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the Apocalypse

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Summary: Wyatt Halliwell traveled back to 2003. Voldemort was defeated in 1998 but never really died. A mystical being & the spawn of the damned plays an integral part in Voldemort & Wyatt's rise to power.

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PhoenixRaeFR13412,4850188116 Apr 0517 Apr 05No

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

II.  Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!

London, England



Deafening silence followed the initial shock when the former lovers ran into
each other in the last place on earth they expected to see each other again.

Buffy thought her eyes were deceiving her.  What was Angel doing here in
London?  And why did he bring his pack of ragtag team with him?  She
surveyed each member carefully.  She was surprised that the A.I. Crew grew
immensely since she last saw them.  They recruited a green-horned demon to
provide...Buffy had no idea what the purpose of the demon was, but from where
she stood she gathered he was harmless.  Beside the demon stood a tall,
sexy brunette wearing armpit-high gloves.  Now why would anyone be
wearing such gloves?  Sandwiched between Wesley and Cordelia was a mousy
looking shy brunette and behind her stood a tall, bald black man.  He
looked like he grew up on the streets and has led a hard-knocked life. 
Letting her gaze wander from Cordelia to Angel, a lone figure standing apart
from the group caught her attention.

He was a young boy, sixteen or seventeen maybe, with dark brown hair and
intense dark eyes.  Buffy felt a sense of familiarity as she looked at the
boy.  She'd seen him before, but when?  And most importantly,

"Jeez, talk about cutting the air with tension," exclaimed an unfamiliar
female voice followed by a sound of flesh hitting flesh and an "Ouch!"
outcry from the same person that just spoke.  "Why'd you do that for?" She

The Scooby Gang and the A.I. Crew all turned their attention to the
newcomers.  Three females -- 2 brunettes, one red haired -- and two males
-- a blond and a dark haired -- who all looked remarkably related.

"You!" Cordelia exclaimed when recognized the three women from her

Piper stopped berating on Phoebe for her tactless approach and turned to look
at the small mob they walked in to.  Frowning, she searched the faces of
the crowd before them.  She was quickly able to pinpoint who was the person
who recognized them since she still wore that
deer-caught-in-front-of-the-headlights look on her face.

"Hi," Piper waved at her.  "Y-you know us?"  She was intrigued that
this stranger from somewhere recognized her -- or was it Phoebe or Paige she

"Yeah," the brunette with some blond streaks nodded.

Angel frowned and glanced down at Cordelia who was beside him.

"You know them?"  He sounded incredulous.

Cordelia broke eye contact with the brunette with long hair and met Angel's
gaze.  "I saw them in my vision," she answered matter-of-factly.

"W-w-wait," the other brunette with short hair and a large sunflower clip on
the side of her head stepped up, looking from Cordelia to Angel then back at
Cordelia.  "You said you had a vision?"

Cordelia looked back at the sisters -- she was sure they were sisters -- and
nodded.  "Yeah.  It was a mind-numbing experience that I wish I don't
have to experience so often."

"Whoa," Phoebe blew out a breath and asked, "Are you-are you by any chance a

"No, she's not.  But I am," a redhead from the other gang stepped
forward and turned to look at the brunette with the visions in the other gang,
"You get still visions, Cor?"

"Yep," nodded the woman referred to as 'Cor.'  "I'd gladly trade it in
an instant, but it's not that easy to part with.  So, you still doing the
witchy thing, Wills?"

The redhead blushed and gave a slight shrug.  She looked impishly cute
and innocent.  Phoebe was having a hard time believing she was a witch.

"Yeah, but I learned to control my powers after that last outburst of mine. 
But sometimes it's too tempting to resist," the woman called 'Wills' confessed.

"But we're making sure she doesn't get too tempted," chimed in a slacker-type
guy with dark brown hair.  "So Cordelia, did I hear it right?  You're
Vision Lady now?"

If a moment ago Cordelia was all smiley and chummy with 'Wills,' that all
changed quickly when she addressed the other guy.

"Xander Harris...still the Great Slacker of Sunnydale or did you move up a

"Oh, I see that Hell-A has made you bitchier and snottier than
before."  The guy named Xander looked away from Cordelia and addressed the
tall man in black coat standing beside her, "I'm surprised you're able to put up
with her Angel."

