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Sleeping Darkness Awakes

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Summary: Prophecies are never predictable but that's usually because they are cryptic not because they decide to transport you to another dimension.

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Anita Blake > GeneralziliFR1356,40442715,65328 Apr 054 Nov 05No

Okay Now What

Chapter 5: Okay Now What

A/N: Had the worst case of writer’s block

“So what are we going to be doing today, since all your vampires are asleep?” Dawn asked as they entered Anita’s house.

“Oh they’re not asleep.” Jason snorted.

“They’re not but I thought…” Dawn said slowly.

“Nope, they’re as dead as a doornail.” Jason replied.

“Well I have to get to work,” Micah said before kissing Anita and leaving, “see you all later.”

“Anita you’re back.” Came a soft voice from the kitchen. “Is anyone hungry I could make food.”

“I guess we’ll be going to the kitchen.” Anita shrugged. “Coffee Nathaniel.” A boy, a man really with long silky blond hair handed Anita a cup of coffee. “Thanks.” Anita sipped the coffee slowly, “Thank God I don’t have to go to work today.” She sighed.

“Could I have coffee too?” Willow asked Nathaniel quietly.

“No!” Buffy, Dawn, and Faith shouted.

“Meanies.” Willow pouted but sat down at the table without a cup of coffee.

“You don’t want to see this one with coffee in her system it’s scary.” Buffy explained to Jason, Nathaniel, and Anita.

“So what are we going to be doing as we wait for your vamps to wake?” Faith asked.

“Uh” Anita started to reply before her cell phone rang. “Crap, Hello?... Yea are you sure?... Zebrowski come on…. Fine I’ll be there in twenty.” Anita sighed as she shut off her cell phone.

“What happened?” Nathaniel asked.

“Oh nothing bad I just have to go to the police station to verify something. It’s nothing big but knowing them it’ll probably take an hour or two.” Anita sighed.

Jason gave a smile to the rest of the girls, “Which leaves you beautiful ladies with me.”

Anita stood up from the table, “Just don’t go anywhere until I get back okay.”

“Not a problem I’m sure me and Nathaniel can provide enough entertainment to keep them occupied.” Jason smirked. Anita sighed again before leaving. “Now how may I pleasure you?” Jason asked looking pointedly at Dawn.

“He’s like a Xander-Faith.” Dawn piped up suddenly. “All the sex-i-ness of Faith but said in witty Xander tones.”

“In what way was that suppose to make sense?” Nathaniel asked in a confused voice.

“It made sense to me.” Willow shrugged slowly trying to get at the coffee but Faith blocked her path so she sulked back to the table and sat down.

“What exactly are we suppose to do if we can’t leave this house?” Buffy asked as she took her own seat.

“Strip poker.” Faith and Jason responded immediately.

Willow laughed, “Why is that guys’,” Willow paused and then gestured towards Faith, “and Faith’s first response when there’s nothing to do?”

“It’s either that or sex.” Dawn added.

“I’d be up for that too.” Jason licked his lips.

“Maybe later you don’t look up for it right now to me.” Dawn winked.

Buffy’s mouth opened and closed before she shook her head, “I’m going to pretend there wasn’t a double meaning in that.”

“Do you have a computer with internet access here, you do have the internet right?” Willow asked Jason.

Jason put a hand to his head as if thinking, “Internet? In…ter…net?” Then Jason laughed at Willow’s crestfallen face, “I wouldn’t know I don’t live here.”

Nathaniel rolled his eyes at Jason, “Yes we have a computer with the internet, I’ll show you where it is. I’m sure Anita won’t mind if you use it.”

“Thanks, I’m gonna go see what I can find out about this world. You know to give us a heads up.” Willow said before getting up and motioning for Nathaniel to show her the way.

“Okay while she’s being all hacker Willow what should we do?” Buffy asked again.

“Damn B, you’re really throwing off some vibes here.” Faith said moving to stand next to the window.

“I just… don’t you feel it, there’s like all this energy and it’s trying to push its way out of me.” Buffy said standing up.

“Well you know the best way to get rid of energy like that yo.” Faith smiled.

“There is no one here I want to have sex with right now.” Buffy crossed her arms.

“Actually I was suggesting we dance I mean that is one big ass back yard.” Faith raised an eyebrow pointing towards the back door.

“Oh, that would be good too.” Buffy nodded and began to follow Faith out the door but stopped and turned around to face Jason, “All I’m going to say is you may be a werewolf but I can still kick your butt put you in a cage and drown your sorry wolfie ass.” Then she walked out.

Jason opened his mouth to say something but ran to the window when he heard a loud scream. Buffy had launched herself at Faith. Faith dodged with a cackle, “Gonna show the kid who’s sister he’s crushing on?” Buffy nodded with an evil grin before throwing a series of very fast punches at Faith. Jason’s mouth dropped open at Buffy’s speed and ferocity.

“Well definitely putting her in the Anita category.” Jason said as he sat back down next to Dawn.

“Anita category?” Dawn asked.

“Sexy as hell, fun to flirt with, never truly anger unless I’ve decided I don’t want to live anymore.” Jason responded. Then Jason stood up, “Come on let’s go into living room, it’s much more comfortable in there.”

Dawn shrugged, “Sure.”

Once they had reached the living room Jason lightly took Dawn’s wrist, “Could I look at your tattoo up close. I didn’t get to see it real good before.”

Dawn smirked, “You just want an excuse for me to take my shirt off.”

“No that’s just an added bonus.” Jason winked. Dawn laughed and took off her shirt revealing a black halter top. Then she turned around to present Jason with her back. Jason leaned in closer to look at her tattoo of the green key. “It suits your skin.” Jason whispered as he ran his fingers over her tattoo. A green spark jumped from Dawn’s tattoo to Jason’s fingers. He yanked his fingers away from her back, “Ouch you’re so electrifying that you shocked me.”

“Very cute.” Dawn turned around to face him, “What about you do you have any tattoos?”

“Nah but if you don’t believe me…” Jason took off his shirt, “I’d be happy to show you.”

Dawn laughed and rolled her eyes. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something the same shade of green as her own tattoo on his chest. “What was that?” Dawn looked at Jason’s chest right where his heart was.

“What?” Jason asked.

“I saw something green on your chest.” Dawn moved closer to Jason.

“Huh?” Jason looked down at his chest. There was a faint outline of a heart in green on Jason’s chest that became more defined as Dawn moved closer to him. The inside of the heart was sort of colored in but there seemed to be splotches of skin that wasn’t green inside the heart.

Dawn had her finger about an inch away from Jason’s chest. “It looks like one, no two stakes… a tear drop maybe… two circles or orbs… a triangle except there’s something at each point, symbols, I think… a tree… and a smaller heart with a key inside.” Dawn said uncertainly.

Jason had stiffened, “I’ve never seen that before.”

Dawn looked up at him and whispered, “Prophecy.” Before laying her hand over his tattoo.

Green electricity began to spark encompassing Dawn’s hand and part of Jason’s chest. “What are you doing, Dawn?” Jason breathed his eyes wide with fear.

Dawn tried to pull her hand away from him. “I’m not doing it!” Dawn screeched.

Dawn’s screech brought Willow, Buffy, Faith, and Nathaniel running in just in time to see Dawn and Jason enveloped by green electricity. Then suddenly it was gone and Jason and Dawn fell to the floor. Buffy, Willow, and Faith went to Dawn while Nathaniel knelt by Jason. Jason grabbed Nathaniel’s arm, “Anita… Richard… need…” Then he blacked out.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Sleeping Darkness Awakes" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Nov 05.

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