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Dog-Eared Books and Hounded Wizards

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Summary: (Puppy-verse) Xander’s settled in as Xeres’ student/goffer and Spike’s favorite walking joke. But, it’s June and Harry’s back with a load of trouble and a formerly convicted godfather who really has a problem with everyone in Dallas except for X

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chapter 3

Title: Dog Eared Books and a Hounded Wizard (3/3)

Author: P.L.S.

Summery: (Puppy-verse) Xander’s settled in as Xeres’ student/go-fer and Spike’s favorite walking joke. But, it’s June and Harry’s back with a load of trouble and a formerly convicted godfather who really has a problem with everyone in Dallas except for Xander. Severely AU, get used to it, almost everything I write is AU.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone from Buffy/Angel, Harry Potter, Highlander, or any of the other fandoms I just may drag into this.

Author’s Note: So folks like the slightly more assertive Xander? Good. I’m not planning on Xander actually ever going back to Sunny-hell. If he’s not there, the Angel has to stop the Harvest but the slayer line keeps flowing regularly. Maybe Willow will die quicker, but overall, the world won’t end. In fact by getting Xander way away from the hellmouth and by giving Spike and Dru kids to look out for with an immortal who knows the score, it will just stop a heck of a lota bad.


“Concentrate, focus on Lassie.” Xander chanted to himself as the black and white reruns played. Finally he started to get it. And then he regretted it.

“BARK! BARK!” *Where’s my yumyum? Where is it?* Xander sighed, maybe talking with dogs wasn’t all that great a thing. But he couldn’t turn it off now that he finally tuned into doggy-talk. Harry came in the room with Spike, both singing really awful R’kinkt demon drinking songs. Both had a small gift for harmony, and together, in a human language, they sounded great. Against everyone else's’ wishes, both loved to sing about chopping of heads, pouring in mead, drinking it down, then getting slapped. Xander groaned, between the awful song and the positively narcissistic and gluttonous ramblings of Lassie, he was getting a headache.

“Kill me now.” he muttered and covered his head with a pillow.

“Eh? What’s wrong wi’ him?” asked Spike. Harry made a sound that vaguely resembled ‘Don’t know.’

“Lassie is a cheerleader with an eating problem!” cried Xander. Harry smiled and Spike blinked before laughing.

“You figured out that dog-talk stuff, and find out dogs are as stupid as blond bints?” asked Spike after laughing a bit and Xander couldn’t help but pout.

“It’s stupid, but it totally ruined the show. Little Timmy’s in a fire and Lassie is complaining about the quality of service and how the smoke messes up his fur.” Harry grinned.

“Sorry, you just picked the wrong way to learn. Do you still want to get a dog?”

“No! I do not need another Spike!” Harry was now laughing and Spike had the impression he should be either annoyed or insulted. So he decided to pretend it was a complement and took his leave. Xander sighed.

“Was it just me or did he seem a bit off?” asked Harry thoughtfully. Xander frowned.

“He only acts like that when that Lupin dude comes ‘round. Can he sense werewolves?”

“Maybe. Preternatural beings are so weird compared to magical or mundane. He just might be able to sense a magical werewolf.” Harry sat down and hit the mute button on the remote.

“Hey! I was watching that!”

“No you weren’t. You were going on about how dogs just ruined a perfectly awful script.” Xander shrugged.

“Same thing.” Harry pulled a book out of a pocket on his cargo pants. It looked used, but interestingly so.

“Here. Took Spike to the Twin-Pines Mall, he was the one who found it. Or rather it dropped on his head, then his toe, then gave him a paper cut.”


“He’s a cat-person.” Harry said as if it explained everything, Xander looked at the book’s title, maybe it did explain it.

“’So You’re A Canimagis’,” Xander read, “Is that what I am?”

“Yeah. At least I think so. Magic is beyond understanding, really. I think that’s half the problem with us people. We want to label, to box it all up, but really Magic just is.”

“Woah, zen.” Xander said and Harry grinned.

“Nah, just practicing my arguments as to why I should never have to write essays for class.” Xander chuckled. He was ‘home schooled’, well, that’s what Xeres told the social worker. Really, he was lucky to have Xeres’ to give him the hands on instruction he needed. It wasn’t that he was stupid, he just learned better in real life applications and could concentrate better that way too. Harry wasn’t able to just throw his life up and become maybe Spike’s student like Xander could. Apparently, there were a lot of people who had power and could force him to go to Hogwarts.

“So, if your werewolf is here, why isn’t he in here?” asked Xander suddenly. Harry shrugged.

“Maybe he’s spying?” Harry thought for a second, “It’s my birthday tomorrow, isn’t it?” Xander nodded.

“Yeah,” Xander’s eyes widened, “Oh, yeah. You promised Sirius and Lupin that you’d spend the next three days with them. Have you packed?”

“No.” Harry groaned, “Help me?”

“Sure.” Xander stuck the small dog-eared book in his pocket and went with Harry to throw together three days worth of stuff. It had taken two weeks of nonstop owls but Harry’s godfather had agreed to take it slow and to not say a word about any of Harry’s friends and mentors. Besides, Harry was going to get to go to the Quidditch World Cup game in England. Harry promised to bring back pictures and souvenirs of that event. Xander grinned, he was really happy that it sort of worked out. Even if it did mean less time with the only friend he had that was his age.

-End of Dog-Eared Books

The End

You have reached the end of "Dog-Eared Books and Hounded Wizards". This story is complete.

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