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Summary: An AU take on the episode "The wish" (S3): what if Cordelia's wish was a little different?

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DC Universe > BatmanDmitriFR13138,69602416,9383 May 0517 May 05Yes


The Wish - chapter 1: the wish and its' consequences (part 1)

Disclaimer: Willow, Anya (Anyanka), Cordelia belong to Joss Whedon. Poison Ivy belongs to DC comics.

Miss Cordelia Chase was in the mood most foul, for her and young master Harris broke up few nights ago.

… If someone had told Cordelia Chase a few months ago that she will be upset because Xander Harris has chosen Willow Rosenberg over her, she would have called that prophet a madman and feel completely justified about it. Well, either that or some other, equally righteous feeling. But that would be several months ago…

Now, after those several months full of fighting demons, monstrous bugs and especially vampires, now, after saving the world from the master vampire Angelus and the Arch Demon Acathla, now after that half-crazed St. Valentine’s day stunt of Xander (full of lust-crazed women of all ages), now the term ‘upset’ didn’t even scratch the surface of what Cordelia actually felt… and what currently showed on her face. During those months of heroic struggle against Angelus and other dangers, the control of the ex-ice queen over her feelings had significantly thawed – so significantly that even Harmony and other “sheep”, nevermind other students have kept a far distance from the same ex-ice queen since this morning.

But now…

“Hey, what’s with the long face?” a helpfully-sounding female voice suddenly spoke from behind Cordelia.

Cordelia whirled around… Standing behind her was Anya Jenkins, the so-supposed new girl. She was weird… Nobody knew just when exactly she appeared in Sunnydale, started going to Sunnydale High, yet everybody knew her, knew that she had come to the tiny town in the desert, simply knew that she was a senior in Sunnydale High just like the rest of them…

Weird. And Cordelia – who was anything but stupid – knew that it was weird and learned that weird in Sunnydale usually equaled to troublesome, evil, badness. But she currently didn’t care.

“What part of ‘buzz-off’ don’t you understand?” she snapped instead. “Can’t you see that I want to be alone?”

“Sorry!” Anya hurriedly made a ‘pax’ sign with her hands. “I just came over to see if you need an interlocutrix to ease that trouble in your soul – do you a favor, so to speak.”

Bad mistake. Bad choice of words.

The whole venomous might of Sunnydale’s ice queen rose once again in Cordelia’s soul and found its’ usual exit – via Cordelia’s mouth.

“An interlocutrix? To ease? Trouble in my soul? Do me a favor?” Cordelia practically hissed. “I got something to say to you, weirdo girl – I wish that you would go someplace far, far away – and take that red-haired tramp Willow Rosenberg with you! Now that’d be a favor!”

And in an odd, scary, inhuman way did distort the face of Anya Jenkins.


Willow blinked. Then she blinked again. One moment (before) she was talking to Xander about approaching Buffy with an explanation about the warehouse (she herself has committed a faux-pas with Angel, she’ll understand), and now (now) she was… where was she?

Well, she was in a warehouse… no, a greenhouse, and boy, was it green!.. Full of greenery, that is. Full of various plants – plants that she never saw before… or did she?

Willow could just half-sit half-lie and blink, blink as her brain snapped into a new working order, filling her with knowledge, knowledge that she, a good girl Willow Rosenberg, a hacker and a practicing witch could never know…

…but that same knowledge was fully available to the new her, Wicked Willow, the sidekick (“apprentice”) to Poison Ivy, one of the bigger bads in Gotham.

“Bigger bads?” Wicked Willow thought, feeling rather confused. “Where did that come from?”

“Have you recovered yet?” that train of thought was interrupted as Wicked Willow’s boss, Poison Ivy, came up to her. “That mini-earthquake was really sudden, and I guess I do not want to lose my sidekick after all.” And Poison Ivy looked at Wicked Willow.

And Wicked Willow got the hint. “I am fine, really,” she said, “just getting my thoughts together – but thanks for saying that.”

“Good,” Poison Ivy nodded. “Good to hear that. Now here is the new plan…”

And Wicked Willow showed all of her recent confusion about ‘big bads’ and similar things, and began to listen to their new heist. It was going to be a goodie…

To be continued…
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