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Sleeping Darkness Awakes

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Summary: Prophecies are never predictable but that's usually because they are cryptic not because they decide to transport you to another dimension.

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Anita Blake > GeneralziliFR1356,40442715,65428 Apr 054 Nov 05No

Crash Landings

A/N: Wow you guys thanks for the reviews. Yes I know Xander was a heart in the joiny thing with Adam but I thought from the pattern the heart would be from the Anita-verse I don’t know if there will be any pairing other than friendship but if I change my mind I’ll let you know.


Chapter Two: Crash Landing

“I don’t know it kind of felt like she turned over or something.” Anita said leaning back against Jean Claude’s desk in one of the many rooms beneath the Circus of the Damned. Asher as per usual was hiding in one of the corners using the shadows to hide his face. Jean Claude was sitting behind the desk in the chair. Richard was sitting on the couch with Jason. Sylvia was sitting on the arm of the couch next to Richard, while Micah was leaning against a wall near Damien.

“Are you sure ma petite? The Mother of all Darkness is not something to joke about.” Jean Claude said as leaned across the desk to brush Anita’s arm with his fingers. Richard rolled his eyes and was about to comment when there was a sudden flash of light with many colors and a collective groan sounded as people were landed on.

Richard looked at the dark brunette that landed on his lap. She laughed, “What a head rush.” Then she looked at Richard and smiled sexily, “You look like you need a little Faith in you.”

The tall light brown haired girl with big eyes that landed in Jason’s lap grimaced, “Eww Faith I thought you said you stopped with that pickup line.” Jason laughed realizing the pun and let his hand slide down the girl in his lap arm getting her attention. “In the words of Cordy, hello salty goodness.”

Jason chuckled softly, “Wanna a lick?”

Damien, who hadn’t ended on the floor when a pretty petite blond landed in his arms, put her down when she started shaking her head, “There will be no licking of any kind for you, Dawn.” She patted Damien on the shoulder awkwardly, “Thanks for catching me I land on my ass often enough it’s nice to be caught every once and a while.”

Damien gave a slight smile, “Your welcome.”

Asher was grunting as he attempted to get the striking redhead off of him and as his
hands ran over a few inappropriate places the redhead immediately jumped up off of him yelling, “Hands, hands!”

Asher got up slowly careful to keep his scarred side hidden by his hair, “I apologize mademoiselle for my hands.”

Willow blushed, “Well I did kinda land on you so I guess that was okay.”

Jean Claude was not nearly as considerate as he ran his hands over the man with brown hair and an overbearing forehead who fell on him, “Monsieur please remove yourself from me.”

The man grunted, “I would if you’d untangle your legs with mine and take out whatever the hell is in you pocket it’s digging into me.” All the girls who had landed in the flash of light started laughing loudly.

“I think someone is jonesing for Angel.” Faith snickered loudly. That comment made Angel shove Jean Claude further away from him and get his legs untangled.

Anita was glad that the blond man handed so much landed on her but beside her although she was kind of concerned over the fact that he was smelling her. The blond sighed in pleasure, “This chit smells like kittens, death, and sex. Bloody hell it’s fucking intoxicating.”

“Spike!” Angel yelled.

“Sod off Peaches, I don’t have a happiness clause I can have all the sex I want.” Spike said leaning closer to Anita.

Anita pulled her gun out of the holster and pointed it in Spike’s face, “Okay back off, there will be no sex here.” At this Jason started laughing causing Anita to glare at him.

“Sorry I just don’t think that statement is very true.” Jason shrugged trying not to laugh although that set off Dawn giggling.

“Okay how about everyone who appeared in a flash of light go over there and introduce themselves.” Richard said as he slid Faith off his lap and slightly pushed her in the direction of an unoccupied couch. The rest of the intruders joined Faith on the couch and the girls sat down on the couch while the two men sat on the arms of the chairs.

The blond girl shrugged, “Well I’m Buffy,” she pointed to Faith, “as you know this Faith,” she pointed to Dawn, “that’s Dawn. The redhead is Willow, the blond is Spike, and lastly that’s Angel.” Buffy tilted her head and looked at the others whispering, “My spidey sense is going off but I can’t tell for who.”

Faith and Willow nodded in agreement while Spike said, “Mr. French Shirt, hides behind his hair, and guy who caught Buffy are definitely vampires.” At this the girls jumped up, Buffy pulled out one stake threw another one to Faith while Dawn pulled out a short sword that had been down her back and Willow’s hands crackled with electricity.

Anita, brought her gun back up and pointed at the group while Jean Claude and Richard stood slightly to either side of Anita with Jean Claude’s vampires behind him and Richard’s wolves and Micah behind him. Richard sniffed the air, “I can understand you the sentiment about vampires,” Richard paused when Anita hit him, “but those two guys with you are vampires as well so why should you care that Damien, Asher, and Jean Claude are?”

Now Angel sniffed the air, “There’s something off about those guys, they’re vampires but not right.”

Dawn stamped her foot, “Will everyone stop stiffing the damn air! Geez you guys are worse than Oz, oh wait I get it you’re a werewolf.” Richard suddenly paled and backed away slightly.

Faith sashayed her hips at Richard, “Wanna howl at the moon sometime?”

Anita groaned, “I don’t think you would want to do that. Okay I know I’m usually the gung ho one but I need to get to sleep sometime so let’s get this straightened out so I can go to sleep or at least get some coffee.”

Dawn went into Watcher mode, “Okay here’s the deal we found a prophecy and we were discussing who was playing a role in it. We thought we knew at least half of the people and once those people were in the same room we just landed here so I’m guessing some of you guys are the other half of the prophecy. By the way where are we?”

“You are in St Louis, Missouri.” Jean Claude answered with a tilt of his head.

“And just to double check, what’s the year?” Dawn said nonchalantly shrugging her

“1999.” Jean Claude answered again.

Both Willow and Dawn looked at each other and nodded, “Alternate dimension.”

Suddenly Anita threw her arms up, “What the hell are you talking about?”

Buffy sighed, “The big bad wasn’t in our dimension he was in yours.”

Asher raised his eyebrow, “Big bad?”

“Dawnie you were the only one to have actually read the prophecy to you remember what it said?” Willow asked turning off the witchy power.

Dawn put her sword away, “Ummm, when Sweet Darkness awakes, worlds colliding… tangled web… last of the chosen, triumvirate in power, flame tainted by darkness, a soul baptized in pain, two souled demons and the Heart and the Key will be the last hope to stop the end. That was pretty much the basic.”

Asher, Damien, Jean Claude, Anita, and Richard all shared the same look. Asher turned to Jean Claude, “Sweet Darkness, she’s been called that before and if these people are who they say they are it would make sense that they would come when they did considering what Anita felt.”

Jean Claude deadpanned, “If the Mother of all Darkness awakes…” They all thought about it for a second before they all started cussing although some cussed in French.

Next chapter everyone should be explained with the exception of one well maybe two at least fully
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