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Dog-Eared Books and Hounded Wizards

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Summary: (Puppy-verse) Xander’s settled in as Xeres’ student/goffer and Spike’s favorite walking joke. But, it’s June and Harry’s back with a load of trouble and a formerly convicted godfather who really has a problem with everyone in Dallas except for X

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Part 1

Title: Dog Eared Books and a Hounded Wizard

Author: P.L.S.

Summery: (Puppy-verse) Xander’s settled in as Xeres’ student/goffer and Spike’s favorite walking joke. But, it’s June and Harry’s back with a load of trouble and a formerly convicted godfather who really has a problem with everyone in Dallas except for Xander. Severely AU, get used to it, almost everything I write is AU.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything or anyone from Buffy/Angel, Harry Potter, Highlander, or any of the other fandoms I just may drag into this.

Author’s Notes: Like the summery says, I really don’t write a whole lot that isn’t either Alternate Universe or a crossover. Heck, my best loved stories (by other ff writers) are all AU’s or really twisted X-overs, so you can see where my insperation comes from. That and watching odd movies or reading while drinking cheap wine. I honestly don’t give a hoot about the while timeline of Buffy or Highlander. I will pay slight attention to the Harry Potter timeline but just by Spike and Xeres’ interference he’s already become more condesending, antisocial, and aware of just how he’s being used. As for Xander’s powers, well, I’m not planning on him being a Dr. Doolittle.


Japan's got crises (but)

Tomorrow's wonderful

Even if somebody's mean to us, we just go to bed and

Snore! Snore! Snore! Snore!

Pass! Pass! Pass! Pass! (Good morniiiiing!)

Yatta! by Happa-tai


“Blue Prussian, Crimson, and Yellow Ochre paint, ten more yards of canvas, and some Cow-Tails. Ya got all that, Xand?” Xeres said absently as he worked on some portrait of a three year old rich kid. Xander nodded.

“Uh, yeah. I’m gonna ask for delivery right? Or do I need to pester Spike to help me carry all the stuff?” asked Xander and Xeres looked over at him with an indulgent smile.

“Whatever you want to do. But you know how bitchy Spike can get, and how he’ll heckle and tease you forever about it.” Xander blushed. He wasn’t so scared of the demons or even the normal thugs anymore. Sure he wasn’t Superboy, but Xeres was teaching him the more common demon languages, varrious fighting techniques, and how to shoot and stab an attacker.

It was all because Spike spent the first month Xander lived with him and Drusilla moaning about babysitting a scared little brat who was so weak that even if given the right amount of blood would still be a very easy to kill minion. Xander hated it, and Xeres started to teach him how to hold his own in a fight and it was slowly starting to show. Before that Xander really did not want to hurt anyone, but living where he did, he saw just why not fighting was bad, and how just plain ignoring reality was even worse. Spike was right, he was weak, but he was also young enough to learn how to be strong.

Xander was just about to go when an audible pop echoed in the werehouse loft that Xeres called a studio. Xander turned and grinned when he saw Harry.

“Hey! How are you doing?” Xander said and Harry smiled, but Xander could see he was tired.

“Okay, at least physically. Summer hols just started and I wanted to see if you were really working for Xeres. as well as just visit.” Harry said. Xeres was smiling again.

“Heard the good news, your new found family.” the immortal artist said and Harry gave a very fake smile.

“Oh, yeah. Great.” Harry said tonelessly.

“What’s the matter?” asked Xander. Harry let out a huff of air.

“Apparently because I look like a guy I really can’t remember, I must be exactly like said man in every respect.” Harry shrugged, “Sirius hates me for being everything my father wasn’t, Remus just won’t look at me. But that I can understand, he can probably sense the vampires or something.”

“Do I need to have a chat with your godfather?” Xeres said, steel tinting his normally warm Texan voice. Harry snorted.

