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the Apocalypse

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Summary: Wyatt Halliwell traveled back to 2003. Voldemort was defeated in 1998 but never really died. A mystical being & the spawn of the damned plays an integral part in Voldemort & Wyatt's rise to power.

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IV.  Apparitions

London, England

HELLO PHEBES," PRUE HALLIWELL SMILED AT her sister, pushing herself up
from the wrought-iron chair in an outdoor cafe in London where they agreed to
meet.  "You're late, as usual," she added before pulling her kid sister in
for a hug.  "God, I missed you," she whispered.

Phoebe stood there, shocked to find Prue alive and kicking and enjoying
the balmy London pre-spring season.


"Yes, silly," Prue was smiling from ear to ear, her eyes shone with glee
at seeing her sister again.  "Now come here and let's order. I am
for some coffee -- and no pun intended," she gave her sister a knowing wink
before settling herself in the wrought iron chair she was sitting at moments

Phoebe blinked twice.  She stared dumbfounded at her sister who
looked like she hasn't aged a day since...oh God, since she last saw her alive.

"W-what are you doing here?" She stammered, her feet felt like she was
dragging a chain with a two hundred pound steel ball attached at the end of it.

Prue raised an eyebrow at her sister's question.  She looked around
her and gestured by spreading her arms wide open, "I'm here for some coffee--and
a chat with you too."

"A chat?  About what?"

"The weather.  Life.  The imminent threat on our poor nephew's
life by his brother."  Prue replied casually and with a flick of her wrist
she flagged down a passing server and placed her order.  She took the
liberty of ordering for Phoebe as well then send their server off. "Quit
dilly-dallying, Phoebe Halliwell, and sit your cute little behind here," Prue
patted the seat across from her and eagerly waited for her sister to do as she
was told.

Finally Phoebe reached the seat her sister indicated and parked her behind
down.  She was still in shock at seeing Prue again after two years since
they buried her.  And what did she mean about this imminent threat on their
nephew by his brother?  Wyatt has a brother?  Since when?  Piper
never mentioned anything about being pregnant.  As far as she knows her
sister was currently too miffed at her husband to even consider welcoming him

"Now, now, Phebes, before you go off to the deep end thinking that
something's amiss, I'm warning you now to stop thinking about whatever it is
that you're wondering about," warned Prue, sitting back and crossing her legs.

"Prue, I'm--I'm a little confused here.  What are you doing in
London?  And--and what am
I doing in London?  Should I be in
Scotland right now training with the others for the upcoming battle or whatever
my damn vision was all about?"

Prue was halted from answering back by the arrival of their order. 
Their server, an Orlando Bloom look-alike young hottie that made Phoebe do a
double take, placed their drinks on the table then walked away.  She made a
mental note to ask him what his name was when he came around to ask if they
wanted any refills or something else to eat.

"Phoebe, Chris is not the enemy even though he appeared to be the
one causing all the trouble.  Help him and Leo find some sort of truce. 
Piper and Leo needs to have a sit-down conversation and sort whatever happened
over the summer.  Piper needs to trust Chris too."  Prue sounded very
cryptic, but Phoebe was getting the gist that her eldest sister wanted her to
not think of Chris, their Whitelighter-in-Training according to Leo, as an enemy
but more of an ally.

"What's going on, Prue?  Why do I have to trust Chris? 
So far he hasn't proven himself to be as trustworthy as Leo."

Prue glanced down at her wrist at the silver band with a black watch face
background.  Sighing she looked back at her sister and took her hands in
hers.  "Phoebe, trust me.  We are running out of time.  He's
here, you know?  He arrived the day you had your vision--and he didn't
arrive alone.  He took with him someone who was as powerful and vile as

"He who?"  Phoebe demanded.  She was confused.  Who was
Prue talking about?  Chris?  It can't be Chris.  She just warned
her to trust Chris, so this 'he' she was referring to must be that man in her
vision.  But who was he?

""  Prue's voice began to sound so
distant.  Soon her eldest sister's face started to become blurry; there was
a bright light behind Prue blinding Phoebe's vision until all she could see of
her sister was her silhouette and hear her fading voice telling her to trust
Chris and help Piper and Leo rebuild their family.

Halliwell Sisters Bedroom, Shrieking Shack

Hogsmeade, somewhere in Scotland

shared with her sisters and baby Wyatt.  His nephew was returned to his
mother after being under the care of their grandmother while they were busy
during the day tracking down Voldemort and his still unnamed cohort.

