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Lost Family Series

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Summary: David goes to Sunnydale to recover from the death of his family.

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Lost Family Series

fic: Lost Family, Lost Hopes

Author: Lucinda
nothing worse than the movie or series - contains some violence, strong language and mild sexual situations.
pairing Willow/David
disclaimer: I own nobody from Lost Boys or Buffy.
distribution: WLS, Bite me, WWW, NHA, other's please ask


Pain woke David from black oblivion. Water swirled over and around him, the salt a searing agony in the twin wounds that passed through his chest. He remembered fighting with Michael... being impaled on the horns of an antelope. Everything had gone black after that.

Max's voice echoed in his memory ' As a vampire, you will be almost immortal. You will never age, you will never sicken. But you must feed. The only things that can kill you will be the light of the sun, fire, or a stake through the heart. Holy water will act upon you like acid. You will have eternity as my son, David. You will belong to a family that only death can separate.' He had been part of a family, and he had been able to feel everyone inside. There had been bonds linking them together, so they could feel each other's presences echoing inside each other.

Those bonds had been shattered. His family had fallen. Max, their doting father, gone. Dwayne and Paul and Marco..all gone because of those horrible Froggs from the comic shop. And Michael. He had intended for the loner to belong, to be a part of the family. Instead, Michael had been afraid of them. He had been afraid of what he could be, and had lashed out in that fear by bringing the Froggs down upon them all.

If he wanted revenge, he would have to live past the sunrise. If he wanted to build a new family, he would have to regain his stregnth. He thought he could see the shape of a cave in the rocks. Not their cave, that had sheltered his family, but another in the same rocks.

It was a small opening in the rocks, leading to a smaller chamber. There was no sunligh, but it didn't go anywhere either. The only access was the sea. It would have to do for now.

David clung to the water slicked stone and tried to plan for the future.

When darkness fell, David barely had the strength to go to the cave he and his family had stayed in long enough to pack a few things and get his bike. He went into town, and stopped at the butcher shop to get some animal blood.

It tasted terrible.

He didn't have the strength to try to fight a human if they struggled. Most did, not wanting to die. He was too weak from his injuries to risk the chance of further injury and discovery for a fresh meal. Max had told him that animal blood would sustain him, but it wasn't as nourishing as human blood. It also wouldn't fight back. He had to regain his strength before he tried for any more than survival. Max had told him that if he was ever injured, Sire's blood would help him heal. If he was too far to seek his Sire's aid, he should go to a place of strong mystical energy.

There was such a place a few hours north. It was a small town called Sunnydale.

* * * * *

Willow was working on her English homework. Alone. Buffy had training with Giles. Xander and Cordelia had gotten back together after the whole horrible accident at the factory. Oz hadn't forgiven her, and was now seeing some girl from another band. Willow thought her name was Veruca. She had never imagined that a simple kiss could cause so much pain and misery to so many people.

Willow had been infatuated with Xander for years. She hadn't been able to resist a few secret kisses when he finally realized that she was a girl. Now, the last of those kisses had cost her the tentative acceptance she had managed from Cordelia. Oz had decided he couldn't trust her, and wasn't speaking to her anymore. Buffy was to busy trying to make things work with Angel to have time for Willow.

The only time anyone really wanted to talk to her was either to ask for her help tutoring them in their classes or to ask her to look something up on the computer. It was usually something icky.

Willow desperately wished that she had someone to spend time with. To have an attractive guy that wanted to spend time with her just because she was Willow. She forgot that on the Hellmouth, opportunity usually comes with a price.

Willow was sitting on a hill, watching the stars. The night was lovely, and there were no prophecies of impending doom or super nasty demons known to be in the area right now. She had a bottle of holy water with her, and a stake if she needed it. Right now, she just wanted to look at the stars, and pretend life was normal for just a bit. She was guessing a bit about the normal part, but she figured it didn't include causing your former best friend's girlfriend to be impaled. She sighed, life was complicated here.

Where else would a girl wanting to look at the stars need to be prepared to defend herself from vampires? Willow didn't know of anywhere else with the sort of vampire problems that existed in Sunnydale. At least the stars were pretty. She decided to try to remember all the names of the constellations.

David had arrived in Sunnydale. He had even gotten a room at a seedy little motel on the edge of town. He was almost hoping for an aspiring thief to try and break in on him. The shower was worth the expense in and of itself. There was definitely something about this town. He could feel an energy filling the air, and it seemed almost aware of him. It would either help him grow strong or lead him into overconfidence and foolish action. Now to go find a bite to eat.....

