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Out of the Frying Pan

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Summary: Jonathan really should have stayed in Sunnydale 20 minutes with Jonathan

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Harry Potter > Jonathan-Centered(Recent Donor)NotAGoauldFR131403041,04529 Apr 0529 Apr 05Yes
Title: Out of the frying pan.

Author: NotAGoauld aka AylaAndJondal

Rating: FR-13 for swear words

Disclaimer: Peter Pettigrew belongs to the beautiful, talented, wonderful and radiant J.K. Rowling. (Was that to much **snicker...snicker**). Jonathan Levinson belongs to the Buffy God Joss Weadon (All Hail!!!). Although I think Marti loved him more. Anyway... none of those people are me much as I might wish it otherwise.

Spoilers: Slight for the Ep '2 To Go' in S6.

Pairings: None

Summery: Jonathan really should have stayed in Sunnydale

AN: Hey guys. Fair warning... this Fic sucks big time. It's the first time I've ever done a '20 minutes with' challenge. And as you can see I don't do so well under pressure. I'm posting it so I can get some constructive critisim. Although If you actually like it please do tell me that as well.

Challenge #867 20 Minutes with Jonathan. Actual writing time 17min 38sec according to my egg timer.

Out of the frying pan

'Crap....Crap....SHIT!' Jonathan Levinson thought to himself as he was unceremoniously kicked into the desert, out of the 18 wheel truck that had stopped to give him a ride after he had split up with Andrew. More moving targets and all that.

There was no way the Slayer was going to be able to stop that witch bitch Rosenburg...then his ass was toast. He only hoped that when she caught up with him it wouldn't be painful.

Jonathan stumbled down the road trying to make out shapes in the distance, and not doing a good job of it. He tripped over his own feet when he heard a loud crack behind him. He spun around holding his knapsack in front of him like a shield. "Who are you?" he said to the man who had appeared out of thin air. He tried to sound as though he weren't scared enough to wet himself.

"That is none of your concern Muggle!" A mousy but sibilent voice said to him. "Your death will make my master very happy."

"What? Rosenburg couldn't be bothered to finish the job herself, and what the hell is a muggle anyway?" Jonathan said a little bitterly then gave himself a mental slap on the head at what he said. He should be trying to get away from this guy.

"I do not know who this Rosenburg is but, rest assured your death will serve a greater purpose. You will help bring 'He Who Must Not Be Named' back to power." The rodent looking man said fervently. "And glory to my name, which is Peter Pettigrew. Remeber it in the time you have left Muggle. Pertrificus Totalis!

A red light streaked fron a stick the man held and hit him square in the chest. Jonathan's body locked up and fell to the ground. He heard another loud crack and felt the world shift around him. Then he was in a dank and dark place that smelled as if death had been taking place there forever. Jonathan felt an icy shiver run down his spine when he heard a voice hiss.

"Wormtail he isss perfect...I am well pleasssed."

All Jonathan could think was 'Crap...Crap... SHIT!' Then he began to scream.

The End...I told you it sucked. :-P

The End

You have reached the end of "Out of the Frying Pan". This story is complete.

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