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School Starts

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Summary: Another year in the mansion

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralVikFR1521,078032,24822 Apr 0522 Apr 05No

School Starts

Disclaimer: Not mine. At all. Ever. Never. Ever.

Summary:Our new student Jubilee is wandering the halls of "The Mansion"

Jubilee has just been found by Professor X, while she was being atked by Magneto and his alliance of mutants.

Jubilee find herself looking at all the school has to offer.3 square meals a day,housing,and recreational areas too.while she's walking down the west wing she finds herself with Logan a.k.a "Wolverine.

Jubilee"Hey Logan where is everyone?"Wolverine mumbles,"Uhhhh..." He says to himself i can't say that thier saving the world so..."They're washing dogs". Jubilee replys with a "DOGS?". Wolverine then walks away in hesitation of being discovered that they are the X-Men. Jubilee looks around then goes to sleep. What awaits her tommorow is a hole new day.

Meanwhile, Cyclops and Storm were"washing dogs as wolverine put it"

Cyclops."Wow Storm good job handling some of those sentinels." I should say the same for you replied storm.Cyclops has been on edge ever since Jean his faithful wife had died in a car accident."Damn airbags..."Storm on the other hand is an african tribes woman that is also the wife of wolverine.

Well as the duo was about to take off in the BlackBird a deafening sound came as the hull was being ripped apart. It was magneto only he could tear metal so easily. Cyclops," Storm run." Storm then escaped and flew back to the mansion. Cyclops on the other hand was caught in a stare down with magneto.Magneto says,"Ahh Scott Summers." Cyclops reples with a The one and only Magneto. Magneto then hurls a piece of metal toward cyclops. He quickly rolls away and blasts Magneto in his left arm. This makes him even more furious and he begins to pick up the black bird and hurl it toward a near by mountain. Cyclops is doomed.

Storm has finally arrived at the mansion.

Storm."Logan hurry Scott needs help." Logan," I'm on way toots." With this Logan sounds the X-Bell and all the X-Men are alerted. Rogue comes inot the room saying,"Awww hot damn unother one," Gambit rushes in putting on his pants saying," Cheri whats going on," Evryone freezes because Gambit and Rogue had come out of the same room..... Logan,"Everyone hop inside of the Jet were gonna go save Cyclops."Gambit screams wait I need a new deck a cards honey," As wolverine is about to fly off he see's Gambit runing in with his pack a cards.Gambit," Why thank you Monami." Wolverine reples with a anytime bub."

Cyclops is still fighting with Magento. When will the X-Men come no one knows.

Well one thing is for sure Jubilee sure doesn't know everything that goes on in this mansion. Thats another day in the mansion.
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