A few hours later, David had figured out the locations of some of the more important places to know in this town. There was one club, called the Bronze. A few bars of various levels of quality. He knew which way the beach was, and where the local ice skating arena was. It was important to know the good hunting areas anywhere you went. He had also been attacked by a wiry fellow with a knife that had wanted to kill him and take his jacket. The guy hadn't tasted too bad. Now, David just wanted to meander around for a bit.

David wandered around for over an hour, learning that for a small town, this place had a lot of cemeteries. Ornate tombstones, family crypts, benches for visiting mourners... the people of Sunnydale seemed quite willing to invest in their cemeteries. There were also a couple new vampires that he watched rise out of recent graves.

Looked like there was a definite vampire population here in Sunnydale. Not much of a surprise, really. The surprise was that they apparently used the barbaric method of turning - where you ended up buried and woke up trapped in a coffin six feet underground. Max had told him about that method, and had warned him against it. That way led to mental instability, and difficulty in interacting with humans.

David could avoid the locals. They couldn't be that dangerous if they turned their family members and left them to be buried in the ground. David wasn't here to try to gain a permanent power base. He wanted to regain his strength. There was also the question of Michael and the Froggs. He was considering his options as he walked, and eventually the path lead him outside of town entirely.

He was so caught up in his thoughts that he almost ran into the tree. There was a large oak tree less than a foot in front of him. He looked around, and realized that he was entirely outside of town. The glow of it's lights could be seen down and to his left. To his right was a clearing. There was someone sitting in it, apparently looking at the stars.

She was beautiful. She had red hair that fell down her back like a waterfall. She was wearing a pair of loose denim jeans and a long sleeved shirt that was in multicolored green stripes. One leg was extended out in front of her, the other pulled up to her chest, with one arm wrapped around her knee, the other pointing at the stars. There was a backpack sitting in the grass beside her, and what looked like a small bottle of water sitting beside the backpack. Loneliness surrounded her like a cloak.

Why would someone like her be alone? Were not only the vampires of this town crazy but the humans as well? She was lovely, and unless there were serious personality flaws, there was no reason for her to be alone. He realized that she was murmuring to herself. Listening carefully, it was apparent that she was naming the constellations of the stars. Smart as well as lovely... he wanted her. He could see spending the next fifty years with someone like her. Maybe he should be a bit more careful this time though. Perhaps he should get to know her a bit better before trying to make her part of his family.

David stood there, watching the redhead name the stars. She had a pretty voice. He moved just a bit closer, trying to get a better look at her.

A twig snapped under his boot.

She turned around, her litany of stars forgotten. Her eyes were wide, startled as she looked to see what had made the noise. They were a striking green color, like new leaves. One of her hands clutched the bottle of water, the other was searching for something on the ground behind her.

"Hey, relax. I didn't mean to scare you." David spoke quickly, holding his hands out in what he hoped was a non-threatening manner. She looked ready to bolt, and he wanted her to stay. "My name's David. I'm new in this area."

"I'm Willow. I've lived here all my life. Umm." She was fidgeting with the bottle of water in her hand. " How did you find this clearing if you're new in Sunnydale?"

"Find it? Actually, I was thinking and walking, and then there was this big tree in front of me. And here you are. I thought maybe I could say hello." He smiled at her question, hoping that she wouldn't just leave anyhow. She seemed a bit shy. What was so special with the water in her hand anyhow? Think quickly, how to not lose her.....

"Maybe you could show me around a bit. Tell me a bit about this town. I came from a small town a few hours south of here, things are probably different here in Sunnydale. Santa Carla is an amusement park town full of tourists."

"Sunnydale's not big with the tourists, no tourist-y things, so no tourists", Willow responded, trying not to babble, her hands twisting the water bottle cap almost off, then tightening it again.

They ended up talking for a while about what there was to do in Sunnydale. He managed to persuade her to let him walk her back into town, 'because sometimes it's just not safe at night'. She had smiled when he said that. He had also managed to talk her into meeting him for coffee tomorrow at nine, in the local coffee shop. She had suggested they meet there, rather than the Bronze, saying that it was quieter, they could actually talk.

He walked her back into Sunnydale, talking about the recent weather. It had been fairly clear in Sunnydale, which made it easier to look at the stars. Willow had mentioned that she hadn't had much time for that lately.

They were both smiling when they parted company. Willow was still clutching her bottle of water. David realized she never drank any of the water, just carried it around. He could comment on it when they meet again, "You must get really thirsty"

"You never know when it will come in handy" Willow replied with a small smile.

