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School Starts

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Summary: Another year in the mansion

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralVikFR1521,078032,24822 Apr 0522 Apr 05No

Magneto Vs. The X-Team

Disclaimer: Not mine. At all. Ever. Never. Ever.

Summary: Magneto fights with the X-Men.

Cyclops is still having his battle with Magneto.

Opens to a rocky mountain terrain near Colorado.

Cyclops barely alive is holding on, shooting his opticblasts at Magneto.Cyclops," Magneto you will never go unpunished for what u have done. Magento," Scotty don't you know that Mutants like you and me should be the Dominiant race in man kind???." Cyclops replies," No Magneto it's you that doesn't see, the humna race is a very kind and gentle people." Magneto is outraged and throws the hull of the blackbird at cyclops. Magneto," Don't you know that humans kill and beat us mutants!!."Cyclops," But they can change Erick thats what you don't understand, no one has the right to take another life, NO ONE!" Cyclops runs up to magneto and gives him a good jab in the face." Magneto laughs and repays him with an uppercut. Cyclops is sent flying and unconscience.

The X-Men arrive at the battlegrounds
Wolverine is the first out with his claws ready to tear someone up."Where's bright eyes his says." Storm comes out of the X-jet and creates a cloud of fog around the battlefield so that no one can see whats really happening.Gambit comes out with his cocky self ready to play some red hot poker with magneto. Rogue comes out flying scouting to see if cyclops is still alive." Wolverine on the another hand has his nose to the ground smelling where he went. Wolverine yells," HEY! I can smeel his cheap perfume." Everyone replys with a,"Good job Logan...." The X-Men find cyclops under a tree with metal straped around him. Wolverine whispers," It's a trap way too quiet." However before you know it Gambit runs in to rescue Cyclops.Gambit tells cyclops," You had us worried monami." Before he could fisnish his french Magneto used his powers to throw a piece of lead onto him. The X-Men watched in horror as Magneto layed a beating on Gambit. Wolverine said," Serves him right that cocky bastard." Wolverine steps up to the plate along with Rogue who comes up behind Magneto and grabs him. Wolverine runs up to the tree saves gambit and with his animantim claws destroys the metal around cyclops and throws him out of harms way.Wolverine screams," BACK TO THE JET!." As he does so his arch enemy sabertooth comes out of the forest brush. Wolverine," Laughs and says i knew a smelled a bitch around here." They give each other a look and smile. Woolverine begins to lunge in with his claws and scratches his left abdomen searing blood spilled out. Sabertooth gave am awe as he got a kick to the face by wolverine. Sabetooth repays him with a blow to the gut." The fight is then interuppted by Rogue who grabs Sabertooth and sucks away his powers. Wolverine then screams," NO it was my fight why did you have to interrupt."Rogue replies,"Suga you we're losing." Magneto finally gets up off the floor from the bear hug Rogue gave him. Magneto grabs Sabertooth and yells," You have won this fight but no the war." The X-Men run back into X-jet and escape back to the Mansion. Professor X awakens and goes down to the War room. He then congratulates the X-Men with a job well done. Cyclops is inside of the infirmary recovering. The Professor knew all that went on, he is the strongest psychic in the universe. Well thats another day in the lives of the X-Men.

To Be Continued.....

Next: Jubilee awakens and find the Professor at her bed ready to reveal what really goes on in the mansion.

Review or else my hordes of XMen will unleash a beating on you.*Grins evily*Muahahahahahaha


The End?

You have reached the end of "School Starts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Apr 05.

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