Pushing the sheets aside, Phoebe slipped her feet into her warm, fuzzy
slippers and walked over to the crib where Wyatt lay asleep face-down. 
Peering down on her nephew, Phoebe ran the back of her fingers against his soft
blond hair and sighed.  He was such a little angel.

"Phebes?"  It was Piper sounding groggy from sleep that whispered her

Phoebe straightened up from where she was peering down at Wyatt and looked at
her sister.  "Hi, Piper," she whispered back and tiptoed away from the crib
to sit at the foot of her sister's bed, "How are ya?"

In the dimly lit room Phoebe could see her sister cocking an eyebrow at her. 
She'd be doing that too if their positions were reversed and she was on the
receiving end of being asked 'how are ya' in the dead of the night.

"What's going on?"  Piper sounded alarmed, looking at her sister
sideways with her eyes looking like a pair of thin slits as she gouged what was
wrong.  "Did Wyatt wake up?"

"Oh, no. No, no, no," Phoebe let out a nervous chuckle.  "Wyatt's just
fine.  I--well...uhm...I had a dream and it woke me up, so I thought I'd
check on Wyatt since I'm already up," she explained.

"Was Wyatt involved in your dream?"

Sorta.  I think.  "No. Not at all. No," Phoebe denied. 
She was still uncertain on whether or not she should tell Piper that Prue
visited her in her dream.  She wasn't sure herself if Prue indeed
visited her and warned her of that young man posing a threat on Chris's life or
if it was just a dream for dream's sake.  "Sorry, Piper, didn't mean to
alarm you or anything.  Just...just go back to sleep."  She patted her
sister's leg and pushed herself off her bed.

"No, wait a minute," Piper's hand shot out and grabbed Phoebe's wrist before
she could walk back to her bed.  She knew when something was up with her
sister, after all she was the person Phoebe often ran to whenever she was in
trouble or something was bothering her, and now she obviously looked very
bothered.  "You sit your ass back down and tell me what is wrong.  You
wouldn't be up checking on Wyatt if you didn't have a bad dream.  Now,
" She demanded.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, somewhere in Scotland

spiral stone stairwell leading to Professor Dumbledore's office.  His hair
was still worn long and looked unkempt, but the looked suited him nevertheless. 
His clothes looked less shabby now, but he still had the bum-effect working for
him which made it easier for him to blend in with the Muggles outside the
wizarding world.  "Mind if we have a little chat?"

Harry stood motionless a foot away from his deceased godfather.  He
blinked twice in rapid succession, trying to clear his vision.  Was he
seeing things?  And what in tarnation was he doing at Hogwarts?  He
didn't have any business with Dumbledore at the moment, and yet here he was
standing at the bottom of the steps where the large gargoyle guarding the
entrance to the Headmaster's office stood before him, and underneath the large
piece of stone stood his godfather.

"Sirius?"  His feet suddenly felt as heavy as lead as he took one
step at a time to reach his godfather.  "W-what are you doing here?" he
stammered, looking here and there in search of...what was he searching for? 
The entire corridor was deserted save for the two of them!

In an amused chortle that soon boomed into a resounding laugh, Sirius
Black reached over and clapped his godson's shoulder while he calmed himself
down.  He looked like a young boy of thirteen getting into mischief right
then, and that look was priceless.  He knew visiting people in their dreams
was a tricky business, but he had to be here.  He
needed to be here;
to warn him and the rest of the people involved of what was to come.

He couldn't divulge much.  Other facts must be found out on their
own, but time was a-wasting, and the Americans, as well as his godson and his
friends, needed to be alerted immediately.  A tricky business indeed, but
someone has to do it.  He knew the others would do their fair share of
warning their next of kins.  By morning all four groups would meet and
discuss what just happened the night before.

1630 Revello Drive

Sunnydale, CA

peel off the t-shirt she wore and opted for a white cotton tank top and
short-shorts in the hopes of battling the heat.  It was extremely hot and
humid for this time of the year in Sunnydale.  In the last few years since
she moved here with her mother and sister this was the first time this kind of
heat wave struck their town -- and in March too!

