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You Can Never Have Enough Sugar

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Summary: The Archangel 'Michael' shows up in Sunnydale on Halloween

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You Can Never Have Enough Sugar (4of4)

You Can Never Have Enough Sugar (4of4)
Author: Tohonomike
Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful will start off with the Joss/ME characters, and any other characters or real-life folks are clearly not mine. NO money is involved.

Buffy was inconsolable, the trauma of accidentally sending her boyfriend being too much to bear after all that had happened since arriving in the town of Sunnydale. It had been three days since the end of Acathla, and her mother was desperately filled with worry. Joyce had gotten the story that a large drug gang had attacked Buffy and her friends at the property just acquired; police thought they might have seemed easy pickings, maybe a ransom in it, or the like.

Joyce comforted her daughter, from the confused remarks of her daughter it seemed she’d lost her boyfriend to the gang. Joyce felt for her, even though she eventually connected the name with that tutor from the previous year.

Willow, Cordelia and the computer teacher, Miss Calendar, came over, hoping to help cheer the girl up, and Joyce feared Buffy might need professional help soon.

“Thank you all for coming, it’s really nice to know Buffy has more than just myself to care for her,” Joyce told them, setting a large tray of snacks on the coffee table, and noticed Willow looking at the clock and the door, “but don’t think you *have* to come over.”

“Oh, no!” Willow exclaimed, “It’s just that Oz, Xander and Giles are coming by with something we picked up last night.”

Almost on cue, the doorbell rang, and the three were there with a long narrow crate placed on the porch.

“Hey Mrs. Summers,” Xander greeted his friend’s mom, and checked the chains on the box. “We’ve been trying to figure out how to tell you something important about Sunnydale and how Buffy is making it a better place, so we stopped and got the proof.”

“Oh, what’s in the box,” Joyce asked, hearing some noise from inside the crate, “It sounds alive.”

“Close,” the young man smiled, “But if you could come out and sit on the porch, we need to ask you a few questions, so we know *how* to tell you.”

Joyce went out, looking nervous, but everyone tried to look supportive and murmur reassurances as Willow went to retrieve Buffy from upstairs.

“First, back at Hemery, did Buffy ever talk to you about vampires?” Xander asked, “Or other strange things?”

“Um, yes she did, and it became an issue,” Joyce begrudgingly admitted, then looked alarmed, “Oh dear, is she relapsing?”

“No relapse possible, Joyce, your daughter is fine as far as the vampires and reality go,” Xander continued, “And that’s because of what’s in the box.” He gestured at the pitcher of cold water Cordelia had brought out, and they watched as Jenny poured a glass of holy water into a glass.

“Mrs. Summers, please take a sip of both, and tell me what the difference is, other than temperature,” Giles asked, taking over the lead as Oz and Xander wrangled the box.

“No, why?” she asked, becoming confused and concerned as Buffy was led to sit beside her.

“W-well, Buffy was telling you the truth two years ago,” Giles gently broached the subject further, “What we want you to do when we open the crate, is take a long careful look from where you are; we do not wish to risk your safety.”

“Alright, but if you’re saying vampires exist…” she began, then stopped as the box was opened to reveal a rather mean, poorly-dressed man in his early twenties looking at Buffy.

“Slayer,” it sneered, causing Buffy to snap out of her funk long enough to start looking for a stake.

“It’s okay, Buffy, note the chains,” Xander told her gently but firmly as he stepped between her and the vamp.

“M-Mrs. Summers, if you would toss the glass of water from your pitcher at the vampire please…” Giles asked expectantly. Nervously, she did, which caused the ‘man’ to brace himself, then look annoyed when it was just plain water. “Now the holy water in the other glass, which you have tasted, so you know it also is water.”

This time the vampire looked concerned, but with a Slayer standing there, knew pleading wouldn’t work. The water splashed all over the face and upper chest, causing the vamp to scream in pain as the holy water mimicked acid. Joyce drew back in horror, and Buffy grabbed a wooden spoon, moved around Xander and staked the bloodsucker in the chest. Joyce watched as it dusted.

“Okay, everybody,” Xander said clapping his hands to break the moment, “Let’s go back inside, take a food and drink break, then Giles will give his ‘The World is Older’ speech, and we can answer the questions and tell the stories and answer more questions.”

That had worked out better than expected, and it had led to the whole Sunnydale Tale being explained from different points of view, and Joyce had watched as the stories turned Buffy from morose to bittersweet as they progressed, especially Xander’s apparent luck. Hugs were exchanged as support as they made it through to the present, the highs and the lows. Joyce was able to pick up on just how much the group cared for each other, and the many times they’d saved her, including bringing her back with CPR, at great risk to themselves. And Halloween left her in awe and doubled over in laughter as she’d enjoyed the movie ‘Michael.’

Joyce was out of her experience, and didn’t know what to do, but as she closed the door after her daughter’s companions late that night, and looked at her daughter sleeping curled comfortably in the armchair, she knew there were others committed to keeping her little girl as safe as possible.

And that kind of family devotion in itself was ‘enough sugar’ for now.


I’ll come up with another four-parter later for this one…

Please take note, that other than on ‘special occasions’ Xander hasn’t changed much, though his luck might be consider ‘blessed’ in comparison.

Cordelia handles the money, the Romany *paid* for their stupidity, Liam takes it on the chin, Spike and Dru go to Hell, all the humans live, Xander is dressed better and the Gang works together.

Why? Read the title of the fic…

Hope you folks enjoyed

The End

You have reached the end of "You Can Never Have Enough Sugar". This story is complete.

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