"Are you implying that I am incapable of sharing a harmonious co-existence
with others?"  Cordelia was shooting daggers at Xander's direction. 
After four years since they last saw each other he was taking pot shots at her. 
The nerve of him!

"Hey, you said it not me."

"Why you--"

"Oh my God, Cordy!  You look fab!"  A dark haired, blue eyed girl
exclaimed and pushed Xander out of the way.

Cordelia was distracted from clawing Xander's eyes out when a ball of long,
silky dark haired girl lunged at her.  She staggered backwards for a bit
before she recognized who just latched on to her.

"Dawn?"  Cordelia's eyes widened and hugged the young woman back. 
"You've grown so much!  I almost didn't recognize you!"

Phoebe stepped back and watched the wacky reunion of the group of eclectic
characters gathered before them.

"And here I thought we're screwed up," she mumbled under her breath
and earned herself a jab on the ribs from her sisters.

"Ah, I see you've all arrived.  Good, good."  A jolly male voice
chuckled from the top of the stairs facing down on the lobby where the small
group was gathered.  "Sorry I'm a wee bit late.  I was held up in a
meeting with the Minister."

"Minister?"  Giles cocked an eyebrow at the stocky man standing
on the landing.  "The Prime Minister?"

"Since when did the Prime Minister of England give a hoot about the Watchers'
Council?"  Wesley voiced out.

"Ah, Mr. Giles and Mr. Wyndham-Pryce.  Welcome back.  I hope you
didn't have a hard time locating the new headquarters?"  The man, who has
yet to introduce himself to the rest of the group, descended the stairs and
stopped at the last step to look at the others.  He surveyed the faces of
each member carefully, searching for another familiar face until he found him. 
"I see that you're back to Whitelighter duty, Leo?"

The Scoobies and the A.I. Crew were at a loss as to what in the world was a
Whitelighter.  They murmured amongst themselves, wondering who this other
group might be and what was their purpose here.  Giles and Wesley were both
wide-eyed as they stared at the blond man that came with the sisters and the
dark haired young man.  They've heard of such beings, but never had they
encountered one in the flesh.

Leo grinned from ear to ear and reached over to shake hands with the head of
the newly regrouped Watchers' Council in the heart of London.  "Not really,
Liam.  I'm still an Elder, but right now my main priority are the Charmed

"Ah, a Whitelighter at heart," the man named Liam smiled broadly, then his
eyes fixed on the young dark haired man standing beside Leo.  "And who
might you be?"

"Chris Perry.  I am the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter."  Answered the
young man.

"Actually, Liam, he is the Charmed Ones' Whitelighter-in-Training," Leo
corrected Chris's claim, which earned him a scathing glare from the young man.

If the tension between Buffy and Angel earlier was thick, the tension that
suddenly sparked between the two whitelighters were blistery.  Phoebe had
to step up between Leo and Chris and put each whitelighter to their rightful
corners.  Since Piper still hasn't forgiven Leo for what he did, she was
charged the task of taking Chris on her side while Paige handled Leo.

"Jeez people, when will you two stop trying to bite each other's heads
off?"  Phoebe muttered, sending Chris and Leo each a glare that told them
now wasn't the time to air out their family's dirty laundry.

Once order was somewhat restored between the two butting-heads Whitelighter,
Phoebe turned to the man Leo just addressed as 'Liam' and smiled.  "Sorry
about that.  It was a very long and really tiring trip," she

Liam watched the group of witches and whitelighters that came from San
Francisco.  He was given the 411 by the Elder who spoke to him just hours
before of the immediate arrival of the Charmed Ones, a trio of sisters with
powerful magic especially when combined.  If what the Minister of Magic
told him was true, then they'd definitely need the Charmed Ones' help more than

"I understand, Miss Halliwell," he nodded.

"Oh please, don't be so formal.  Call me Phoebe.  'Miss Halliwell'
kinda creeps me out, if you know what I'm saying?"  Phoebe shivered to
emphasize her meaning.

"If you insist," Liam conceded.  He then turned his attention to the two
former watchers who were eagerly waiting for him to answer their earlier query. 
"Mr. Giles and Mr. Wyndham-Pryce, I know you are both filled with many
questions, but such matters aren't to be discussed here."  Raising his
voice a bit so the others can hear him, he addressed the small congregation
before him.  "If you'd all just follow me, we're to meet with the rest of
the group at the Ministry."  And he led the group down a long corridor
opposite from the exit.