David walked back towards his room at the motel. Her name was Willow. He had talked with her, and she seemed to be very nice. They had made a date to meet for coffee and conversation. She had been shy, but there was a brilliant mind under that shining red hair of hers. He was looking forward to getting to know her better.

It would probably be safest to wait before bringing the whole vampire aspect up. People tended to react badly. They either thought he was crazy, or panicked, and were afraid of him. Neither one was what he wanted from Willow.

With someone like Willow, he would never feel desolate and alone. With Willow, he had felt almost happy, and worried that she would leave. She was charming, in an entirely unconscious way. She didn't focus on talking about herself, or current trends. She didn't seem to be trying to make him react to her in any particular way. She had just seemed to want to talk to him, and to let him be himself. Other than looking like she might bolt at any wrong move.

He would have to move carefully with Willow, she was too special to risk scaring away. He wanted her to want to be with him, brilliant intellect and all the hidden depths of her. There was too much potential risk if she was afraid of him. If he was careful about this, Willow would be his. Forever.

* * *

Willow sat on her bed, her mind whirling with too many thoughts. She had wanted to go look at the stars. She had been interrupted, well, not actively interrupted, discovered perhaps? Yes, she had been discovered in her observations by David. He was gorgeous. He was a bit intimidating, with his leather jacket, and his earring, and his smooth self confident posture that proclaimed to the world that there was nothing he was afraid of. His eyes were brilliant, full of secrets and passion.

Willow wanted that passion.

At least, Willow wanted someone to look at her with passion, like she was the most wonderful woman in their whole world. She wanted someone to be with, to be able to talk to about anything. Someone to look at the stars with, or go for long walks together. Kissing... she was positive that kissing David would be full of passion and Willow wanted someone to be passionate with. She wanted very much for someone to desire her, someone that would see her as a young woman, not one of the guys. She wanted something real.

She shook her head, trying to slow her thoughts. David was new in town, she barely knew him. Yes, he was sexy and breathtaking and possibly dangerous, but why on earth would he want anything like that with her? He would end up with someone else, someone pretty and confident and socially adaptable. The really great guys - or even the interesting ones never wanted Willow.

So far, the only guys that had wanted her had been a demon on the internet, a werewolf musician for a brief time, and Xander because she had been involved with someone else. She'd sighed over Xander for years, and he never noticed her as a female until she was dating Oz. That told Willow that either she had to be with someone else, or a guy interested in her had to be something other than human to be interested in her.

Her chances with David were slightly higher than nothing. But, tonight, she could dream.

Willow was in cheerful mood as she got ready for school. She had gone to sleep remembering how David had looked standing in the clearing, and that had inspired enjoyable, if unlikely dreams with David in a starring role. There was also gleeful anticipation of meeting him tonight for coffee. She was in a good mood.

Her good mood didn't last. Xander was still avoiding her, and pointedly not talking to her at school. He actually bumped into her in the hallway, leaving her sprawled on the floor, books and papers scattered everywhere. Xander hadn't even looked back to see if she was okay.

Cordelia and her flock of minions were especially mean, insulting her hair, her clothing, and her choice in shoes. They were actively looking for her, moving down the hall to seek out and insult her. The only safe place to hide from them was the library. Buffy saw her, and immediately started to tell her all about the movie she had gone to watch with Angel last night and how wonderful he had looked in his dark pants and sweater. Buffy didn't seem to realize that Willow had scraped her knee, or that she had been nearly in tears from Cordelia and her flock.

Giles hear Buffy talking to someone, and upon seeing Willow, he asked her to help him look up something on the 'dread machine'. That was the high point of her day at school. The rest of the day was miserable. Xander was snubbing her. Buffy was to wrapped up in Angel to notice anything else, including studying for tomorrow's quiz in Biology. Oz was in the school parking lot with Veruca, too wrapped up in his new girlfriend to care about Willow.

The only thing that kept Willow going that day was the thought of talking to David later that night.

David was waiting for the sun to go down. Unfortunately, patience had never been his strong point. He flipped through the pitiful selection of channels on the little television in his room. He had even folded and put away his clothing. He was still bored and impatient.

Finally, as soon as he thought it might be safe, he left the hotel room. The evening air was humid, and full of the noises of insects and the sound of people. He had to move around, walk some of this tension out before he met with Willow. Maybe he'd best go to a store and pick up some books to read in the daytime. There wasn't anything worth watching on the television. The last fading bits of the sun causing a tingle on his face reminded him of why vampires didn't do days.

