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Where Man Fears To Tread

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Summary: A specialist team of demon hunters, originally from Sunnydale, are called in to the SGC to help with a rescue. (Buffy, SG1 crossover)

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Where Man Fears To Tread

Title: Where Man Fears to Tread

Author: Knife Hand

Feedback: Constructive feedback appreciated, flames unappreciated

Spoilers: First three series of Buffy.

Rating: R

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy, SG1 or Predator. I would buy it but I am broke.

Summary: A specialist team of demon hunters, originally from Sunnydale, are called in to the SGC to help with a rescue. (Buffy, SG1 crossover)


General Hammond looked at the report that the man had given him. The man was mysterious, having no credentials except the fact that the President and the Secretary of Defence had ordered Hammond to listen to him and use his team. Hammond looked at the report again in disbelief.

‘Something like this is a serious threat.’ He thought.

“My team can handle the job. That one suicided.” The man said indicating to the report. “My team took out two of them, killed them outright. They have no more interest in us, because of my team. We will handle this situation of yours.”

The man turned and left the office and a nervous General behind him.


“No way Dutch gets credited with the Kill.” Faith said.

Faith, Xander, Buffy and a driver were in a jeep with Faith and Xander arguing in the back and Buffy watching them from the front seat.

“Come on. Why not?” Xander said.

“It suicided. He might get an assist, but not a Kill.” Faith retorted.

“Then you don’t get credit for the one last week. It fell over a cliff.” Xander declared.

“No way. I kicked it over that cliff. That Kill is totally mine.” Faith said outraged.

“Cut it out you two. We’re here.” Buffy said.

They piled out of the jeep and met up with Giles, Willow and Oz, who were travelling in the other jeep, and headed into the mountain complex, each carrying large duffle bags. They were escorted into an elevator and quickly shuttled deep into the mountain.


Colonel Jack O’Neil, Major Samantha ‘Sam’ Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal’c, the members of SG1, flagship team of the SGC, sat waiting in the briefing room waiting for General Hammond and the outside team that would accompany them on the rescue mission.

Two days ago, on a mission on P4X-812, SG1, SG2 and SG3 were ambushed by several Jaffa patrols wherein SG2 and SG3 were captured and taken for interrogation in a highly fortified Goa’uld base. General Hammond walked in with the other team following behind.

The team consisted of six members who despite their youth, or maturity, looked in shape and capable of being deadly. Funnily the two most dangerous members, to the trained eye, would be dismissed first by armatures.

One was a petite little blond woman, about twenty-five in age, who carried herself like she knew how to fight well, a similar motion to the brunette, who was slim but with good muscle tone. The brunette was younger, probably twenty-three but her movements were, while no less potentially deadly, more loose and semi-wild than the blond. These two instantly went on edge the moment they saw Teal’c.

Next came a tall, dark haired man, also about twenty-five, who had a more military attitude in his movements but still seemed part of the unorthodox group. Behind him came a redheaded woman and a short blond man whose hair was ‘spiky’, walking arm in arm. Bringing up the rear was a dark haired man with glasses and dark hair who looked in his late forties, or early fifties, and he reminded Jack of himself and Daniel, almost a bookworm warrior.

They all carried at least one large duffle bag and were dressed in civilian clothing. General Hammond introduced them in order as Buffy Summers, Faith Wilson, Xander Harris, Willow Rosenberg, Daniel ‘Oz’ Osborne and Rupert Giles and then he introduced SG1.

“Two Questions. One, why do you need us inside a mountain? And two, what is he?” The blond, called Buffy, asked.

“Let me guess. Something to do with the Stargate and a Jaffa. Am I right?” Xander said, chuckling when he received startled glances from the SGC members. “You got to keep up with the classified projects, Buff.”

“Nah. Too much like homework. Isn’t that what Giles is for?” Buffy responded with a laugh, quickly joined by the others in the group.

“Hey. Do you want me to go Ripper on your ass, cause I will.” Giles threatened, causing the team to stop laughing, before he turned to General Hammond. “General, we will require four rooms, three doubles and a singe for myself, we will also require adequate work facilities and access to a gym. We will be able to begin the operation in three days. We also require all information available about the engagements zone.”