Ministry of Magic, Minister of Magic's Office

HARRY WAS CREATING A HOLE WHERE he had been pacing back and forth in front of
the Minister of Magic's desk.  He had just been informed that there were
three other groups from America that were coming to meet with them.  Seems
like he wasn't the only one who had a premonition that involved Voldemort.

From what he was told by the Minister, three different women from the same
state in the US but lived in different cities had a vision or premonition of a
war and in the center of it were two prominent figures.  One was that of a
younger man breaking the neck of a much younger man's neck while the other
figure, a hooded, snake-like figure, stood beside him holding two teenagers by
their necks squeezing the life out of them

"Harry, will you quit your pacing before you fall off that hole you're
creating," scolded Hermione Granger, Junior Assistant to the Minister of Magic,
from where she sat on one of the armchairs facing the Minister's large desk.

"Yeah mate," nodded Ron.  "Besides, you're making me dizzy with your
constant pacing."

Harry stopped his pacing long enough to shoot a quelling glare at his best
friend.  He was in a right mood this afternoon and it wasn't improving
until he met these trio of women who had pretty much the same vision.  But
even so.  Voldemort still alive after that colourful send off they did to
him five years ago?  How could he have survived that send off? 
Aveda Kedavra combined with a self-combusting hex hurtled his way to make sure
he was gone for good should've done the trick.  Why didn't that work?

A quick rap on the door announced the arrival of the other players needed to
solve this mind-boggling mystery that was the resurrection of Lord Voldemort --
if he was indeed resurrected from the dead.  Harry doubted it, of
course, but who was he to know what was true and what was false?

"Come in," answered the Minister of Magic seated behind his large oak desk. 
With a flick of his wand his large office doors swung open, revealing a queue of
people standing behind the stocky old man who knocked.

"Good day, Minister," Liam McAddelson removed his bowler hat and inclined his
head in greeting.  Stepping through the large doorway's threshold, he was
followed by a cacophony of awed visitors.  "Our visitors from California
are all here and accounted for," he announced and stepped aside to reveal the
three somewhat large groups of people that accompanied him.

Arthur Weasley, the Minister of Magic, rose from his large winged back chair
and rounded his desk to shake hands with the startling group of muggles who each
possessed a certain gift of either magic or power.

"Welcome, everyone, to the Ministry of Magic," he greeted in his usual jolly
tone.  "I am Arthur Weasley, Minister of Magic here in London."  He
shook hands with the three men who stood in front of the three groups that came
with the head of the Watchers Council.

"Nice to meet you, Minister.  I'm Leo Wyatt, an Elder and former
Whitelighter."  Leo clasped the redhead minister's hand in a firm grip.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Wyatt," Arthur smiled.

"Please, call me Leo."

"Very well.  And please call me Arthur."  Arthur then moved on to
the next man with a distinct cut spanning from one end of his neck to the next. 
He lifted a curious brow and met the man's gaze, "That's an intriguing battle
scar you got there, mate."  He commented.

A quiet mumbling came from the man with the scar on this neck's group before
the man in question cleared his throat and extended his hand.  "Wesley
Wyndham-Pryce, former watcher.  Please call me Wesley," he said before the
Minister could address him in a formal manner.

"Nice to make your acquaintance, Wesley," Arthur smiled then moved on to
shake hands with the eldest looking men of the three that stepped up.  "And
you must be Mr. Rupert Giles, am I correct?"  Arthur's been told of the
strongest vampire slayer's former mentor and has heard quite a bit of
interesting story about the former watcher.

Giles chuckled and shook hands with the Minister.  "I'm surprised you
already know me, Minister."

"Call me Arthur," he smiled and added, "I heard quite a few background
stories regarding your escapades in Sunnydale where you used to work and where
you've been traveling back and forth to since retiring from looking after your
Magic Shop business."

"Well I hope the stories you heard weren't too droll or overly exaggerated."

