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Blonde Ambition

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Summary: Challenge # 813. Three guys talking about blondes on a chatroom

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Stargate > Spike-Centered
Harry Potter > Spike-Centered
daydreamerFR1311,014012,62818 Apr 0518 Apr 05Yes
This is to challenge 813. Annoy tiny, blonde one. Annoy like the wind.

Online Chat room conversations, wherein the characters can vent, swap stories, and seek advice pertaining to their respective Blondes.

Must Have:

Spike, talking about Buffy.

And two or more of the following characters:

Lex Luthor, talking about Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

Logan Echolls, talking about Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

Jack, talking about Sam (Stargate SG1)

Gil Grissom, talking about Catharine Willows (CSI)

Harry Potter, talking about Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter)

Luke Girardi, talking about Grace Polk (Joan of Arcadia)

Seth Cohen, talking about Ryan Attwood (The O.C.)

Other (one that I haven’t thought of.)


The pairings don’t have to be romantic, but I would prefer it if some of them were, use your discretion.

Characters must use interesting handles, both for themselves and their Blondes.

Must contain at least two mentions of character appropriate weirdness. Ex: Demons, Magic, Wormholes, Other planets, Other Dimensions, Meteor freaks, etc.

Can be a one-shot, or chapter by chapter pov style.

Try for humor over angst.

Author- Daydreamer

Rating- PG

Disclaimer- I don’t own the characters from Buffy, Harry, Stargate or anything else.

AN- There is no exact timelines in this story. Let’s just say that Harry & Co. graduated Hogwarts and Buffy never has feelings for Spike.

It started with him being alone in the house. Nothing ever good comes out of that. He was bored so obviously he snooped, well he was the “big bad” after all what did you expect? He was now in Willows room and saw the nice new laptop she bought just a week ago. He always did wonder what you could do on those things.

They had time off….again. This was happening a little to often for him. He had no clue what to do this time. He was *gasp* sick of fishing. So he went and looked around the base to see what he can do. He was passing Daniels office and saw it. He went and sat down, looked around. No one else was around. He found what he was going to do for the day!

He was in a bad mood. He always was these days. Damn ministry they had to pair up himself and Draco as partners. They even had to share an office. Luckily Malfoy wasn’t there for the day. He was tired of doing paper work. So he took a break and went to his computer.

He had no idea what possessed him to go on a chat room let alone start a new one. Things like this always happened when he was alone. He was especially irked at Buffy that day so maybe that’s what pushed him to do this.

Big_Bad has signed in

Big_Bad has created a new room “Blond Ambition”

After his last mission, he felt like doing something different. So instead of playing Solitaire for hours he went on a chat room. He was looking through the numerous chat rooms some of them were so weird. What would he need to talk about in “Mystical Magic” or “ Life of Death?” Some of them were just a little to weird for him. Then he came across one called “Blond Ambition” He decided why not?

Obeys_Orders has signed in

Today he did not feel like talking about Magic or Demons or anything of that sort. He was looking through the names and one stuck out for him.

Boi_Who_Lived has signed in.

Big_Bad: You all have blonds right?

Boi_Who_Lived: Ya. What is up with blonds these days anyways?

Obeys_Orders: Tell me about it. All she wants to do is work on this or work on that.

Big_Bad: Same here. Except at times on her way to work she likes to yell at me for being in her house and making a bigger mess.

Boi_Who_Lived: Well my blond is male. He is my co-worker. Let’s just say that we don’t get along at all. Actually we were sworn enemies all through school and now we are stuck being near each other day in and day out. Does he give me a break? No. He makes work seem so much harder.

Obeys_Orders: Well my blond makes work easier for me. Just seeing her makes my day.

Big_Bad: Same here. I mean she knows how I feel about her and you know what she does about it?

Boi_Who_Lived: What?

Big_Bad: She steps all over me. She treats me like a dog. But the worst part about it, is that as long as I’m near her I really don’t care. Pathetic is it not?

Obeys_Orders: Well my blond and I both have the same feelings for each other but we cannot do anything about them because we work in the military.

Big_Bad: Ohh. Well my Slayer is a piece of work.

Obeyes_Orders: Slayer?

Big_Bad: Did I say that? I mean Blond. My blond is a piece of work. She is always in some mood or another.

Boi_Who_lived: Well Draco (The blond’s name) is always in one mood. He is the most pissy little thing I ever came across. Very Snotty as well. What a little prick he is.

Obeyes_Orders: Hoo boy, you really don’t like him do you?

Boi_Who_Lived: Not one bit.

Big_Bad: Well I got some advice for you. Ignore him.

Boi_Who_Lived: Ignore him?

Obeyes_Orders: I see where bad is going with this. Yes ignore him. It will drive him utterly mad. Also try and stay as calm as possible.

Big_Bad: It works trust me on this one.

Boi_Who_Lived: O…K….Thanks.

Boi_Who_Lived has signed off

Obeyes_Orders: I hope it goes well for him with Draco.

Big_Bad: Me to. You know what I realized during our little conversation?

Obeyes_Orders: What?

Big_Bad: I should have sticked with brunettes.

Big_Bad has signed off

Obeyes_Orders: If it were only that easy.

Obeyes_Orders had signed off.

The End

You have reached the end of "Blonde Ambition". This story is complete.

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