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The new Wolf- A home for christmas

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Summary: first chapter written for the FFA- Oz arrives in St.Louis and has to deal with the local pack. Will he be a help or tear the pack apart.

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Anita Blake > Oz-CenteredDawnladyFR1532,046177,76611 Apr 0522 May 05No

Question time

All information on the story are in the first chapter.


Oz grinned, Richard may be a good leader, and a great wolf, but he wasn’t any good at putting up a Christmas tree.
So far it had taken hours, even with his help, to get the tree up and decorated.

They were mostly quiet, only saying the occasional word about where to put what.

Richard didn’t want to break the silence; he had his own plans for questioning the young pup later.


When the Christmas tree was finally up, Richard and Oz went into the kitchen, and started preparing dinner in the same comfortable silence.


After they both finished eating, Richard finally spoke up. “Oz, you said you never had a pack, how did that happen? Infecting someone with lycanthropy makes the new werewolf their responsibility. If the older were can’t handle the responsibility, it’s the local Ulfric’s job to take care of the new wolf, and find someone to sponsor them.”

Oz looked stunned.
“So you actually take care of new wolves around here?”

Richard gaped. “Of course we take care of our pack. We always make sure the newly infected ones learn control.”

“I never knew that. In the city I come from, new werewolves run rampant at the full moon. I had my own cage for those three nights around the full moon, because we couldn’t risk me getting loose and hurting people.”

Richard looked outraged, “A cage? They put you in a cage? That is inhuman! Why did they do it?”

“I had absolutely no control, we couldn’t risk me going on a killing spree. So, I was locked into the cage and had someone on ‘wolf-watch’, who would tranquilize me when I got too aggressive.”

Richard looked serious at that. “Who are they? Why did you allow them to drug you? What kind of drug did they use?”

Oz looked at him with something like astonished surprise on his face.

“I think it is best if I try to tell you the whole story, and you ask questions afterwards.”

Richard nodded, “Go on.”

“I was visiting my family, and I was bitten by my little cousin. He was a toddler, barely out of the crawling age at that time.
I didn’t know what had happened to me for a while.
I went back home and then some strange things occurred, and new murders were being discovered. I thought it I might be the murderer.
So I started to chain myself down around the full moon.
This girl that I really liked, Willow, decided to visit me at the wrong time. I nearly ate her.
Her and her friends managed to prove it wasn’t me murdering those girls.
The three of them and this librarian named Giles, who knew a lot about the supernatural, were very accepting about my being a werewolf. They were the ones who provided the cage and the drugs to contain me during the nights of the full moon.”

Oz stopped for some water, he hadn’t spoken this much in months and he wasn’t even half way through the story.

“I got together with Willow, and we were madly in love, the wolf even considered her its mate. Everything went well, or as well as it could be in madness that is Sunnydale. We did a lot of research and fighting against preternatural baddies, until a female werewolf entered the city. My inner wolf liked her, and I lost control. Will walked in on us having sex. The next day Veruca, the female werewolf, tried to kill my mate, I changed and defended her, but by the time I won I was too far gone and tried to eat her, too.

Buffy – one of our friends, prevented it, knocking me out. I had to leave after that. I went to Tibet, and learned self-control with monks. I thought I was had my beast under control until I got back home. I found the scent of my mate on another girl, the… intimate scent of my mate. I lost control and nearly killed Willow’s new girlfriend, Tara. So I left again. After some more time with the monks I decided to travel and search for a new home, far away form Will and Sunnydale.”

Oz heaved a sigh. He hated speaking. But he had to try and explain things to the wolf king.

Richard stayed silent. The kid had walked through hell. He imagined himself trying to eat Anita and the kind of guilt he would feel about it. Hell, he felt guilty for just changing on top of her; and that hadn’t even hurt her.

He asked the first question that came to his mind.
“So this Veruca was the only adult werewolf you had met at the time?”

“Yes, Veruca was the only adult were I had met, and the other Ulfrics barely tolerated me travelling through their cities, they wouldn’t speak with me more than necessary.”
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