"If they were exaggerated a bit, I didn't pay attention," Arthur winked then
stepped back to address the rest of the people that came with the three men he
met.  "Please, all of you, have a seat."  With a wave of his wand,
twenty-three chairs appeared to accommodate their guests.

"Wow, that's a neat trick," Paige commented aloud.  She smiled up at
Arthur and winked, "I guess you don't have to worry about conjuring chairs for
personal gain."

"Personal gain?"  Ron echoed, leaning forward in his seat and was
intrigued by the muggle witch's comment.  "What do you mean?"

"Oh, you know, using magic to your advantage all the time and the like," she
shrugged with a wave of her long, slender fingers.  "The PTBs are sure
going to have a fit if I use magic each time I want to move a chair or need a
chair and I am too lazy to go to the next room and grab one."

"PTB's?"  Ron asked, his eyebrows screwed up in confusion.  But
before Paige could explain what or who were the 'PTBs' someone spoke, taking the
attention from Paige to the other girl.

"At least you have that option.  I am not even allowed to learn
magic," Dawn complained as she parked her behind in the conjured chair.

"You know why you can't dabble in magic, Dawnie," Buffy reprimanded
her sister.

"I don't understand why you're so uptight about me learning magic.  I
have Willow to help me with it."  Dawn pointed out matter-of-factly.

"That's exactly why Buffy doesn't want you to be dabbling in magic, bit,"
chimed in the pale-faced, peroxide blond haired man who positioned himself
behind the youngest brunette in the Buffy camp.

"Hey!"  Willow reached behind her and swatted the blond haired
man.  "Are you saying that I am not to be trusted with magic?"

Peroxide blond cocked an eyebrow at the direction of the red haired witch. 
"Hey, I wasn't the one who went on a power-surge killing spree a few months

"Spike!"  Scolded a brunette seated beside him and swatted him
hard at the back of the head.  "Haven't you learned about finesse?"

"That hurt!"  Spike snarled and glared at the brunette beside him, "And
since when were you the poster girl for finesse, huh, Anyanka?"

"I am not Anyanka!"  the brunette yelled.  "That was my
demon name, but I am not that demon anymore.  I've completely turned my
back on the whole Vengeance Demon gig a year ago."

"You are a former demon?"  Phoebe gasped from the other end of
the room, staring wide-eyed at the brunette Spike called 'Anyanka' who wasn't
her name anymore.

"Yeah.  I was a Vengeance Demon for well over a thousand years. 
After granting one really nasty wish by a brokenhearted college student,
it opened my eyes that vengeance ain't for me anymore."  She explained,
breaking into a sweet smile and crossed her hands on her lap, "Now I'm all human
and no trace of demon in me."

"All human?"  Phoebe echoed.  "And-and how are coping with

Nobody's asked her that question directly since she became human again. 
Anya was surprised that this woman who was a complete stranger to her would be
intrigued to find out how she was dealing with her human side.

"It''s a tough battle, but I keep on reminding myself of all the
wonderful human things to do, to have, and that helps me a bit," she replied and
quickly added, "Except for rabbits.  They're evil, evil creatures!"

Phoebe was obviously amused by the former demon's response.  She was
afraid of rabbits?  How odd.

"Rabbits are cute creatures," piped-in the meek brunette seated behind
Wesley.  She lifted her head and looked at Anya seated two rows behind her
on her left side, "They're not at all evil."

Anya snorted and sat up straighter in her seat.  "Well you believe
whatever you want to believe, honey.  I still say rabbits are nasty, evil
creatures that are waiting to pounce on you when you least expect it."

Harry watched the exchange between the two women and covered his chuckle with
a cough.  He looked at Ron who was also doing his best to not laugh at the
ridiculous argument between the two women.  Hermione was equally amazed by
the exchange as well, but she was a much better actress than her two best mates;
her jaw didn't even twitch, betraying a chuckle or two that was dying to escape
from her lips.  But inside she was killing herself from suppressed

Arthur Weasley watched in awed fascination as the non-stop rally between the
muggles from Sunnydale, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  He noticed Giles
rolling his eyes at his charges while Wesley and Leo tried to bring order to the
others from their group so the meeting could commence.  The three men tried
repeatedly to break the argument and discussions amongst the female members, but
their attempt seemed futile; none of the women wanted to listen to them.

