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Miniature Lightning

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Summary: Xander has to cope with some new changes in his life, and then learn to survive with them

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Miniature Lightning

Title: Miniature Lightning

Author: Athenethegoddess02


Rating: Umm..I guess PG-13 for language, eventually for at your own peril?

Disclaimer: They're not mine. If they were, some of them would be tied up in my basement.

Category: Crossover with Highlander

Summery: Xander has to cope with some new changes in his life, and then find a way to survive with them.

Spoilers: None that I know of, because to be honest, I haven't seen more that about 10 eps of Buffy, and this all comes from my mind. Which, I've been told, is a twisted place.

Feedback: Always a plus.

Chapter One

Xander Harris died one warm night in May. No one noticed. Not even himself. Fortunately for him, scant hours after dying, he revived. No, he wasn’t a vampire, nor any other “hellmouthy” creature.

Xander went to bed feeling, hmm..less than well. Something had snapped, or gotten smushed, or twisted, or something. But when he laid down, he never thought that it would be his final resting place, albite temporarily.

He woke up from what he thought was a nightmare, jerking up in bed with a gasp as air rushed back into dead lungs. Xander, being the male that he is, just shrugged off his nightmare, rolled over, and fell back asleep.

When he woke up in the morning, he felt much better than he had when he went to bed. Getting up, he took a shower, ate some breakfast, got dressed, and went to work. He just shrugged off the fact that his injuries from the night before had completely disappeared. He figured that he hadn’t been that injured after all, if he was alright this morning.

His death went unnoticed for the next 3 days. It wasn’t until then that he noticed that something ...wasn’t quite right anymore. Well, maybe it was right. Just different than before.

While at work, Xander was watching what other people were doing, not what he, himself, was doing. He preceded to trip over a power cord, and fall, driving a nail sticking up through a board into his hand.

Biting back a curse, he jerked his hand off the offending scrap of iron. Inspecting his hand to see how bad the damage was, he was a bit startled to see small flickers of blue lightening crawl across the puncture wound. He stood, amazed, as the lightning fused his skin back together, knitting torn muscle and skin. Minutes later, it was completely healed.

If it hadn’t been for the blood on the nail, Xander would have thought he’d imagined it. Wanting to test to see if he was insane, seeing things, or if it’d really happened, he reached into his pocket, and pulled out his Swiss Army knife. Pulling the blade open, he ran it along his hand, splitting the skin open with the sharp blade. He flinched at the pain, but ignored it.

He watched as more miniature lightning knitted the cut back together.

Well, that’s new. Ummm...Willow? Did you do something to me?

Xander wiped the knife on a scrap of rag, then wiped the blood off his hand. Clean, unblemished skin showed underneath.

Xander walked through the rest of the work day in a daze, wondering just what had happened, and when for that matter.
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