“Sure, but dog-boy would have a better go of it.” Harry said with a flick of his wrist towards Xander, ”Sirius acts like he stayed in his grim form way too long. Either that or like a spoiled little rich kid trying to fake his way through life. Sure, I know he’s got issues, was put in Azakaban at an immature stage, and all of those platiudes, but honestly, how can he just expect me to say, ‘Huzzah, I’ve got a godfather who’s been in jail for twellve years, I can’t wait to move in with a perfect stranger!’” Xander couldn’t stop the snigger.

“Sorry, but it’s just so ‘Days of our Lives’, you know.” Xander said with a grin, “But why are you here? I mean it sounds like this serrious dude would try to keep you under house arrest. Besides, you told me in your letters just what wizards think of vampires, immortals, and hellmouth babies.”

Harry grinned, “That’s because he doesn’t know I can do a bit of magical teleporting, nor does he know where I am. Though, I’m sure if he reads my journal or my letters from you, he’ll figure it out.” Xeres laughed.

“I think you want to see him blow a gasket.”

“No, not a bit. I just want to find out if he can handle the fact that I was saved from a life of slavery and being used by a bunch of people who the government powers that be declared were not people, but animals to be used. That includes you, Xander. And me as well, now.”

“Huh?” Xander said feeling confused. Xeres desided to save Harry the trouble and explained that because Harry stepped up his necromancy studies and was now channeling the dead and even summoning minor spirits as well as being a willing vampire blood donor he would be seen as not a wizard but a sorcerer and sorcery was supposedly a non-human magic and thus any sorcerers found masquerading as wizards were either put down by the Commity for Disposal of Dangerous Magical Creatures, or worse bound like a house elf and made to ‘work’ for the unspeakables in the Department of Mysteries.

“But that’s... that’s... stupid!” Xander was outraged. How dare they think that just because one unique guy could do slightly scary stuff that it made him automatcily forfeit all human rights! Xander wasn’t even aware that he was growling or that he had sprouted a bit of fur until Harry pulled him out of his trance.

“It’s gonna be okay. They can’t kill me if they want me to kill Voldemort.” said Harry as if that was that, “Now I wager that by tomorrow night an irate grim animagus and a peeved werewolf will be in the area after my head. Wanna help me tick them off even more?” Harry grinned. Xander knew just why his friend wanted to irritate Sirius. Harry’s favorite teacher was Snape, if only because he inadvertently amused Harry with the never ending, never repeating stream of insults. But Harry also went to Snape for advise, especially after his first summer under the care of Spike and Xeres.

After the Weasley’s pretty much abandoned Harry and Hermione and Harry stopped seeing eye to eye on a whole lot of matters, Harry figured out just why he should have just gone to Slytherin. Snape figured out that Harry was nothing like either of his parents when he found Harry hiding from Gryffindors after a quidditch match. Harry figured out that no one at the school would really understand him escept for the Slytherin head. It was from Snape he learned that his talking to snakes was a family gift that was very ressessive, it was Snape who helped Harry figure out just where the Chamber of Secrets was and how to kill a basalik without putting anyone in danger. It was also Snape who knew who Tom Riddle was and how to kill a talking diary. During his third year, Harry lifted the Maurader’s Map from the clutches of Fred and George Weasley after he saw the twins use it and after Snape filled Harry in on just who Sirius Black was, he showed Snape the map and pointed out the name Peter Pettigrew.

Harry also told Xander in the letters about how Sirius was very angry that it was ‘Snivellus’ who saved him and captured Pettigrew. Pettigrew was now effectivly dead, Snape had an Order of Merlin- First Class, and Sirius had a wizard’s debt to the man he used to bully. It also came out that year about just how much Sirius and the rest of the Mauraders had to do with Snape turning to dark magic as both a means to bury his emotions and to get revenge.

Xander groaned, he was seeing images of fights, maiming, killing. And that was just dinner.


Xander was right, Sirius hated Spike, loathed Xeres, and was scared by Dru. Oddly enough Sirius treated Xander like a favorite cousin.

-End Part One
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