“Now who the hell do you think you are? No one talks to a General like that. And why can’t we go now?” Jack fumed.

“Colonel O’Neil. You are acting under the misconception that we are regular military. We are a completely independent unit answering directly to the Sectary of Defence and the President. Also we were just flown halfway around the world, straight off a mission to help you. If anyone can get this job done, it will be us but not if you interfere with our methods.

“If you would prefer, we can leave and go on the vacation we were planing before you and your friends go into trouble, but I guarantee that they will not be rescued by conventional units, or we would not have been called in.” Giles said, fairly calmly.

The team turned and began to leave the briefing room, heading for the mess hall. Just before he left, Giles turned and addressed the SGC personnel.

“I suggest that before entering the rooms of the rest of my team that you knock if the door is closed. While Xander and Buffy are a couple and Willow and Oz are a couple, let’s just say they sometimes act like they are seventeen and have very open relationships.”

“What is an open relationship?” Teal’c asked.

“Ask the General or the Colonel. And think Sixties.” Giles replied with a grin.

“What about the Regs?” Colonel O’Neil asked.

“Not regular Military, remember. No Regs. See you later.” Giles said before he left.


Willow entered the workroom set aside for the demon hunting team and saw Faith was there checking all the equipment. At the moment Faith was stripping down the M82 Barrett, a fifty calibre Sniper rifle designed to take out enemy equipment and fixed emplacements. Willow walked over and began checking out the explosives.

“Where is everyone?” Faith asked, not stoping her work.

“Well, Xand is still in the Mess Hall, I think he’s trying to get Twinkies. Oz is outside in the forest, I think he’s letting the wolf out for a bit. Buffy is talking to Teal’c and Colonel O’Neil and Giles is talking languages with Dr. Jackson.” Willow replied.

“Cool.” Faith said as she snapped the last piece in place, reassembling the rifle, before moving on to her mini-gun.

“Oh yah. Buffy and Giles want us in the training room in about two hours to show SG1 what we can do.” Willow said with a slight smile.

“Oh good. They are in for a shock.” Faith said with a huge grin.


SG1 were certainly shocked by the display that the demon hunting team had put on. As Jack had predicted, Buffy and Faith were amazing fighters, using mostly kicks but putting together punch/kick combinations with devastating accuracy. Buffy had a flowing, ever adapting style that could be utilised in almost any situation while Faith’s style was much more aggressive, often using similar combinations of attacks over and over to weaken her enemy’s defences.

Xander’s style of fighting intrigued Jack immensely. It appeared that the young man had been trained by every single military unit on the planet, and a few off the planet. Jack recognised moves from US, Canadian, British, Australian, Japanese, Russian, French and a dozen other countries’ Special Forces or elite units. He even recognised some of the moves that Teal’c had taught him.

Giles’ fighting style was quite unique as well. It seemed to be a mix of fencing, Queensbury Boxing and rough street fighting. There was definitely a wild and aggressive man under the cultured and sophisticated exterior that did not seem to be superficial. Jack respected this, paralleling it to his own slightly wilder youth.

The greatest surprise came from the other two members of the team, Willow and Oz. Oz came off as a very stoic person, a man a few words who was slow to anger, but when he fought, it was with the ferocity of a wild animal but with skill, that reflected the training he had received from the other members of the team.

At first, the members of SG1 thought that Willow was a technical support member who would stay back at base, mostly due to her amazing ability with computers, as demonstrated by her software upgrade of the dialling computer that gave them the ability to dial out twice as fast and her apparent shyness. When the display was underway they saw just how dangerous the shy redhead could be.

Using several soft styles of martial arts, Willow had managed to fight off a coordinated attack by Buffy, Xander and Faith, the two slayers pulling their punches. She managed to stop the attacks by Xander and Faith, by using their strength and momentum against them as well as using hard style attacks a moments when they would be brutally effective, and fight Buffy to a standstill, meaning not being able to touch Buffy but not allowing Buffy to touch her.

Needless to say, after that demonstration there were no more complaints from anyone about the team’s suitability for the rescue mission.

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