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Family Ties

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Summary: Au Story. What if Max from Rowell was Xanders father.

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Television > Roswell > Xander-CenteredThewanderFR15618,03424822,2195 May 053 Jan 06No

part 6

Title: Family ties 6
Author: Robert Jackson
Permission to archive: yes, just let me know where.
Pairing/Characters: Faith(dana)/ Xander
Rating:pg-13 due ideals, maybe not that high but being safe
Summary:Micheal’s coming to town.
Warnings:none, really.
Notes: you can find most of my stories at

It was less than a week to go before the exposition would arrive. Buffy and Willow had not really been worried about Xander showing up at the show; after all, Xander was just not into the art world. And although Sunnydale is a small town, it's still mighty big to find one person in it, so Buffy was sure between Willow and herself they could keep the two apart.

Well, that was until they found Cordelia had cornered Xander and given him two tickets.

“Look,” the queen of the school told her ex, “these are to make up for how I have been acting. I understand that you have moved on and have a life. I would use them but I will be out of town that night.” Cordelia was lying through her teeth; there was no way she would miss the fireworks that were sure to happen that night.

“I don’t know. I'm not real big on the art world,” Xander looked at Cordy suspiciously. He knew she was up to something; just what it was he didn’t know.

“Look, go have fun. You might just expand your mind a little.”

Then Cordy turned at walked away.

Buffy and Willow both knew now that they had their work cut out for them, so the next day they kept cutting in on Xander wherever he was to talk. Willow had had the idea to make plans to do something that night, something Xander would never turn down: a date, with Buffy. Both Willow and Buffy knew that he had feelings for Buffy and would never turn her down the slayer.

But things didn’t go as planned.

An hour before the meeting with Xander, Buffy and Willow were going over their game plan.

“Willow, I don’t know,” Buffy said as she looked at her makeup in the mirror. “Isn’t this a bad thing to do?”

“Well,” Willow said as she adjusted Buffy’s hair, “it's either this or letting him get beaten to pulp by a jealous husband. Which do you want to happen?”

“You know I don’t want to hurt him, or anyone else – he’s our Xander. But playing with his emotions? I don’t know. And what if he says no?”

“There is no way he would say no,” Willow stated firmly, finishing up on Buffy’s hair. “He’s in love with you. Has been since he met you, you know that.”

“Well, it’s just for one night, and it will save him,” Buffy said. “Let's go and get this over.”


Buffy saw her target. Xander was sitting on one of the couches, his head tilted back, his eyes closed. Buffy walked up to him. He still hadn’t moved. She looked around and saw no one was looking, so she kicked him. He jerked, then shifted to face the other direction.

“Damn it, Faith, I was just getting to sleep,” he said in a sleepy tone as he rolled to one side, away from her.

*Faith?!?* Buffy thought. Across the room from her, Willow watched her and gave her the go-ahead wave.

*So, kicking is how Faith wakes him up? Hmm,* Buffy thought, before moving away from the picture in her mind. Buffy sat down and next to Xander and started to caress the side of his face, moving the hair out of his eyes. Xander let out a little moan and snuggled down next to her.

But Buffy came to a complete stop, when he said, “Five more minutes, Liz. I need my rest before we start again.”

Buffy jerked her hand back like it was on fire. *Liz, who the hell is Liz?* Buffy thought. She couldn’t think of a single Liz at school that even looked at Xander.

Just then someone stopped in front of them.

She hadn’t noticed that all the talking and noise had stopped in the room, so she turned to look at who had stopped in front of them.

The first thing she saw was some very expensive shoes, high heels at that, followed by some very female legs. Going higher, she saw a short skirt and small waist, expansive bust line in a button up shirt. Then the face of a goddess.

Isabel, the model, was standing looking down at her and Xander, a soft grin on her face. And standing beside her was Mrs. Evans.

“Yep,” Isabel said to Mrs. Evans, “Liz, he’s doing exactly what you said he would be.”

“Last night,” Mrs. Evans said, looking at her friend, “really worn him out.”

“Well, he still has a lot of work to do.”

With that Isabel looked down at them again, raising an elegant eye-brow as she looked at Buffy. “You're still here?”

The command of her voice made Buffy want to run and hide. This was the face of what Cordelia would be like in the future. God help them all.

As Buffy left to regroup with Willow, the last thing she heard was the model's comment to the teacher.

“I can’t wait to get him out of these clothes,” Isabel was saying to the science teacher.

Then it hit Buffy. Liz! Xander was talking about her when she was playing with his hair.


Once Buffy was gone, Xander opened one eye, looking up at his stepmother and aunt, and asked, “She gone?”

“Yes,” Liz said smiling at him. “What was that about?”

“I have no idea,” Xander said looking around anxiously.

God, he hoped Faith hadn’t seen that. Why he wasn’t exactly sure.

