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Not Again!

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Summary: After things go to hell in Cleveland, the situation becomes dangerous for Dawn. So she gets sent far, far, away.

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Chapter Two

Not Again!

A/N: I am soooooo sorry that it has taken me forever to post this new chapter. My life has been very busy between starting college, health issues, and planning a trip to D.C. this fall. Thank you to everyone who gave me feedback. I really appreciate it.

I also took some time in the interim between this chapter and the last to do a little bit of Stargate research. I already knew a lot about Buffy, (I own all of the seasons, took me forever to get them) but I have just recently started watching Stargate. I have been watching it at my every convenience, both the reruns and the new season, (Sucks that Jack left.) and have been reading all the fanfiction I can get my hands on. Hopefully my efforts will not have been in vain, and you will see the effects in my writing.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this story. Any and all feedback will be appreciated.

Sorry it's so short. (Embarrassed grimace)

Chapter Two

Then Jack just had to jump in, "Dawn you were on the floor holding your head like it was about to explode. That's what I call a reason to worry. Now tell us what happened back there, that's an order."

She just sat there with her jaw on the bed. An order? AN ORDER? No one orders Dawn Summers around except Buffy Summers. But she's dead and in another dimension, so no one order Dawn Summers around. Oh Goddess, Buffy, she would never be able to visit Buffy's grave again.

And with that thought it sunk in. She was all alone. She would never see Willow again.
She could feel the tears rolling down her face. And her tears gave way to sobs that wracked her body. She wrapped her arms around her chest in an effort still herself. She pulled her knees up to her chest as a wave of utter desolation rolled over her.

Everyone around Dawn was silent as she tried to quiet her tears. She knew that Jack was just trying to gain control of the situation so that he could make sure that everyone remained safe.

She couldn't let them know the truth. They would be forced to turn her over to the NID. She just couldn't live like that, as a lab rat. No, she would use her tears to her advantage. She would play the part of a member of SG-1, at least as long as she could keep those around her convinced of her place in this dimension.

"God, I'm sorry, it's just I have this headache the size of Montana, and you guys are crowded around me, and I need like, an entire bottle of aspirin, and I can't think and… and …," she let out a pained moan as she rested her head on her knees and hoped that they would leave her alone long enough to figure out a game plan for this strange new world.

"Okay, I think it's time you all left for a little while and let Dawn get some rest," thank God for Janet.


"But nothing Colonel, she needs to sleep this headache off and she can't do that with you all hovering about her."

And with a few worried glances Janet chased the rest of he Dawn's team out of the infirmary.

"Okay Dawn, this headache is probably from the stress of your first few months with SG-1. I'm going to give you a couple of aspirin and let you sleep the headache off. And after the debriefing I want you to go home, take a hot bath, and rest."

Janet's doctorly advice helped to ground her. She just sounded so normal.

"Okay, thank you." That tearfully said, Janet brought her a glass of water and a couple of aspirin and left her alone.

She lay down on her side and pulled her knees up to her chest. Okay, Dawn, time for some serious thinking. She knew that she would be able to pull off her new role as a Captain in the military. She just had to put to use the knowledge of the military she had gained while working with Riley and Graham after the world had gone to hell.


It felt as if her entire body was paralyzed. She couldn't move, or call out for help, or do anything. She could hear the screams of Xander as his fingers were removed, one by one, by a jubilant Zortoth demon.

She struggled in vain to will her body to obey her command to move. She had to help Xander. Oh, God the screaming. It was getting to her in the worst way.

Buffy's face flashed in front of her, a matter of fact look on her face, "It's your fault that he's being tortured you know. If it weren't for you neither of you would be in this position."

She was horrified. Why would her sister say such things to her? Why wasn't she helping?
She tried to speak; but she couldn't get her mouth to move. She looked on in horror as the demon finished with Xander's fingers and moved on to his ears. The demon's beady, black eyes shone like glittering beetles as he gave a rumbling purr of joy.

Buffy's face dissolved and Anya's floated up to take it's place. "If you weren't such a helpless child you would have found a way to save Xander by now. You are useless, everyone agrees. You should have died a long time ago to save everyone the trouble of rescuing you every time you get kidnapped."

Xander's screams grew in pitch and intensity as the demon moved on to his toes. More of her friend's faces joined Anya's and began telling her how useless she was. How she shouldn't even exist. How she got everyone around her hurt.

She tried to block out their hurtful words as she was forced to watch her surrogate brother being tortured to death, but she couldn't. Their voices and Xander's screams got louder and louder as she struggled to get free. "Stop it, please. Just stop, you're hurting him, oh God please, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


"Colonel you have to let Captain Summers rest. She is obviously still adjusting to the stress of this job and she needs to sleep." Dr. Frasier was adamant about this point.

"Come on Janet, that wasn’t normal. People don't just pass out from stress. Especially people who have previously shown no signs of stress. Summers was doing just fine until her little episode in the gateroom. We need to figure out…"

"NOOOOOOO!!!" A scream interrupted Colonel O'Neill. He turned away from Dr. Frasier to see Dawn struggling on her bed. He ran to her side to hold her down and keep her from falling off of the bed.


"Let me go, I've got to help him. It's all my fault, please let me go." She struggled against the arms holding her down.

"Dawn, calm down. Easy now. It's okay, just calm down. It was just a nightmare." As the softly spoken words penetrated the fog of her nightmare, she stopped struggling and clutched on to the strong body that was holding her.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Not Again!" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Sep 05.

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