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Pink Ink

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Summary: Drabbles featuring Percy Weasley and Nymphandora Tonks. (paired, alone, not anywhere near each other, getting talked about . . .is the picture clearer?)

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesJmariaFR155559021,7688 Apr 0510 Sep 05No


Title: Nightmares

Author: Jmaria
Rating: PG

Characters: Percy, Molly, Fred, George, Tonks
Word Count: 100

Challenge: 1, Percy + Family

Notes: Watching Stephen King’s Rose Red gave me this idea.

He felt numb. He could barely hear the screams or see the bloodshed around him. His eyes were getting heavier.

“Percy!” One of the twins yell. He couldn’t tell which one.

“Merlin, no!” His mother’s anguished scream pierced his skull. “Percy, can you hear me?”

He saw the flash of green rise up behind them. He couldn’t warn them.

Percy shot out of bed, tears rolling down his cheeks. Tonks placed her hand on his shoulder.

“Percy?” Tonks asked quietly.

“It was the nightmare again.” He saw an owl at window, a black parchment in it’s beak “It’s the twins.”
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking