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Meeting the family

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Summary: Harry Potter meets Sirius Black's girlfriend while spending this summer with she a witch, or is she just witchy?

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackfaroffdreamFR1595,94502423,58619 Apr 0510 Jul 07No


To Readers: All right, this is the second chapter now, thank you for all who have read and for a couple positive reviews. J

Disclaimer: BtvS property of Joss Whedon & company, Harry Potter property of J.K. Rowlings.

Harry Potter was red. Red faced, red eyed, and red hot mad. But the moment he looked in the mirror and realized just how red he was, he focused on calming down. He didn’t want to be calm; he just didn’t want to be red anymore- because SHE was red. No, he hadn’t even met her yet, unless you counted the bathroom run in, but he knew right now that he didn’t like her. After all, she was invading his home, ruining the first time he ever got to spend the summer with his Godfather just by being here. And, no, she hadn’t done anything-yet. But Harry knew, he just knew she was trouble with a capital T.

He moved from his room and peered around the corner, looking for the red haired witch, scouting out his territory. It was just so unfair. Sirius must be under some spell, curse, anything, otherwise he would never have brought her here in the first place. Harry waited for another moment next to the wall before creeping out into the hallway. He paced quietly, wishing for invisibility cloak, towards the door of his Godfather’s bedroom and the peeked through the crack. Immediately his eyes bulged and his face filled again with burning red. He jerked back, bringing a hand to clasp over his mouth. Kissing and all that other stuff…she still had barely any clothes on and now Sirius had been stripped of his shirt too. Harry knew what happened between lovers, he, after all, was a hormonal teenager himself and had had a crush before, but he certainly had never seen it. He didn’t even want to know that his godfather did stuff like that. Harry backed away from the door, then turned and scampered down the hallway toward the kitchen. He hoped he hadn’t made any noise, but he had practice at this espionage stuff from his years at Hogwarts.

Once in the kitchen, Harry took deep breaths and tried to get the red to leave his face once again. He pulled open the fridge and grabbed the milk, bringing it to his lips and gulping down several mouthfuls. Wiping his mouth with his sleeve, he set the milk on the counter then turned and rummaged through some cupboards, finally finding Sirius’s favorite box of snacks. The box had a picture of the zebra cakes and the words little Debbie printed on it. He emptied the entire box on the counter before stuffing several in his pockets. He turned from the kitchen, leaving his mess there because he could and they deserved, and then walked toward the front door. Still barefoot, he walked out the front door and sat on the steps, opening up the cakes and stuffing them into his mouth. He knew nobody could see him, for before they had rented the little house on the outskirts of London Sirius had put a protection and concealing spell on the place. Harry and Sirius were quite famous, especially in the wizarding world and neither had any desire to be swamped by rabid fans.

Harry reached a hand up and touched his forehead, rubbing his scar back and forth for a moment. Luckily, it hadn’t ached in quite some time. But Harry knew that coming around the corner was still more fights and duels as soon as he left this place. Which was why he hadn’t wanted to leave…until now. What in the world was Sirius thinking, bringing that evil-looking shrew into their home, their summer sanctuary? It was just crazy. But Harry could wait, be a little more patient, and perhaps Sirius would tire of her awful company and ship her out of here just as quick as you could say ‘Crucio’. In the meantime, he needed to distract them so they wouldn’t be doing anymore of that goofy naked stuff. He stood up, brushed off the crumbs and crept back into the house, already plotting…
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