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Dialects and Dialing Sequences

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Summary: Willow is put to work by the new watchers council translating text, but she is soon sucked into translating for the SGC though her new aquantece with Daniel Jackson.

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Stargate > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonMorganMorningStarFR151616,39536245,60011 Apr 0516 Aug 05No

Dialects and Dialing Sequences

Disclaimer: I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Stargate SG-1, though if anyone feels the need to give me rights to either of them I would gladly accept!

Authors Note: This is my first attempt in quite sometime to do any kind of fanfiction writing, I have been pretty busy with writing my own original novel and also being an English major in college. So please read and review this piece, otherwise I may loose hope and stop writing this, and that would be very sad. Also I apologise, I have no beta currently, so if their are any spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes, its because I have no ability to edit my own matterial, much to my professors dismay.

Dialects and Dialing Sequences

Part 1: Texts

I turned the page in the text I was looking through; it was written mostly in Ancient Egyptian, a language that I had a tenuous hold on at best. Giles had called several weeks before, hoping that I could decipher some of the odd symbols that peppered the material. I sighed; I had been reading the text for almost a week, but without any understanding of the symbols that interrupted the hieroglyphs. The desk around me was covered in papers, both with my own renditions of the symbols, and any reference that I could come up with that would help me to understand them. Looking over what a mess I had made of my study, I shut the book, being careful to leave a marker in the place I had just finished reading, and walked out of my study and into my new kitchen.

After the end of Sunnydale, I had become a chief researcher for the new Watchers Council, choosing to live in a small town in Vermont, well away from everything, in order to have the peace I needed to do my work affectively. Even after years of doing my research in the library at Sunnydale High, and later in the Summer’s living room, I still preferred the quiet of my own space. So while everyone else moved to active Hellmouths around the world, and Giles rebuilt the Council, I chose to live just outside of Burlington Vermont. Close enough to the college that I could easily have access to the faculty there, and work as a visiting expert on Ancient Linguistics for the Anthropology department, but far enough away that I couldn’t hear the parties going on around campus.

I dialed Giles number, hoping that he would still be awake. It was about seven thirty in the evening in Vermont, which meant it would be about twelve thirty in London. It wouldn’t be crazy to assume that Giles would be up, with all the things that he had to do to get the new council up and running.

“Hello?” A sleepy voice answered the phone, not being necessarily asleep, but one that was very tired. The small feminine voice belonged to Dawn, who was going to school in London and living with Giles, while Buffy spent her time traveling from Hellmouth to Hellmouth, checking up on things.

“Hey, Dawnie, is Giles still up?”

“Willow! Yeah, I guess, he’s not even home yet. He spends so much time at the council that I feel like I’m living on my own here. The only thing that reminds me that he’s living with me is that my lunch is packed for school every morning. But, enough about me, how are you doing, I haven’t heard from you in a while?”

“I’m sorry to hear that. You know your welcome to come live out here with me, there are some excellent schools around where I am, and the University is excellent for when you’re ready for college. I’m doing just fine, its nice and quiet here, and Giles is keeping my busy with work, and I love teaching. I’m hoping that they’ll decide to keep me on for a few years, I would really hate to have to move again.”

“Well, Giles should be home in a few hours, but you’re more likely to get a hold of him at the council.”

“Alright sweetie, I’ll give him a call there. Keep my offer in mind, your welcome here anytime.”

“Thanks for the offer, but I just got settled into school, and I’m making some really great friends, so I think I’ll stick it out being lonely at home for the time being.”

“I’ll talk to you soon Dawn.”

“Bye Willow, keep in touch better.”

“I will.” I hung up the phone with a rough feeling in my stomach. I hated the idea of Dawn spending so much time on her own. With everything that the lot of us had been though in the past few years I knew it must be terrible for her to be by herself. Even I looked for human contact on some occasions.

I looked at the clock, which was quickly working its way to eight, and decided to try Giles at the Council, and then go out and find myself some kind of dinner before all of the local places closed. Everything closed early here, and not because of the dangers of what went bump in the night, because as far as I could tell, nothing went bump here, regardless of the solar status; things closed early here for one reason, people went home early and spent time with their families. Everyone turned in early here, by their own choice. And businesses responded to this by closing around eight or nine o’clock.

The phone rang several times before the machine kicked it. “Thank you for calling Giles Rosenberg Summers and Harris. There is no one to answer your call at the moment, but if you know your parties extension, you may dial it now. Otherwise stay on the line and you will be connected with the voice mail system.” Leaving a name like the Watcher’s Council on the recording had seemed like a bad idea to Giles. The Council was listed the same way in the phone book, keeping it as anonymous as possible. As far as the outside world was concerned we were a research organization that specialized in obscure and occasionally occult texts. Most everyone left us alone. I dialed Giles extension and waited for a response. “Hello, you have reached the Office of Rupert Giles, I’m sorry that I am unable to answer your call at this time, but it you leave your name and your phone number I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you need immediate assistance you can dial the secretary’s extension at 259 or the operator by dialing zero. Thank you and have a nice day.”

“Giles, its Willow. I have been looking over this text for the past week, and I think that I may have found someone that can help us. It took some searching, you know the type that you don’t actually know about me doing. And I have found some references to the symbols that appear in the text that you sent to me. The material is mostly associated with a Linguistic Anthropologist that fell off the radar some years ago. He’s also an expert in Ancient Egyptian, so he could be a big help. Unfortunately he’s also associated with the United States Air Force, so I wanted your go ahead before I contacted Riley to help me get access to this guy. I also wanted to see if you could find anything in any of the Watcher archives about him, before I go forward. Give me a call back on my cell phone; I’m going to be out for most of the evening. The man’s name is Doctor Daniel Jackson. Thanks for your help with this. The rest of the text is fascinating, it talks a lot about the Egyptian gods and their reign, I’m starting to believe your theory that they where actually demons. The more I read, the more plausible it seems to me. Unfortunately the fact that I have no clue what these symbols mean is putting a damper on most of what I’m reading. Anyway, give me a call as soon as you can and try to spend a bit of time with Dawn, I think she’s lonely.” I hung up the phone and set out to get some food for my poor aching belly.

I had never had much knack for cooking, least of all any kind of meal that would sustain myself. Cookies I had become very good at making while still living in Sunnydale, especially when even one of my spells would go wrong, but I was far removed from those days, now I spent much of my time either going out to eat, ordering in or buying pre-made food, to save myself from my own cooking. Life in Vermont was really very good, but something told me in my gut that my quiet back woods life was going to soon come to a crashing hult.
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