* * *

Willow was in the corner of the coffee shop, waiting for David. He was almost five minutes late, and she was starting to worry if he had actually meant to meet her here or not. Willow wasn't certain what she would do if he stood her up, the anticipation of seeing him again had been all that had helped her through the day.

Finally, David came rushing into the store, looking in slight disarray. He was all red, as if he were very flushed or had caught to much sun and burned a bit. He looked around a bit, and seemed relieved to spot her tucked into the corner booth. Her backpack was sitting beside her, the top of a bottle sticking out of the side pocket. He could see the edge of a label, and that it was filled with something clear.

"Hey, you're here." Willow smiled when she spotted him. " I mean, of course you're here, because otherwise I wouldn't be talking to you and...ummm it's just been a really long day. How was your day? You look all red, I hope you didn't get to much of a sunburn."

David sat down across from her, grinning slightly. " Not too bad of a sun burn, considering. My day was incredibly boring, and I'm sorry that I was late to get here. I had a few things that I needed to pick up, and I made the discovery that things are sometimes farther away than I thought they were in this town. Tell me about your day?"

David listened as Willow talked about her day. He did ask a few questions that made her go back a bit and explain some of the history involved. He felt incredibly jealous about this Xander. He had ignored Willow for years, chasing every other female in town, and then went after Willow when she was dating someone else? He also felt jealous of Oz, and wondered exactly how far she and Oz had gone in their relationship. At the end of her long explanation of her miserable day, and the history behind it, David was fuming.

"That's terrible! It takes two people for a stolen kiss, and it sounds like this idiot hasn't had any problems after the whole mess. If the musician can't understand the idea of a kiss before probable death, you're better off without him. You deserve someone that will understand life, and cherish you. Doesn't sound like Fluffy's being a very good friend right now either."

David was outraged - couldn't they see how precious someone like Willow was? His temper was showing, and his teeth had gotten just a bit longer and more pointy. "If you want, I could rip their heads off for you."

"Ummmm. that sounds a bit messy. Maybe a bit extreme, there are always consequences, you know? I think if you went and tried to rip their heads off things would get ugly and messy.. the police frown on that sorta thing, not here in Sunnydale so much, but in most places." Willow babbled a bit, blushing. "Y'know, it's kind of sweet of you to offer. In a gory and violent type of way, anyhow. Nobody else seems to worry about how I'm feeling in this whole ugly mess. They seem to think it's mostly my fault, with a little bit of Spike to blame for kidnapping us."

Her smile at the simple fact that he cared was worth the sunburn.

David and Willow met a few more times, always in the evenings after dark. They talked about all sorts of things, and generally had fun hanging out. They went ice skating. David was a terrible ice skater. Willow wasn't much better, but they had a great deal of fun, which was what counted.

Willow finished her book report, and left the school library, her backpack slung over he shoulder. She was cutting through the park on her way home when she heard the sounds of a fight. A vampire was attacking David. To Willow's surprise, David seemed to be doing fairly well, and he clearly knew how to fight. That was when the second vampire came out of the bushes to help his friend take David down.

Willow could deal with this. She wasn't about to let some random minion vampire kill David. She pulled out her bottle of water and opened the cap, right before flinging the water at the second vampire. Some of it splashed past the unfortunate minion, landing on the fighting men.

It was holy water.

The minion screamed, right before Willow thrust her stake into it's back. It disintegrated, revealing the fighters to Willow. The water had left smoking burns on the arm of the minion attacking David. It had also left similar wounds on David's hand, which currently had a set of claws as sharp as the minions, if much cleaner. His eyes were vampire gold.

"No..." Willow barely breathed the denial before bolting from the park.

Her expression was of surprise and painful dismay.

David was about to go after her when the attacking minion grabbed his arm. Right, kill this idiot first, then go find Willow and try to explain things to her. This was not how he intended for Willow to find out.

She was completely gone by the time he had dispatched the minion. The only sign of her having been in the park, apart from the burns on his hand, was a fallen water bottle, the cap on the ground where she had stood. David reached down to pick up the bottle, and the bits of water on the opening burned his hand. He swore in pain as he dropped it back to the ground.

At least he knew why she carried the bottle of water now.

* * *

Willow was face down on her bed, crying into her pillow. David was a vampire. He had seemed so nice, rather sweet actually. She had thought that he liked her, and enjoyed spending time with her. But, he was a vampire. How could she ever have a relationship with a vampire? Had he been a vampire since he arrived in Sunnydale? Had he just been playing some twisted game by spending time with her? Or was this a new thing, a terrible development since they had gone ice skating the night before?

Willow cried into her pillow for crushed hopes and painful discoveries. She couldn't know when this had happened, and she didn't know what David had been thinking. Only that once again, her chance at happiness looked to be shattered before it could really begin.

David was finally forced by the approaching sunrise to put his search on hold. Willow had run from him, upset that he was a vampire. He had to find her, to talk to her and try to make her understand. He had to make her see that he didn't want to hurt her. He stopped, suddenly hit with a realization. He had fallen in love with Willow Rosenberg.

Now, the biggest obstacle was the fact that she had found out he was a vampire and ran away frightened and upset by that discovery. David had to find Willow and try to convince her that he cared, that he wasn't trying to hurt her. From the way she had been prepared with a wooden stake and holy water, he didn't think it would be easy.

* * *

Willow was very quiet the next day. She went to school, wearing a pair of jeans and a shirt he had given her advertising Santa Carla's amusement park. She thought about David all day. It no longer bothered her that Xander had decided a mistake, that he had been as responsible for as she was, was worth sacrificing years of friendship. The past week since she had met David had convinced Willow that she could live without Xander in her life.

She ignored Cordelia's sniping, as well as the whispered insults of Harmony and Aura, two of Cordelia's followers. Apparently, someone from school had seen her and David at the ice rink. That story had circulated around, and several people decided to insult her poor skating. A few people had wanted to know who the cute guy had been, and why he was with Willow. She took all the comments in stride, not dwelling on the jealousies of those who thought David was to cute to be with Willow.

Giles asked her to stay after school to help research a new demon. Buffy was complaining about all the problems involved with trying to date a vampire. She and Angel were having some difficulties again. They kept finding too many things they couldn't do together. Buffy also made a reference to the happiness clause.

Willow started to think after that. David had seemed far nicer than the majority of the vampires Willow had met. There had to be a reason for that, and she wondered what it was. Did David have a soul? Could a vampire without a soul love? Were there any old curses with hidden clauses or crazed relatives likely to show up?

She had made a few discoveries in all her thinking. She was already falling for David, if not completely in love with him already. If he was really interested in her, not playing some game with her feelings, she was willing to try to take a chance that they could build a future. She could deal with moonlight walks instead of daylight picnics. All she had to know was if he really cared about her.

Well, and it wouldn't hurt to know for sure that he didn't plan to end the world or take over the hellmouth with an army of vampiric minions.

It took David three nights before he found Willow. He had searched every bit of Sunnydale, without having any luck. He had learned that Sunnydale had a great many demons and vampires. The vampires here were different, more feral and unthinking than he and his family had ever been. Sunnydale was far more dangerous that Santa Carla had ever been. Willow was somewhere in this town, and he had no idea if she was safe.

David was in emotional turmoil, wanting desperately to find her, to try to make everything better. At the very least, he wanted her to be safe from the dangers that filled Sunnydale. Near to giving up, he had gone to the clearing where he had first seen her.

Willow was sitting there, looking at the stars. She was sitting on a blanket, with her backpack beside her. There was also another bottle of water. She looked wonderful.

"Willow. I've been looking all over for you." David smiled slightly as he spoke. He had to talk to her. It was so good to know she was safe. "Can we talk?"

Willow turned, looking at him. Her eyes widened when she saw him, and she smiled tentatively. "Hey. Um.. talking would probably be good. Have a seat?"

David smiled in relief. Willow was willing to talk to him. There might still be a chance for him...for them. They sat there, David drinking in the sight of her, Willow fidgeting with a loose thread of the blanket, sneaking glances at David from under her lashes. It had to be a good sign that she wasn't fidgeting with the water bottle.

"Where do we begin? I never meant for you to be afraid of me, Willow. I.. this is really awkward." David paused a moment, trying to gather his thoughts. "I wanted to get to know you. The more I knew about you, the more I liked you. I think I understand why you were..upset though. I've seen some of the local vampires. They give vampires a bad name. Must be something in the air that makes them all crazy."

"How long, David? Is this something that happened to you in Sunnydale? Were you already a vampire when I first met you? What is it you really want?" Her questions came tumbling out, her voice quavering a little on the last one. Her eyes were filled with worry and doubt.