"Dawn, can you turn up the a/c please?"  She called from the top of
the stairs after she slipped on her tank top.  She waited two heart beats
for some sort of movement or response from her sister.  When she heard none
she called to her again.  Again she waited.  Same response. 
Irritated, Buffy tugged down the hem of the tank top and made sure she buttoned
her shorts and marched down the stairs.  "Where could she--"

"I asked her to grab some ice cream at the corner store," came an all too
familiar female voice from behind her.

Buffy screamed to the top of her lungs, nearly exploding hers and the
unexpected person's eardrums at the high decibels her screamed escalated to. 
She lost her footing going down the stairs and would've fallen down if it hadn't
been for her quick slayer reflexes.  Grabbing on to the guard rail, Buffy
straightened pulled herself up and pressed her back against the wooden rail. 
Her big, blue eyes slowly moved up the stairs at the woman standing there, her
mop of curly blond hair glistened and that sweet, maternal smile she always had
on was present.

"Mom?"  she asked breathlessly.  "Mom, is that--is that really
you?"  She felt a lump form in her throat as she stared at the face of the
woman who was suddenly taken from her and Dawn's life two years ago.

Joyce Summers' smile broaden and she spread her arms wide.  "In the
flesh, sweetheart," she nodded.

"Oh my God..."  Buffy suddenly felt claustrophobic.  The walls
around her began closing in around her, the air getting steeper and steeper as
she hyperventilated.  "This...this...oh my God...oh my God..."

Joyce was quickly by her daughter's side, guiding her down the stairs and
in to the living room.  "Buffy, I know this is a shock to you.  I
didn't mean to surprise you like this," she apologized as she guided her eldest
daughter to the sofa.  "But I have to warn you."

"Warn me?"  Buffy stopped her hyperventilating then and snapped her
blond head up, her blue eyes meeting her mother's gaze.  "What are you
talking about, Mom?"  Suddenly she forgot all about her mother being there
in the flesh when she was supposedly dead.

Joyce took her time in answering.  It was all rather sudden, her
being asked to make a special appearance back in her daughter's life.  She
knew that the only way she'd be able to warn Buffy was through a dream. 
She'd more likely listen to her if she appeared to her in a dream rather than
when she was awake.  And she picked out this place, their home in Sunnydale,
to be their meeting place.  At least she'd feel safe and in familiar

"Dawn's not the only one you have to protect, Buffy.  You all must
band together to stop them."  She was a bit cryptic, but she couldn't
reveal much.  Their sole purpose was to alert them that whatever they saw
in their visions or dreams prior to them getting together in London was
something not to be set aside and forgot about.  She knew her daughter had
the First to worry about, but this imminent danger would abolish them before the
First could even rise to full power; the First wouldn't stand a chance once this
inevitable abomination came to power.

Shrieking Shack Grounds

Hogsmeade, somewhere in Scotland

scratching coming from the shed Bill Weasley, the Minister of Magic's eldest
son, built for them to train at during the day.  The shed was large enough
to accommodate all of the necessary weapons and training material the two
slayers and the two vampires needed to practice with while Wesley and Giles, as
well as Leo, were busy locked up in some Headmaster's office inside the large
castle that was said to be a school that wasn't too far from the village.

Keeping his eyes and ears on alert, Angel slowly made his way towards the
shed.  He had to be on guard in case someone broke in to the charm cast on
the entire area to ward off unwanted people.

"Hello?"  He called out into the darkness.  His fists balled up on
his sides, his long overcoat blending in with the darkness surrounding him,
Angel reached the shed and looked here and there in search of the noise he
sensed moments ago.  "Anybody here?"

No answer.

Angel took a couple of steps and stopped beside the large and heavy punching
bag hanging from one of the strong beams supporting the shed.  Sidestepping
his way around the punching bag to reach the armor chest where they kept their
weapons supply, Angel made the quietest sound he could possibly make as he
unlatched the chest and slowly pulled its cover up.  He grabbed the first
weapon he could skim his hand on -- a crossbow.  That ought to be powerful
enough to ward off whomever was hiding in here.

"I know you're here," Angel said in a calm voice, closing the chest's cover
gently and held the crossbow face-down on his side.  "Show yourself!"

Angel heard someone stepped on gravel to his left and in a blink of an eye
had the crossbow up, aimed at the direction of the sound and shot the arrow. 
Two heartbeats later the arrow hit its target and a whiny "Ow!" was heard
from the direction he shot at.

Dropping the crossbow on the ground, Angel sprinted to the direction of the
intruder and jumped him, only to spring back when he saw the face of the last
person he expected to see since his heroic demise four years ago.


