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Darkness is a Friend of Mine

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Summary: **Nominated for COA 2008!** They say opposites attract... so what happens when you have two likes?

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Title: Darkness is a Friend of Mine
Author: Muse’s Inspiration
Rating: R (Mainly for language and violence)
Type of Story: Crossover/Standalone Series (BtVS/Riddick & Other Crossovers)
Archive: Please let me know

[Special thanks to Dhark_Charlotte!! I don't know what I'd do with you, hun! :-) You're the best beta ever! ]

I decided to redo this story, as I'm sorry... but I LOVE this story! But it wasn't 'flowing' for me... so I grabbed Charlotte and cracked the whip and said, "MAKE IT BETTER!!" LOL And... so she did. Enjoy! :-)

Unfortunately, I own none of this except for the crossover idea and most of the
actual words that are written down. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Riddick and all other
crossover characters belong to their creators and producers and I am making no, I
repeat, none, nada, zilch moola off of them.

~*banner created by ChosenFire*~


Funny how a predator can always sense one of its own when near. I knew danger approached without even opening my eyes. And I knew that it thought I was its prey. It hunted me, thinking it could catch me unawares. But I knew it was there... just had to open my eyes and I could see it, stalking me.

My lips twitched as I debated whether or not to acknowledge this 'threat'. Should I play the game? Or should I just deal with it, get it over with...? Not much was a challenge anymore.

I sighed.

I heard a slight grunt of pain as the guard at the door was dispatched. Smart. Take out what blocks your exit. From the scent in the blood; it smelled like a gut wound. Never cared for those
personally, too messy. However, if done right, effective. But the quality of this kill was excellent. Still hadn't heard a sound from the Stalker.

A shadow fell over me. The sensation of eyes on me became so strong as to be tactile. I sensed movement towards me and I tensed for the attack. Fuck playing the game. It's time to show them why I'm under guard. It's time to show them who they're dealing with.

It's time to teach them what it meant to take on The Slayer.
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