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Short and Not Necessarily Sweet

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Summary: A collection of uber minis from a challenge on my livejournal.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherechoFR152215,69616112,94113 Apr 0526 Apr 05Yes


These are a bunch of about-500-word minis as the result of a challenge issued at my livejournal.

Featuring the uber minis:

"Identified Flying Objects" (BtVS/Roswell with a Mikey G/Dawn twist)
"Bugged" (BtVS/HP boy-who-lived/key)
"Enjoy the Silence" (pure HP D/G)
"Love at First Brat" (BtVS/AtS D/C)
"Cottontail" (BtVS/HP Anya swear-alicious ranty)
"Sounds Like" (BtVS/HP Draco and the girls)
"Shove" (pure BtVS slayer wrestling woo hoo!)
"Surprise!" (BtVS/HP WR/SS with many cameos)
"Hearts and Farts in Atlantis" (pure BtVS Spawn)
"Serendipity Rides Again... Sorta" (BtVS/Dogma)
"Door in the Floor" (BtVS/HP bring out yer dead)
"Touched for the Very First Time" (BtVS/HP with a side of Cordy/Doyle)
"Your Serenity Slays Me" (BtVS/Firefly)
"Awkward" (pure HP R/T)
"I Wanna Be Sedated and Other Lullabies" (pure BtVS singing Spike)
"You Look so Lovely in Love" (pure BtVS Spawn)
"I'll Take Things That Bite for a Thousand, Alex" (pure BtVS Faith fangirling rage)
"Mister Peekaboo Pants and the Princess of Slytherin" (pure HP with Slyther boys)
"If the Fit Fits" (pure HP featuring angry!Harry)
"The Boys At the Rock Show" (BtVS/HP sneaking out/muggle clubbing)
"A Kiss Is Still" (HP/BtVS Willow's new girlfriend)

Anyone wishing to see the icons involved, please visit this post in my livejournal:
icon challenge post

Happy reading.

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