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The new Wolf- A home for christmas

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Summary: first chapter written for the FFA- Oz arrives in St.Louis and has to deal with the local pack. Will he be a help or tear the pack apart.

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Anita Blake > Oz-CenteredDawnladyFR1532,046177,76611 Apr 0522 May 05No

Meeting the pack 1- first contact

Jamil watched the new wolf suspiciously. The new wolf was an alpha, one of the strongest alphas he had ever met. The pack was fragile as it was. What would this new addition do to the weakened structure? He was stronger than Jacob and that might be the only good thing about the new one. He looked at Richard who seemed to be happy about the new addition to the pack. Maybe he planned to use the new one as a warning and barrier for Jacob’s ambitions. The mere metaphysical wave of power Oz emitted would ensure him rising in the pack hierarchy fast and without much bloodshed. He could only hope the new wolf could fight, too, because some of the alpha’s wouldn’t back down without a fight.

Oz looked hard at Jamil, he could literarily see the wheels turning in the bodyguard’s head.

Jason, who hated this silence was frantically searching for a topic for conversation. He looked at Oz dyed hair and decided to ask about the other thing he had heard about the new one from Richard. “So, I heard you are a musician?”

“Yeah, I played for a band called Dingoes Ate My Baby for a long time.” Oz replied eyeing the younger wolf who was sitting on the couch.

Jamil sighed. A musician, great. So the boy wouldn’t be much of a fighter, let alone be a good one.

Oz watched Jamil for a moment, “You don’t like musicians?”

“Well you won’t earn a good position in the pack by making music. You will need fighting skills for that. We don’t need more weak wolves that have to be defended and taken care of.” Jamil gritted his teeth. So much for his hopes about the new wolf. They didn’t need another victim who would be Anita’s new pet project much too soon.

Oz was smiling - this wolf seemed to think you can ‘judge a book by its cover’.
“I know how to fight. I lived in Sunnydale and survived. Sunnydale has a really high death-rate, the highschool has it’s own obituary. We have lots of gangs on PCP and murders and all that.”

“You could have just been lucky.”

“Lucky? No, luck had nothing to do with it. We lost over 10 of the graduates and a lot of parents at the graduation of my girlfriend, because some gangs caused a riot and the school blew up from a gas-leak. Don’t get me wrong, I lost people there, too.”

“And you had the whole pack helping you. It’s different in a fight for dominance. No one can help you with that.”

“I never had a pack.” Oz sighed, hating to explain this.

Richard intervened. “Jamil, Oz really had no pack before, I called you and Jason to meet him here, so we could all teach him some rules and etiquette before he meets the whole pack.”

“How can that be? A pack wouldn’t allow a loner in its city. The one who infected you should have been your help, or his pack would have assigned another wolf to help you. Or the hospital would have put you into a safe-house.”

Oz really hated to be forced to explain his life.

“I wasn’t injured badly enough for a hospital. The one who infected me didn’t do it on purpose, he was just teething. And no, his pack couldn’t do anything because face it what should a pack do with a toddler?”

“A toddler? Who infected a toddler?”

Oz sighed. “No one. He was really ill as a baby and the blood transfusion he got was contaminated. It was really no ones fault. He was small enough to be handled by his parents – and be locked into a dog-carrier if things got bad. I know now, that the local pack had a treaty with my uncle, they promised to let him handle his son until he was old enough to be included into the normal pack society and they would send one of the alphas to guard him in the basement during full moon, until the time was right to take him with them for that night.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "The new Wolf- A home for christmas" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 May 05.

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