"Dammit, Angel," hissed the half human, half Bracken demon lying on the
ground with a crossbow embedded on his side.  "Next time wait to see who
the intruder is first before you shoot!"  he complained and in a quick,
swift move pulled the arrow where it struck him, yelping in pain in doing so as
well.  "Effing hell!  I know I already crossed the beyond, but that
damn thing still hurt like hell!"

"Sorry about that," Angel apologized awkwardly and thrust his hand out to
help his friend up.  "I was patrolling when I heard some sounds coming from
here," he explained.

"I know what you were doing, Mr. Broody," Doyle replied, wincing as he
straightened up to a standing position.  "Anyway, not much time.  I
just came here to warn you about what's to come."

Angel's forehead creased to a deep frown.  "What?"

Doyle cocked an eyebrow and met his confused friend's gaze.  "You don't
think the Powers That Be and I aren't connected anymore, do you?  I may be
dead already, but I didn't exactly rot in hell for I did some good in my
lifetime on this earth."


"Look, before you think it I'm going to tell you now, you're not
dreaming.  I am really here, in the flesh.  But we haven't got time to
chit-chat so listen carefully and listen well.  The people you're here with
right now and the people helping you from the Ministry are your best chance of
defeating the dark power rising.  Keep a close eye on Junior and the
Slayer's sister -- they are the key ingredients to this massive abomination
waiting to happen."

Kitchen, Shrieking Shack

Hogsmeade, somewhere in Scotland

table discussing the apparitions that occurred the night before.  Of
everyone who was visited by a deceased loved one, Angel was the only one who
encountered such apparition wide awake.  They compared notes, asked each
other questions.  They were all sorting out what Joyce Summers, Prue
Halliwell, Sirius Black, and Francis Doyle meant with their cryptic messages.

"Prue mentioned something about our nephew being tormented by his brother," Phoebe told
the small group, looking from Paige then to Piper before adding, "Now the person
I saw in my vision being tormented was Chris -- and he is so not our

"Maybe Prue got it wrong," Paige suggested.

"No," Phoebe sat back in her seat and shook her head.  "She sounded so
damn certain about our nephew having a brother.  A brother, Piper,"
she emphasized more on the word 'brother' and glared at her sister.  "Jeez,
seems like you and Leo will be breaking the long line of female heirs to the
Halliwell name!"

"You mean to say until your nephew Wyatt was born, all Halliwell offspring
were female?"  Harry butted in, his forehead creased to a frown as he
looked at one Charmed sister after the other.

"Yeah," Phoebe let out a long, somewhat exasperated sigh and met the Auror's
green eyes.  "When Piper, Prue and myself were sent to the future to see
what consequences our one act of defiance to using magic on innocents to teach
them a lesson would do to us, Piper had a daughter so when she got pregnant with
her and Leo's first baby, the three of us assumed we'd be welcoming a little
Prue to the family since we just lost a sister the year we found out Piper was
going to be a mother."

"Must be a shocker when instead of a slit you found the baby had a little
wanker when Piper gave birth," commented Buffy.

All eyes turned to the blond slayer and her uncensored mouth.  Angel
stared in surprise at her vulgarity.

"What?" Buffy addressed the small group staring at her.  "I was just
stating the obvious," she answered defensively.

"Yeah, but Buffy, in the years since I met you, you never were this
vulgar," answered Angel.

"Oh," Buffy felt her cheeks colour a little.  "Blame Spike for rubbing
off on me."

"Apparently Spike is not at all a good influence on you," remarked Harry and
Angel grunted his agreement.

Buffy glared at the two dark haired male member of this small group
congregating in the kitchen discussing what just happened the night before.

"Anyway, according to my Mom, my sister's not the only one I need to
protect," she paused and looked at the other five faces seated around the table
with her.  "We have to battle this evil together.  It's like
that saying, united we stand, divided we fall."

"OK, so we established that Buffy's mother, Harry's godfather, Angel's demon
friend and our sister all came to us last night to warn us and tell us to stick
together.  But did they hint to any of you as to whom we might be
facing off with aside from the now very much alive Voldemort?"  Piper
looked at each person in the room, waiting for any one of them to throw in any
ideas on who the still-to-be-named Voldemort ally was.

Silence fell amongst the small group.  They were all at a loss still.

To Be Continued...

The End?

You have reached the end of "the Apocalypse" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Apr 05.

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