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Not Again!

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Summary: After things go to hell in Cleveland, the situation becomes dangerous for Dawn. So she gets sent far, far, away.

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Not Again!

Not Again!
By Kit

Disclaimer: I claim no rights to copyrighted material.

Author note: Please excuse the brevity of this first page. A regular chapter will be following it shortly. Also, while I have been reading fanfiction for three years I have yet to publish any of stories of my own. I figured that it was high time to do so. And so I did.


She couldn't believe it. She was getting sent away to another dimension. Demons were after her; and she was getting sent away.

God, it had been four years of hell, literally. When everyone who had survived Sunnydale had gotten to Cleveland after closing the Sunnydale hellmouth, everything had been fine, for about two weeks. But then a prophecy came true and the Scoobies didn't find out about it in time. So, the Cleveland hellmouth opened.

The Scoobies and newly called Slayers fought. They fought for four years, four years of hiding in the day and sneaking around at night trying not to engage the enemy. Many were lost in the battle. Buffy, Xander, Giles, Andrew and Faith were all now dead. It had been hard, but she Willow, Robin, Kennedy, and the few surviving new Slayers had fought on. And now it was coming to an end.

If the demons got her they would bleed her dry and end all of existence, because, yeah, she was still the Key. So here she was standing on a hilltop with Willow.

Tears filled her eyes as Willow began to chant. The sound of Willows voice filled the air as Dawn felt the energy gather. And with a final shout from Willow, Dawn was gone.
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