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Sleeping Darkness Awakes

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Summary: Prophecies are never predictable but that's usually because they are cryptic not because they decide to transport you to another dimension.

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It isn't even Tuesday

Title: Sleeping Darkness Awakes

Author: Zili

Rating: FR13 in case they decide to swear

Challenge 760: I thought it would be interesting to see some fics where the reason the scooby gang meet Anita Blake and her friends, would be because of a prophecy. The Mother of All Darkness seems to be someone that there would be a prophecy about so I chose her as the subject. The prophecy might be able to be used for another crossover with some alterations though, and if you wish to do such, feel free to When the Sweet Darkness awakens, Two worlds collide… And in a tangled web; The last of the Chosen, A triumvirate of power, A flame touched by darkness, A soul baptized in pain, Two souled demons, And the Heart and Key Shall be the last hope to prevent the end.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of these characters… yet…

A/N: Okay so here’s the time line A few years after Chosen for Buffy in the Angel aspect only Spike, Angel, and Illyria managed to survive the battle and they were hanging out at the new improved Watcher’s Council. Lastly in Anita verse it’s up to incubus dreams although it might be a bit altered because either I didn’t like it or I forgot about it, it’s been a while since I read Anita Blake and I haven’t read the lasted one so….. enjoy.


Chapter One: It isn’t even Tuesday

Dawn was looking through books researching the latest demon that her slayer had run across when she reached down to pick up a piece of paper she had dropped she felt something whiz over her head. Dawn looked around slowly and noticed a book a few feet in the opposite direction of her own book pile. Dawn frowned before yelling, “Giles, your books are throwing themselves at me again!”

Giles came around one of the bookcases and picked up the book that Dawn was pointing at. Giles turned the book over in confusion, “This isn’t one of my books.”

“Giles, we just got a new shipment maybe it’s one of those.” Dawn shrugged.

“No I’m sorting all the new books over there.” Giles said.

“Huh well let me see it.” Dawn said grabbing the book from Giles and began looking through the pages. “It’s blank. No wait there’s something in the exact middle.” Dawn put the book down on the table. “We’ve got a prophecy Giles and I’m part of it.”

Giles looked at the prophecy, “When the Sweet Darkness awakens, Two worlds will collide… And in a tangled web; The last of the Chosen, A triumvirate of power, A flame touched by darkness, A soul baptized in pain, Two souled demons, And the Heart and Key Shall be the last hope to prevent the end.” Giles sighed, “Looks like we have another apocalypse on our hands. Sweet Darkness… I’ve never heard of that before.”

Illyria came walking into the library with Andrew following her talking a mile a minute. “Watcher you say I am not allowed to kill innocents well unless he becomes silent I will deem him to no longer be an innocent.” Illyria said stopping in front of Giles.

Andrew gave a kicked puppy look, “I just wanted to know—”

Giles interrupted Andrew, “Andrew get Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander, Angel, and Spike now.” Andrew crossed his arms and pouted but went to get the others none the less.

Illyria gave a slight twitch of a smile, “I do not usually require assistance but he was annoyingly persistent. Thank you.”

Dawn smiled, “We keep trying to start a petition that Andrew is evil and he needs to be slayed but someone keeps ripping it up before it can be passed around.”

Willow and Xander came into the library laughing. Willow looked around, “What’s the what here?”

Giles sat on the table next to the book, “We have a prophecy. The world is going to end again unless we can find the right people to stop it.”

Dawn ran a finger down the line of the page, “I think I know at least half of the people here. The Key, okay that’s me obviously.”

Buffy and Angel walked in talking although Buffy frowned when she heard the word Key, “Dawn you’re in a prophecy?”

Andrew came back in, “I couldn’t find Faith and Spike but I called her cell phone and left a message for her to get here as soon as she gets it but I don’t know when that will be because one of the mini slayers said that Faith went clubbing and took Spike with her so can I stay and help I promise I’ll be good.”

Illyria narrowed her eyes at Andrew, “Angel are you completely sure I can not kill him I’m sure no one will mind.” Andrew gulped and moved into a corner.

Buffy smiled, “We can discuss Andrew’s death later prophecy now.”

“Ok basically the big bad is something called Sweet Darkness that might be from a different dimension because it talks about two worlds colliding. The players are the last of the chosen.” Dawn began and then looked at Buffy.

“That’s Faith.” Buffy said.

“Not technically,” Xander said slowly, “it’s you and Faith because all the other mini slayers were just potentials made strong you two were both Chosen. So it’s you and Faith not just Faith.”

Giles nodded, “I agree with Xander.”

Dawn continued, “The next is a triumvirate of power, I don’t know who that is but the next one is a flame touched by darkness and I think that’s Willow.”

Willow raised her eyebrows, “Me why would I be in the prophecy? Unless of course of the fact that I almost had enough power to attempt to end the world one day and then completely disrupted the entire line of slayers, a chosen line since the beginning of time, the next day but they couldn’t have know that was going to happen expect for fate and the goddess knows everything and oh yea I guess they could be talking about me.”

Xander placed his hands on Willow’s shoulders, “Breathe Wills.” Willow rocked back and forth a bit as she took in a deep breath.

Dawn smiled, “Then we have another guy, a soul baptized in pain, that at first I thought was Angel but the next line is two souled demons which is Spike and Angel and the last players are the Heart and the Key. The Key is obviously me but seeing how the pattern is going I’d say we don’t know who the Heart is either.”

Angel crossed his arms across his chest, “So with the exception of Faith and Spike we have half of the players here.”

Buffy sighed, “Well it’s about time we had an apocalypse anyway I was getting bored.”

Faith’s voice traveled to the library before she entered, “This had better be good Spike and me had just managed to get into the best club when I got your message. You’re lucky I decided it might be important otherwise I would have let Spike convince me to stay.” As Faith and Spike entered the library Faith said, “This had better be important.”

Suddenly a bright light of many colors flashed and when it was gone only Giles, Xander, Illyria, and Andrew were left. Xander put a hand to his head, “It isn’t even Tuesday .”

Giles picked up the book, “All the pages are blank the prophecy is blank.”

Andrew eyes widened, “Wow that was so cool. It looked like they were beamed aboard a ship or something only that wouldn’t make sense because the prophecy sounded like it was in another dimension not in outer space but that would be so neat if a prophecy did involve aliens and you let me come along and I could meet them and be just like Spock with Live long and prosper—”Andrew was in the middle of making the vulcan peace greeting when Giles spoke up.

“Andrew do shut up or I will tell Illyria that you are evil and she can kill you in the most inventive way she knows and considering how long she’s been around I’m sure it will be very painful.” Giles finished looking at Andrew in a Ripper-esque way.

“I’ll be quiet.” Andrew squeaked.

Giles sighed, “I believe you are right about one thing though Andrew they are most likely in another dimension that would make more sense on the two worlds colliding. Hopefully they will return once the prophecy is fulfilled until then we’ll have some of the other watchers do research and just tell the others that all them are…. I don’t know I’ll think of something. I hope they’ll be okay.”

Illyria cocked to her head to the side, “Why would it matter that it isn’t Tuesday?”

Xander sighed, “Come on blue, I’ll explain somewhere away from Andrew.”


A/N 2: If it sounds like I’m Andrew bashing I’m not I just think he’s cute when he’s annoying anyway next chapter the two worlds will collide
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