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Pants on Fire

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Summary: This is a collection of uber minis written for correct guessers as part of the "lie quizzes" held on my livejournal.

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Seduction by the Book

title: Seduction by the Book
rating: 15
disclaimer: Not mine. These characters belong to Rowling.
summary: Blaise is plagued with temptation.
AN: For excellent lie detecting by dr_chaosti.


He'd just run into his bedroom to grab something before they left, to take one last look and make certain his hair was as it should be. He hadn't even been gone a minute, but she'd plucked the very book he would not have had her pluck from his bookshelves off of said bookshelves.

"My goodness." Luna said turning the book this way and that. "How does she get her legs up behind her head like that?"

Blaise shifted from foot to foot, willing himself not to react to the blush that was staining her cheeks. "Luna... dove, please put that book back."

She did not. Luna did not seem to have even heard him as her eyes devoured another page. Blaise cursed himself for not hiding the damn thing. Pansy had given it to him as a joke. As if he needed some book to look at for reference. He'd memorized most of the Kama Sutra ages ago. It was a nice little toy to have though because the illustrations moved and everything. Many a girl had been seduced by that book, but he didn't want it to be that way with this girl. Luna was special. She needed something other than the standard play. He'd been having less than friendly thoughts about his new friend here, and he didn't want the dilemma of imagining her and himself in any of the positions she was looking upon. He didn't need the prompting. He imagined her nude enough as it was. He tried not to, but the more he tried, the less he succeeded on that front.

"Have... have you done this one?" She asked, her voice weak and nervous.

He refused to look. "Put that away. I mean it."

"You think I don't know you have sex, Blaise. I know. You talk of these things with Draco and Pansy... your friends. Aren't we friends as well?"

"Yes. We are, but not like that."

"Not like what?"

"I can't talk about sex with you. Put the book away. We should go. We're late already."

"By why can't you? You think I'd never had sex before. I have."

He shut his eyes. "Luna, please."

"We're friends. I want us to share. I want to be close to you."

Somehow she actually HAD literally gotten closer to him while he was trying to remain calm and detached across the room. Blaise just hadn't noticed because he had shut his eyes.

Because if he didn't look at her...

Then he looked at her. So sweet and pouty because he didn't want to talk about sex with her. She was his friend. Blaise didn't have lots of those, so he couldn't go ruining things by saying he couldn't talk about it with her because he wanted to have it with her. He just couldn't be friends with an unattached female. He couldn't. It was almost sad.

He was trying. The friendship was so good. Then he'd had to go and start having the lust for her. He'd almost ended the friendship right then, but he liked her so much. There wasn't another girl in all the world he could spend so much time with. Plus, Draco and Ginny would be delighted if the lines of friendship broke down into the lines of coupledom for Blaise and Miss Ginny Weasley's best friend the former Ravenclaw.


"Damn that book." He snarled.

"What?" Her eyes had taken on the round owlish quality that he found so alluring.

"And damn me too."

There was quite a lot of pent-up sexual tension that went into the kiss he laid on her. Quite a lot. But love and care as well. He hoped she'd consent to being his friend still. But he wanted lover with that as well. He wanted all the parts.

"Oh my." Was all she said when he let her come up for air.

"Be anything but angry with me, and sweet Salazar, tell me I haven't offended you. I have wanted more than your friendship for so long."

"I'm not offended. A little surprised, but certainly not offended. Though I have to wonder why you, being you, would want... me."

"Because I know you. Because you holding that book makes me want to try those things out... with you."

"Oh my."

"Because good little girls don't allow me to touch them... and if this one does... perhaps I am not so very bad after all."

"You're not so very bad. If you were, I doubt I'd like spending so much time with you." She said as she ruffled his hair in that way he hated, but loved when she did it. "And I think perhaps you should owl Draco and Gin to tell them to go on without us tonight."


"Tell them we have a book to read."


"I'm sorry I had to force your hand by pulling out the book. Pansy told me where to find it because I was ever so tired of waiting for you to kiss me. It was nice, by the way, the kissing. We should do it again. Soon. It's good to have your liking for me out in the open. Though I think I will miss those hooded looks you tossed my way when you thought I was not looking."

"I had no idea you could be so devious."

"I prefer to think of myself as keenly clever."

he smirked at her. She really was too cute for words. He shouldn't like someone like her at all, but there was just something so right about the wrongness of her.

"Slytherins aren't the only ones who can be ambitious."

Blaise tapped the book still in her hands. "And Ravenclaws aren't the only ones who like to read."



The End

You have reached the end of "Pants on Fire". This story is complete.

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