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In Name Only

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Summary: Where Draco finds out where he came from.

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Harry Potter > Spike-CenteredEmlynIIFR1555,57802516,34630 Apr 0523 Jun 09No

Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, all rights belong to J.K. Rowling. I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all rights belong to Joss and Mutant Enemy. No infringement is intended, no money is being made.

Italics = thoughts

Almost 16 years earlier...

“I did it. I’m really here,” Amelia Maclay whispered to herself as she made her way through the throng of travelers at Heathrow airport. She was following the signs pointing towards baggage claim when a familiar wave of nausea hit. “No!” she cried out, startling the people around her. “Not now, not-” she gasped, wracked with pain, and fell to the ground.

I was so close...


“Please -” Amelia begged, ignoring her aching jaw. Through watering eyes she could see her children huddled in the doorway, confused and crying. “Jacob, don’t do this,” she pleaded, scrambling towards him.

“I won’t stand for it!” Jacob declared, “I will not have evil in my house, dirtying up my children.” He shoved the children behind him and slammed the door shut, bolting it against her. Amelia ran up to the door, banging against it weakly, begging to be let back in.

click click

The sound of her husband’s rifle being cocked silenced her and time slowed to a crawl. Fear for her children warred with her own sense of self preservation, till a voice in her head ordered,


Before her mind could register it, her feet were already moving. Amelia veered off the dusty driveway and headed into the surrounding bush.

She stopped beside a cypress, hunched over, catching her breath and straining to hear sounds of pursuit. She lurched forward, stumbling over roots and rocks. All she could hear was Jacob cussing her out, all she could see was Jacob red faced with rage, smashing plates, all she could feel was Jacob throwing her against the wall, all because she was wicked, evil.

“Oh momma,” Amelia slowed even as her heart raced, “I’ve got nowhere to go -”


Her stomach rolled in complaint at her sudden displacement and she was on her knees emptying it. In the twilight she could make out her parents’ old house, deserted since they had passed on, and miles from where she had been. Bleary eyed, Amelia grabbed the newel post on the front porch and hoisted herself up. She stumbled through the house barely making it to the toilet before a second wave of nausea hit. Exhaustion rushed over her and Amelia slumped to the floor.

End flashback

Auror Trevaylen shook his head in disgust as the mediwizards levitated the semi-conscious witch over to the apparation point and put a fire call in to his superior, taking care to keep his long hair out of the fire.

“Yes sir. Apparently the baggage carousel has been turned into an alligator...”

“Yes it’s quite lifelike, took seven stunning spells before it started slowing down...”

“I agree sir, that caliber of transfiguration is quite impressive. That’s not really the point sir...”

“Well, it’s attracted a good deal of attention sir, seems it’s eaten several of them.”

He glanced at his watch noting the time even as he registered the arrival of his counterparts from the Obliviator’s and Magical Reversal squads.

“Yes sir, everyone is quite upset... “

“No sir, the luggage is alright, it’s the muggles that have been eaten...”

“Look, I’ve got to go sir.”

“Sorry mess this,” Obliviator Crannis grumbled, his old bones creaking as he turned to watch the aurors separated the shock-ridden muggles into more manageable groups. “When’s that chap from Misuse of Muggle Artifacts getting here, be needing his rubber stamp won’t we?”

‘You mean Weasley,” Spell-Breaker Caldwell supplied, “I’m not sure he’s coming. His wife’s about to unload another babe, not before time to hear him tell it.”

“This’ll make five little ones?” Trevaylen questioned, feigning interest.

“Six,” Caldwell corrected, “last time it was twin boys, right pair of hellions. Isn’t that so Arthur?”

“What?” Arthur Weasley arrived, brushing the soot from his shoulders, “Oh yes, the twins, very devious.” His eyes darted around, taking in the particulars. “Great Godric, what’s happened here?”

“As far as I can tell, accidental magic,” Auror Trevaylen reported.

“A child did all this?” Caldwell asked, incredulous, “you must be joking.”

Weasley interrupted, “but it was definitely an accident and not a deliberate attack?”

Trevaylen tried to answer them both at once, to Crannis’ consternation, “Which is it man, yes or no?”

