhung the mountains and nearby hills. But the strangest thing was that it was red – not yellow, not orange like a normal sunrise, but the color of blood.

Xander’s voice sounded over her shoulder. “Great, just great. Not that I’m not thankful to be alive and all that, but it looks like you’ve dumped us all in a hell dimension.”

/* Anyone figure out where they are? I thought I'd try my hand at an uncommon crossover. I will be adding to my other fics shortly. */

The End?

You have reached the end of "Blood Sky" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Apr 05.

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