"I apologize for their lack of decorum," Giles said to the Minister. 
"Buffy and her friends are usually well-behaved," he reassured the red haired

Wesley and Leo said the same thing about their charges, each looking
frustrated beyond reproach that no one wanted to listen to them.

Arthur chuckled and watched the others still babbling incessantly. 
"That's alright.  I think I can handle this."  He took out his wand
and with a simple flick-and-swish of his wrist cast a spell on the noisy group. 

An eerie silence suddenly engulfed the entire room.  People were still
speaking, but no sound were coming out of their mouths.  It was like
watching an old silent movie.  Harry, Ron and Hermione each exchanged
surprised and impressed looks before they all turned to the Minister of Magic
that just cast a spell on the twenty occupants of the room who couldn't keep
their mouth shut.

Giles, Wesley and Leo were equally impressed.  It only needed a small
wooden stick to bring order into the room.

"Well, now that you've all been silenced, perhaps you'll give us your
undivided attention?"  Giles informed the confused group before them.

A wave of voiceless protests ensued, but they weren't heard.  Satisfied,
Giles gave the floor to the Minister and took his seat beside Liam McAddelson.

Harry, Ron and Hermione sat straight in their seats and listened as Arthur
Weasley addressed the room.

Before starting, Arthur reversed the spell, but only after he was
reassured by the people he silenced that they'd wait to socialize with one
another until after the meeting has adjourned.

"I know you're all wondering why we're gathered here today, in the
Ministry of Magic away from the muggle world," Arthur began and surveyed the
room.  He noticed a few faces scrunched up in confusion at the term 'muggle'. 
As an aside he took a couple of seconds to explain what the word meant before
continuing, "From what Giles and Wesley told Liam, and from what Zola, Leo's
fellow Elder, informed me, Misses Summers, Halliwell and Chase all had a vision
involving witches and wizards raging a war against one another, and in the
center of this chaos a hooded figure with snake-like features was present
alongside a much younger, but equally powerful, man."  Again he paused and
surveyed the room.

Everyone was waiting for him to continue.  Even the trio who were seated
against the wall nearest to the Charmed Ones were hanging on to his every word.

"We, in the wizarding world, have a reason to believe that the man under the
hood squeezing the life out of two young people was none other than the late
Lord Voldemort."

Harry noticed the Minister wince at the mention of the defeated Dark Lord's
name.  It still amazed him how many people still hasn't gotten used to
saying Voldemort's name out loud.  They knew he was defeated, and even when
he was alive there wasn't a reason to be scared of speaking his name.

"Voldemort?"  Giles questioned, an eyebrow raised as he looked at Arthur
Weasley.  "If my information's correct, wasn't he defeated back in 1998?"

"He was," it was Harry who spoke and addressed the people gathered in the
Minister's office for the first time.  All eyes turned to him, looking and
waiting for him to continue.  He looked at his superior and waited for his
best friend's father's nod of approval before taking the floor from him. 
Getting up he stood before the group gathered in the room, but he only met
Giles' gaze.  "I was the one who shot him with the Aveda Kedavra, a deadly
curse that renders the person shot with it instant death.  Then to make
certain he wouldn't rise to power again, we made up a spell that would engulf
him in flames, cremating him to prevent his followers, the Death Eaters, from
reviving him."

"You mean like resurrecting him from the dead?"  Buffy asked.

Harry looked at the blond slayer and nodded.  "Yeah."

"So this Lord Voldemort is back, is that what you're saying?"  asked
Wesley, his forehead creased to a deep frown as he listened to Harry's

"We're not certain, but if my scar burning like hell on my forehead is
anything to go by, then I am positive Voldemort's back and gathering his
followers to pose an attack on everyone who gets in his way to full power."

"Your scar?"  Leo was confused, he looked at the young man's face and
hidden underneath his mop of unruly dark brown hair was a lightning bolt shaped

"Harry got it when Voldemort first tried to kill him when he was a year old,"
explained Hermione.

"You mean this Voldy-Snake thing's been after your behind since you were a
baby?"  Cordelia exclaimed in utter disbelief, "Jeez, whatever did you
do to this guy for him to want you dead?"

"He was part of a prophecy," Ron decided to share his two cents to the group.

