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The new Wolf- A home for christmas

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Summary: first chapter written for the FFA- Oz arrives in St.Louis and has to deal with the local pack. Will he be a help or tear the pack apart.

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Anita Blake > Oz-CenteredDawnladyFR1532,046177,76611 Apr 0522 May 05No

The new Wolf- A home for christmas

This is one of my one-shots for the ffa turned into a story,. This story was first posted on TTH FFA challenge

BtVS / Anita Blake crossover …: somewhere after Oz left for second time, so the Initiative debacle and the Tara debacle took place, shortly before /during Narcissus in Chains for the Anita Blake Verse

Disclaimer: I do not own Anita Blake’s world or BtVS. I do not make money with this, I just have fun

Summary: During his travelling Oz heard about the rule of the packs to ask for permission to pass through a packs city. As he is about to visit St.Louis he has to greet the local Ulfric Richard. Will the loner and the pack get along?

Rating: 15 - might change later

Spoiler for Narcissus in Chains and every Anita Verse book before that one.

FFA story and now Prologue:


Oz was exhausted as he drove into St- Louis. He just wanted to sleep. But as a were he had to greet the local head honcho, the Ulfric, first.

He drove to the address he had for one Richard Zeeman to do the meet ‘n greet.


Richard was wary, he felt an unknown alpha approaching his front door.

He sighed, putting down the Christmas tree he had fought with. He hoped it was Mr. Osbourne and not a rogue were.

“Hi Mr. Zeeman, I am Daniel Osbourne, Oz, I am the werewolf on my way through your city.” A small young man with green hair greeted him.

Richard took a step back, the wolf reeked of power, darkness and chaos. He felt alpha to the Ulfric, more alpha than the Ulfric.

“Hi Mr. Zeeman, how long will you be staying in St.Louis, just for the night or for longer? Where will you stay? “

He nuzzled the neck of the young man marking him as pack for the time being.

The younger were stood like someone had shot him, he didn’t seem to know what to do.

“Please come inside, Oz.”

They entered Richards home.

“Oz, I think you know about the pack? You have to be a bit more careful with this pack, as we are a rather big pack and some of us have suffered badly in the past.”

“Mr. Zeeman, I am not aware of pack law. I only know to ask you as the Ulfric because a good friend told me that’s the way the packs on this coast work. I never had a pack. “

Richard looked shocked. “You never had a pack? What about the were who infected you?”

“’Was infected by my cousin, a small child werewolf, lived on the hellmouth, no pack on the hellmouth, learned control in Tibet with the monks.”

“What do you do with your life?”

“I am travelling. Here and there searching for a place to call home.”

Richard looked at the strong werewolf in front of him, who never experienced the bad times, most of his pack had experienced with either Raina or Gabriel or both of them.

He was young and would be able to stop Jacob from trying to take over, just by fact of being a stronger alpha than Jacob.

“Do you want to stay for Christmas, Oz?” Richard asked. “You can stay here and meet some of the pack.”

Oz eyes lightened up. “You mean you would take me in? Introduce me to other wolves? Yeah, I want to stay. Let’s get this tree up” he grinned looking at the living room that looked like someone had a serious fight with a whole forest in it.
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