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Endlessly Xander

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Summary: Death chooses a reluctant consort

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DC Universe > SandmanCharleyFR15104,10091843,74325 Apr 0525 Apr 05Yes

One : Death on the prowl.

Title: Endlessly Xander.

Author: Charley

Rating: FR15

Pairing: Xander/Death

Genre: BtVS/Sandman

Disclaimer: None of the characters you recognise are mine. I gain nothing but personal satisfaction from messing with these fictional characters and bending them to my will.

Distribution:, TTH. If you want it, or know somewhere I should post it, let me know.

Author's Note: Currently unbeta'd though it is with my beta. Will post the beta'd version as it comes back.

Feedback: Will encourage me to write faster, and actually finish stuff.


One : Death on the prowl.

"Who are you?" Xander asked the woman who was crawling across the table toward him. She'd sat down opposite him only moments before.

"I have been given many names."

Xander wasn't too much man to admit that she was scaring him. Her hair was black and her eyes were depthless and her skin was almost vampire pale. He leant back in her chair as she leant forward. "What name are you using now?"

"Death," she replied nonchalantly.

"Uh huh," he said slowly. "Are you usually given to delusions?"

"Nope. They're my sisters domain."

Xander raised an eyebrow and jumped out of his chair, drawing the eyes of some of the others in Willy's. Willy snickered as Xander scrambled as quickly as he could away from the prowling woman.

"You have fought alongside the Slayer for so many years, helped her research her foes and you have never come across my siblings and I?"

"I'm assuming that means I should have."

She shrugged. "Perhaps."

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Ok. Stop stalking me. Sit down over there and tell me who you are."

She smiled brightly. "Very well." She did as he suggested and he followed more cautiosly to retake his seat. "I am the second of seven who have been since the beginning and will be after the end."

"Okaaaaaaay. Not any clearer but I can research. Why are you here and what do you want with me?"

"I am here to do my job but with you... You have intrigued me for some time. I have seen you here in this town of nightmares. You remain though you are more human than any of your friends. You remain and you have thwarted me many times, twice you have robbed me of the Slayer herself."

"So you're one of the powers."

"No. The Endless have nothing to do with them," she said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "They are interfering pains in the butt." She sipped her drink. "I am a fact made solid. There will always be death and I am it."

Xander nodded slowly as her words made a sort of sense in his mind. "You're not good or evil, you just are."

Death smiled brilliantly again. "Yes."

He nodded again. "Why me?"

"You are attractive and you have captured my interest."


"So, I would like to get to know you better."

"To what ends?"

Her grin turned sly. "I think you can guess."

"I am a demon magnet!" he grumbled to himself.

"I am not a demon."

"Neither was Willow but she was cursed too. This is too much. I... Bye." He ran from the bar.



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