"Prophecy?" Echoed the red-eyed green monster seated beside the quiet
teenage boy at the back of the room.  "You guys have a prophecy

"Used to," Hermione corrected the demon.

"Used to?"  The teenager beside the demon spoke.  He looked at
Hermione square in the eye, holding her gaze for the longest time, challenging
her to defend her claim.

Hermione sensed there was so much baggage hanging over the teenager's head,
making him seem standoffish and keeping every one around him more than an arm's
length away.  Nevertheless, Hermione Granger wasn't known to be the kind to
back down from any challenge and squared her shoulders.

"Harry played an integral part in Voldemort's rise to power," she began,
crossing her hands on her lap.  "It was prophesized that a boy born on the
date of Harry's birth was the one who'd defeat him.  This baby
possessed power Voldemort wouldn't think of.  You can only imagine what
went through his mind when he found out that a baby born on the thirty-first of
July would be the end of him, so he hunted Harry and his parents down -- and
killed them.  Harry would've been killed too, but by some odd twist of
fate, or because of his mother's love for him, Harry's life was spared thus
vanquishing the Dark Lord and leaving baby Harry with a scar on his forehead."

"But he was never really vanquished, was he?" Chris spoke from where he sat
behind Phoebe and Paige.  He remembered stories of a certain Dark Lord that
threatened and caused quite an uproar in England back in the day.  "He came
back to finish what he started, and that was to kill the boy who threatened

"He came back during our first year at Hogwarts intent on killing Harry, but
once again his plan was foiled.  He tried again in our second year, but
that memory of his sixteen year old self he preserved in a diary proved to be
useless as well since Harry was able to defeat him then too.  Our fourth
and fifth year he and Harry came face to face and it was a helluva battle that
ensued, but as always Voldemort wasn't as strong as he thought himself to be
just yet and so Harry's life was spared from his imminent demise.  Our
sixth and seventh year at Hogwarts proved to be the toughest."  Hermione
paused and reminisced, remembering those who perished during their last two
years at Hogwarts trying to win the battle against the Dark Lord.  "In the
end we defeated him, albeit quite a few loses from our side."

"And now he's back again," a tough-as-nails looking brunette from Buffy's
camp stated the obvious.  She was slouched in her seat and looked rather
bored than interested.  "Man, that Voldywart sure is a glutton for
punishment, is he?"

This time Ron wasn't able to control himself and burst out laughing at the
young woman's chosen pet name for the most feared dark wizard.  Even Harry
had to lose his composure and chortled.

"Faith, his name's Voldemort, not Voldywart," Giles corrected with a
hint of exasperation in his tone.

"Hey, he's a bad ass.  I don't give much crap about his name.  He
can be Baldy Wrap and I wouldn't give a hoot about his name."

"You're a rule breaker, aren't you?"  Paige leaned forward and peered at
the brunette who defied authority figures.

"Oh, am I that obvious?"

"Just a tad bit," Phoebe raised her hand with her thumb and index finger mere
inches away to show how much obvious she thought she was.

"Alright, enough!"  Arthur took over the floor once more, his
hands raised up to silence everyone once again.  Once he had everyone's
attention he dropped them the news he knew wouldn't be taken lightly by those
concerned.  "Now that we're all on the same page on what's going on, or
what will be going on, now it's time for me to announce where we
will set headquarters."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!"  Buffy was off her seat in a flash, her hands
raised to stop the Minister from saying anything more.  "What do you mean
set headquarters?"  She looked around frantically, her gaze darting from
Giles to her gang then over to Angel and his crew then back at the Minister of
Magic.  "You mean we're staying here in London?"

"Yes, naturally," Arthur answered.  "Each of you possess the person you
saw in your visions.  And we know Voldemort wouldn't cross the Atlantic to
take what he wanted."

"So in order words our visions lured us here?"  Phoebe didn't
like the sound of that.  "Why the heck would we linger here when we
know that those involved in our visions would be within arm's length of that
evil dude being?"

"He would've lured us here one way or the other," Angel spoke, his forehead
creased into a frown.

"And how can you be so sure about that?"  Demanded Piper, turning with a
raised brow at the dark haired brooding man.

"Because I've crossed paths with this evil wizard once before.  And what
Voldemort wants, Voldemort gets whether by hook or by crook."

To Be Continued...
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