David realized what she was afraid of. Willow didn't know if he was sincere in his feelings for her. She was afraid that everything they had done together was nothing more than an elaborate game to him. The idea that she was sitting there, doubting his feelings made his angry and sad at the same time. Angry that the people here had ignored her so long that she could doubt someone could want her. Sad that she had spent her life in this miserable town. Sad and hurt that she could doubt what her felt for her.

He reached out and caught her hand in his. He rubbed his thumb over the back of her hand. "I want you. I want to see if we can have something. You make me feel, Willow. You make me feel so many things, and I don't want to loose you. I want to try to build a future with you." David looked into her eyes, trying to convey the intensity and sincerity of his words with his eyes.

"I've been a vampire for a while, since long before I came to Sunnydale. I had a family in Santa Carla. Max was our father, he took care of us, taught us what we needed to know. We were there for each other. Problem is, we tried to bring somebody else into the family. He didn't take the idea well. Ended up that my whole family got killed. I was almost killed with them. Max told me..." David's voice trailed off. He swallowed, trying to get his emotions under control.

"He said if something bad ever happened, if I needed to heal, there are places with a lot of energy. I didn't listen very well when he tried to tell me about all the mystical stuff. Kinda wish now that I had listened better, been less of a frustration to him. I came here so I could heal, regain my strength. Then, I saw you. You looked gorgeous sitting here under the stars." David smiled at Willow, hoping...

"Spending time with you has been great. You make me think that I might have a future, that things aren't quite so bad. I wouldn't hurt you Willow, not ever. All I'm asking for is a chance. Please?"

Willow looked at David, his expression hopeful. There were so many emotions in his eyes... She felt like she could gaze into them forever. Forever. David had forever, but Willow didn't. Would she be able to stand being with someone who would never grow old? Would David want to turn her into a vampire at some point in the future?

"But you're a vampire, and I'm mortal. Wouldn't that cause problems? What if in a few years you decided I look to old for you?" Willow had to voice some of her concerns. "I don't know if I could get used to the idea of being with somebody that killed all the time..."

"There are other ways to feed than killing. As for that... thevampires here in Sunnydale are barbaric. Max never buried me. He didn't just grab me some night, drain me and have me wake up trapped in my own grave." David shuddered at the thought.

"You almost have to expect problems from someone that had that happen. I don't have to kill all the time if you don't want me to. As for the forever, I can give you forever if you want. If you take some of my blood, it will change you part of the way. You will be stronger, heal faster. You wouldn't age. Half vampires don't burn in the sunlight, not like full vampires. Halfs don't need blood quite the same way either, so you wouldn't have to worry about having to hunt. We wouldn't have to lose each other."

Willow considered David's words very carefully. Part of her wanted to research this idea, of partial vampires and what side effects there were. The majority of her didn't care. David wanted a future with her. "I like the idea of being with you. I might not want to stop aging quite yet though. Can we try? Maybe we can go away somewhere after I graduate, and try to live somewhere, hopefully without any vampire hunters or need for them."

"You want to stay until graduation, huh?" David smiled, delighted that Willow wanted a future with him. " I guess I can cope with that. Promise to be careful when I hunt." He pulled her close, hugging her to him. "We can go anywhere you want, as long as we're together."

They sat there under the stars for a while, David's arms wrapped around Willow. The future was definitely looking up.

Willow and David were much happier now that they were confident that they had each other for the future. Willow no longer worried about the opinions of Cordelia or her friends, and had actually gone from ignoring them to occasionally insulting them back. Xander was still ignoring her, and Willow had decided that she could live that way. If Xander didn't want to talk to her, it was his loss.

Rumors were circulating now that Willow had been seen in the company of a dangerous looking blond, and people were gradually getting the idea that Willow had a boyfriend. He wasn't going to drop her either. David's influence showed a bit in her wardrobe as well. She wore darker colors, and her jeans not as baggy as before. There were occasional bits of leather, and she was more confident about herself overall.

Buffy was starting to wonder a bit, trying to figure out why Willow had never offered to introduce them to her new guy, if she had one. Maybe she had just made a new friend, after all, it wasn't like she had that many to begin with. Buffy had also realized that most of the people that Willow did know hadn't been spending time with her. Xander still wasn't talking to Willow. would actually be better if Cordelia didn't talk to Willow, probably. Willow had definitely developed some more self confidence lately. Her clothing had changed a bit as well. Maybe this new guy in Willow's life needed to be checked out?

* * * *

Elsewhere, David and Willow were planning a long and happy future together. David would regain some more of his strength, and Willow would finish high school. Then, they could travel a bit, see some of the country.

They would make a new life together.

end Lost Family, Lost Hopes
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