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Pit of Madness

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Summary: Willow, Faith and Dawn move to St.Louis to escape the Hellmouth.

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Pit of Madness

Title : Pit of Madness
Author : Serena
Genre : BtVS/AB crossover
Rating : R
pairings : Willow/Jean-Claude ; Dawn/Jason ; Faith/Edward
Disclaimer : BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and AB belongs to Laurell K.



Dawn's POV

I can still remember everything that happened. Everything.
Sometimes, I have nightmares about it. I know it wasn't his fault,
but I can't help it. I'm terrified of it, of this night. Now, I'm
scared of myself.

It happened not long after Tara died.

I remember Willow almost ending the world. I remember her refusing
Giles' offer to go to England with him. I remember me, Buffy,
Xander, even Anya and Spike trying to get her out of her shell, this
wall she had build around herself. If you don't feel, you can't
hurt. That's what Willow kept repeating to us and herself.

I remember Faith coming back to Sunnydale. I remember the fight she
got in with my sister. I remember Faith trying to make amends for
what she did to the scoobies. She did tried. But Buffy and Xander
wouldn't see reason. They couldn't get pass all the wrongs she had
done. Willow simply didn't care.

I remember the night everything changed for me.

I was coming back from the Bronze. I had went even though Buffy told
me not to. I climbed down the side of the house and joined my
friends… who never showed up. I went back home. Next thing I knew,
I was cornered in a dark alley with something big, something fury,
something growling just in front of me.

I ran. And I ran some more. It bit my leg, but I just ignored the
pain and kept on running. I finally reached the house. By the time
I was upstairs and cleaning the wound, the whatever-it-is-that-makes-
a-human-a-werewolf was already spreading through me, flowing in my
veins. I never told Buffy.

I remember Spike leaving town, I remember Buffy dying a second time,
I remember Anya giving Xander a second chance, I remember Willow
stare off into space, I remember Faith taking charge at the Summers'
house, I remember me trying to deal with… well, myself.

But what I remember the most is us moving to St. Louis, far away from
the Hellmouth. Faith packed her bag and told me to do the same. We
did the same with Willow's things. We left that same night for St.

A week later, here we are. We found an appartement pretty quickly
and at a ridiculously low price. I guess the Riverfront isn't very
popular among appartement shoppers. The owners don't have any other
choice than to lower the price. We don't care. We're not exactly
the most normal persons, so the Blood District, as people calls it,
is perfect.

The only thing left is to meet the local pack's Ulfric so I can join
in, find Faith a job, and of course, make sure nobody knows about
Willow's presence in town. Wouldn't want to get kicked out by the
master vampire. Willow can scare even the bad guys.

Wish me luck!
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