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Summary: Short fic - sometimes what we don't say can doom things more than what we do. Edited to comply with new rules.

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Highlander > Faith-Centered > Pairing: MethosRunewolfFR151400031,30528 Apr 0528 Apr 05Yes
Disclaimer - I do not own any part of either Buffy or Highlander.

Author's note - Inspired by Great Big Sea's song - Between Boston and St. John's which is easily found online if you google it.

It had been a magical night. He had found her in a bar in the shady side of town. First glance said she was just another girl slumming in the wrong side of town. Second glance said there was something more. Maybe a local girl made good visiting an old haunt.

Then she danced. You can tell alot from the way a woman dances. When you're young, its all about the way they sway. Are they sexy, are they interested, what do the moves promise for later?

You get a bit older and you watch the way they do that dance. Is it mechanical? Are they lost in the music? Or are they desperately trying to be?

He had threaded his way through the "competition" effortlessly. They couldn't match her because they didn't recognize the predatory spirit that she seemed to embody. He could match her in that.

They had danced. On the floor and off it. She had reminded him of life, of sunsets and fireworks and the sheer pleasure of BEING. They had talked. Connected. Her philosophy had been refreshingly basic. He liked that. It reminded him of the simplicity that modern society tends to scorn.

She was so young. So very young. Her eyes had covered the sense of betrayal when he left in the darkness, but it was for the best. She had the chance for a normal life ahead of her. One night was one thing - but when the nights cut into the years and their chances for a normal relationship. It was wrong. It was better this way.

Methos left the hotel as dawn flared on the Horizon. He had a boat to catch.

She clenched her eyes against tears. She hadn't expected him to cut out in the middle of the night. He hadn't seemed the type. But hey, its not like she was a long-term kinda gal anyway. She LIKED it that way. Wild, fast, free. Party hard, die young. It wasn't as if an academic could have survived in her life anyway.

Faith pulled on her leathers and went looking for a target. There had to be a demon around somewhere. Maybe down by the docks.

The End

You have reached the end of "Distance". This story is complete.

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