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Meeting the family

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Summary: Harry Potter meets Sirius Black's girlfriend while spending this summer with she a witch, or is she just witchy?

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Sirius BlackfaroffdreamFR1595,94502423,58619 Apr 0510 Jul 07No

Meeting the family

To Readers: Thank you for taking the time to check out my first story published on this site. I will try to publish a chapter daily until the story is finished. This is more of a fun, on a whim one. I would appreciate reviews :-)

Disclaimer: All BtvS belongs to the genius of the writer and mutant Inc., etc. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowlings.

AU after Goblet of Fire, several years after BtvS S7...Harry Potter is spending the summer before his fifth year with his now proven innocent godfather. But then Sirius Black introduces Harry to a special someone in his life-Willow Rosenberg. But if she is just supposed to be a perfectly normal muggle, why does she seem so witchy?



Harry Potter screamed like a girl. Though that might not be politically correct anymore, how else would you explain the high pitched, loud, echoing noise coming from his mouth? Or so Harry thought. But he had never expected to open his bathroom door and come face to face with a pale-skinned, freckled, flame haired woman. And as an adolescent almost 15 year old boy, he couldn’t help but notice she was wearing very little. Very little being wrapped in a small white towel. She looked as surprised to suddenly see him as he was to see her. Both faces quickly grew red, both eyes widened and mouths gaped. Harry quickly stuttered out an apology, “uh...sorry”. Then he stood for another moment before saying, “I have to go, sorry, for, well, you know...I better, ah, leave...right now.” When he paused another moment he saw her quirk an eyebrow and a small smile tugged at her mouth. He blushed beat red then turned and rushed from the bathroom. A minute later, he was back, quickly slamming the door shut and tossing out another apology. He hurried down the hall, confused, toward his bedroom, until he came to an abrupt halt. He had no idea who she was or why she was here. Nobody was living here besides Sirius and himself, so he changed direction and headed towards Sirius’s room.

Harry pounded on the door and waited for a muffled, “come in”, before he burst through the doors. Sirius was calmly sitting on the bed, folding laundry into separate piles and looking at him enquiringly.

“ What’s the matter, Harry?”

“There’s a woman! In our bathroom! And she wasn’t wearing almost anything and I don’t know who she is or anything, so I thought you might know, or might want me to ...get rid of her?” Harry trailed off at the end, blushing again.

“You walked in on her, didn’t you? Oh my...that’s, that’s...” Sirius burst out laughing, one hand clutching his stomach for several moments before he finally straightened up.

“ That’s Willow, Willow Rosenberg. Remember? She probably came by a little early for tonight and decided to hop in the shower. She can get pretty messy at work, you know.” He continues to chuckle for another minute, then looked up to see Harry glaring at him.

“ No, I don’t remember or know anything. Who is she? What is she early for?” Harry placed his fisted hands on his hips and kept up the glare.

“I didn’t tell you? Oh, I must be getting old, this is quite hilarious. Willow owns a muggle shop over near the fountain in the square. I invited her to dinner tonight.”

“And the reason why is?” Harry was frustrated by his God father’s rambling by now and gritted his teeth.

“ Why? Oh, silly me...Willow is who you might be getting a part time job with this summer, she could use the help. She’s also my girlfriend.” Then Sirius went back to tossing a pair of socks into the sock pile and picking up a pair of jeans to be folded. Harry paused a moment, the words registering very slowly. A job? Sirius’s...girlfriend?

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