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Meeting the family

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Summary: Harry Potter meets Sirius Black's girlfriend while spending this summer with she a witch, or is she just witchy?

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackfaroffdreamFR1595,94502423,58619 Apr 0510 Jul 07No


To Readers: Ha! You thought I had disappeared completely, didn’t you? Fooled again; now please review =)

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Harry Potter or Buffy, I am merely a peasant hoping begging for crumbs to use others characters in my story.

Harry woke up bright and early and for a moment he sat there, wondering why he felt so excited. When his mind finally cleared, he sat up quickly and threw the covers off the bed. Scrambling for his closet, he yanked the door open and stared into what seemed like an endless row of clothes (though his closet only held a three foot bar). For the first time he could remember he actually felt completely confused over what to wear. How should one dress to their first day of work?

He yanked a stack of shirt off their hangers and threw them on his bed, then repeated the process with his pants. Then he stood by the side of the bed with his hands on his hips and stared at the clothing. Casual or formal? Or perhaps he should wear one of his robes? Hmm, no, probably not, muggles wouldn’t understand. Should he wear the pants with the rough blue fabric or the pants with the smooth white fabric? After ten minutes of staring, then glaring, Harry realized he was getting no where. Suddenly, he remembered what Xander had been wearing last night-that bright shirt and those jeans with the hole. Surely, since he was a friend of Willow’s, he knew how to dress.

Settled on the matter, Harry rifled through his clothes until he find the craziest shirt he had-one Sirius had tossed into the pile of clothes in their cart when they had been shopping, both exhausted and frustrated so they had resorted to pulling random things off the rack and buying them. He pulled the light blue shirt on, and buttoned it up, ignoring the small surging penguins staring up at him. He tugged on a pair of jeans, then slipped into socks and his tennis, before rushing to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Finally ready, he hurried down the stairs, hoping he wasn’t late.

The clock on the stove read 8:17 when he stumbled into the kitchen and Willow was bent over it, humming softly as she set trays of muffins on the counter. She glanced up at him smiled, and said a cheerful good morning. A minute later, her head swiveled around again and her mouth gaped open.
“What-what are you wearing?” Her eyes were wide and she seemed to be trying not to laugh.
Harry frowned. “I am just trying to look nice for my first day of work. Is this okay?”
Willow began giggling, though she put a hand to her mouth to try and be polite. Harry’s scowl became a full out glare.
“You didn’t say I wasn’t allowed to wear this-and Xander..” At the mention of Xander, Willow’s giggled became an outright laugh. She clutched her stomach and howled, laughing so hard Harry felt a bit worried that she had gone a bit mad. Sirius came racing into the room, wondering about the commotion. He walked over to Willow and put his arms around, drawing her into a hug, then asked, “Why are you laughing so much?”

Willow finally got control of herself enough to say, “I never thought I would see the day someone looked to Xander for fashion advice…its just too funny.” Sirius looked over at what Harry was wearing and raised an eyebrow. Harry shrugged in reply, and with confused expressions they both looked at Willow. She just smiled and shook her head.
“Nevermind, you two are hopeless. Harry, you may wear whatever you want to work, as long as you look presentable.”
With that, she turned back to the counter and pulled some plated down from a cupboard.
“Who wants yummy blueberry muffins?” Neither Sirius nor Harry knew exactly what yummy was supposed to mean, but the smell was amazing and they immediately forgot the earlier confusion in the face of something delicious to eat.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Meeting the family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jul 07.

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