“No, it wasn’t a child,” Trevaylen clarified, “and yes, it was an accident. The witch in question-”

“Was very powerful, and very careless. A bad combination all round.” Caldwell interjected.

“What I want to know what in blazes were they doing here in the first place. It’s busier than Kings Cross on the first of September and choc full of muggles to boot.” Crannis groused.

Auror Trevaylen continued, “The witch in question seems to have arrived around nine o’clock this morning.”

“Arrived? From where?” Crannis exclaimed.

“From Louisiana. That’s somewhere in the colonies,” Trevaylen clarified.

Weasley erupted in wonder, “Do you mean to say that she flew here? On a skyship? Fascinating!”

All three stared at Arthur askance until he blushed under their gaze.

“Unnatural things,” Crannis blustered, “why any self-respecting witch or wizard would strap themselves into one of the flying metal death traps is beyond me.”

“That raises an interesting point,” Caldwell put forth, coyly. “Auror, I don’t mean to tell you your job, but it all seems a little to pat, don’t you think? A witch where no witch should be; abnormal accidental magic; and the Ministry in an uproar trying to fix this mess.”

“So,” Crannis said grimly, tapping his nose, “Foul play after all.”

Shaking his head, Trevaylen countered, “I’m not convinced. You didn’t see her when the mediwizards apparated them back to St. Mungo’s, she was barely breathing.”

“Sabotage then,” Caldwell insisted, “Now that she’s served her purpose, they’ve no more use for her.”

“Exactly which ‘they’ is it you’re referring to?” Trevaylen probed.

Caldwell shifted uncomfortably, and looked over his shoulder before responding, “You know who.”

“Whsst! Man,” Crannis cautioned fearfully, as he huddled in closer.

Weasley was not so circumspect. “From the colonies?” he erupted in disbelief, “They’d never tow that line and you know it.”

“No, this isn’t You Know Who’s style at all,” Trevaylen agreed, morbidly, “Not nearly enough bloodshed here for him.”

That cast a pall on each of them, dampening the growing sense of camaraderie between the four. And each was beginning to feel the need to be elsewhere. A gathering of wizards, even an official one, was not as safe as in times past.

Weasley, remembering himself, wandered away and began questioning the junior wizards present from the other departments as to what exactly had been done and what they were doing to fix it.

“Still, I’ll follow up with that witch,” Trevaylen said almost as an aside to Caldwell, “see what she has to say for herself.”

“Of course, of course, no stone untransfigured, and all that,” Caldwell agreed, ingratiatingly. He looked ready to impart more wisdom when Crannis, now longing for a comfortable chair, announced that everything was well in hand and that they’d both be better off back at the Ministry.

Trevaylen certainly had plenty of work to do and eventually, unnoticed, he and Arthur Weasley drifted together again.

“Caldwell seemed a bit too interested in making this into a conspiracy...” Arthur murmured.

“I noticed that as well...” Trevaylen replied under his breath, “I thought he seemed a bit too informed on the particulars of your situation.”

“Did he really?” Arthur pondered, seemingly unperturbed by the information, “never hurts to be informed, though I’ll bear that in mind when certain reports are written. You’ll be off to St. Mungo’s then?” he asked brightly.

“Presently, a few more things to be taken care of here...” Trevaylen responded.

“I expect I’ll see you there.” Arthur said suddenly, his face aglow. “I’ve just had word from Molly, she’s sure it’s time and no Mediwitch shall convince her otherwise... Yes, definitely... All I need now is someone to watch the children while we’re away...” His voice petered out, occupied as though contemplating potential child minders.

Trevaylen smirked as Arthur rushed over to the apparition point, and thought, I’m sure you’ll find someone more than capable. He turned his attention back to the problem at hand. The MRS had managed to free the previously consumed muggles, handing them off to the Obliviators. Crannis’ men made short work of the muggles memories. Soon all those involved were dazedly retrieving their luggage and then being shepherded out of the building.

The alligator however was proving to be a tad more resistant.

Yes, very impressive, Trevaylen mused, I wonder...

The End?

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You have reached the end of "In Name Only" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jun 09.

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