“I was asleep, dreaming of being at your house, Liz, and me and Faith were playing around. Then it was you when you woke me up to start some powers training. Then I woke up with her jumping around and you guys were here. I played opossum 'til she left.”

“Judging from the dress and the looks she was giving you, she was after you,” Isabel said. She was used to the man-hunter outfits enough to know when someone was wearing one. Even if it was the high school look.

“She can’t be after me,” Xander said, shaking his head negatively. “I'm just her girlfriend with guy parts.”

“Well, no matter,” Isabel said looking him up and down. “We have business to get to. Come on, we’re leaving.”

Liz just smiled as Isabel almost dragged the squirming, boy out of the school. Most of the male population of the school was watching, and you could almost see the drool on their mouths.

*Boys* Liz thought. Then continued, *Wouldn’t change them at all.*

She then noticed that the girls had been watching, too, speculation in their eyes. You could almost hear the thought, what is so special about Xander Harris that Isabel would drag him out of school with her?

The only eyes not watching Xander be taken out of School were Buffy and Willow's, as they were watching the teacher. The one who had taken their Xander away from them, turning him into some sexual toy or something. Their eyes narrowed as Liz looked at the male students with a smile. To them, she looked like some pervert, then their eyes widened further as she looked at the female students with the same look.

“We need to get some help with this. Someone to talk to Xander, so we can help him out of this mess.”


A phone call to an unknown location leaving a message.

“My queen, your son has come into his power.”

Ava sat by the answering machine and listened to the message again and again. She knew Xan was not her child, but Tess's, but she and Tess were the same, genetically speaking, so he would be her son. She had to see him, if for no other reason than to see what she could have had with Zan, her king, who had been killed by Rath. She knew also, that Rath and Lonnie were out there somewhere. She had been hiding from them and the others for years. She just wanted to live her own life.

And now someone had called her, about Xan.

It took her two days of thinking about it before she came to a decision. She would find him. Her double's son.

Then she would go on from there. He wasn’t hers, but the feelings were there, build right into her DNA. Protect her son. Even if she hadn’t truly been the mother.


That night, Xander was sitting around the Evens with his family, which, much to both of their surprise, now included Faith as well. She had started to stay with the Evens soon after she came here.


“Come on, they're good people,” Xander told the dark Slayer.

“I don’t know them. Hell I only know you in this town,” Faith said as she moved her coffee cup around.

They had stopped for coffee after a short patrol. She still did them; after all, a Slayer's got to do what a Slayer's got to do.

But now, instead of going out alone, She knew had back up.

Xander. He was there for her every night.

“Well,” Xander said moving his own coffee cup, “they’re my family, they know about the night life here, and they want to help you.”

“Are they like you, too?” Faith asked. She knew about them from the flashes that she had seen in Boston, but she still wanted to see if he would tell the truth. So far, he had not lied to her. Not yet.

But he had also not told her everything.

“Yes, they're just like me,” Xander said looking around the dinner that they sat at.

“Ok, I’ll stay with the ET family,” Faith said with a smirk. “As long as my Favorite Martian will come and see me.”

“God, I have to get you away from Nik at Night,” Xander said with a groan.


The Day before the Exposition

Xander was sitting with Isabel at the mall. They had been shopping every day, and now he had a whole new wardrobe.

His adopted parents had not even noticed that he had just about stopped coming home by now. Most nights, he would stay at the Evans', and a few times, at Isabel's hotel room. It had been great.

But today, there was a serious conversation going on.

“So let me get this straight,” Isabel was saying looking upset at Xander. “You used your powers to save Faith's life?”

“Yep,” Xander said, wondering why she was acting this way. “She was dying, and I wasn’t going to let it happen.”

“I understand. I'm not mad about it,” Isabel said, grabbing Xander's hand. “I'm glad you saved her life. She's a nice girl; has a few problems, but still a nice girl. But if you save someone with your powers, it changes humans.”

“What?” Xander pulled back. “Did I hurt her?”

“No, no,” Isabel said, calming the boy before he got too worked up. “It’s just that, once you heal a human, they change. They become like us.”

“Oh boy.” Xander slid down in his seat.

“Don’t worry, she’s fine. You didn’t hurt her,” Isabel said

“I know,” Xander said a hopeless look on his face. “She’s ok, but she's going to kill me.”

Isabel did the only thing she could think of, she laughed and pulled him into a hug.

Unknown to them, they were not alone. Across the court yard stood Buffy and Willow. They had come to get new dresses for the expositions, when they came across Xander and Isabel and saw them talking. Then they saw the laughter and hugs.

“What are those women up to?” Buffy asked.

Willow and Buffy could not understand it; there had to be something going on. No women would be throwing themselves at a teenage boy.

They had talked to Giles, and he seemed to think that Xander was doing magic of some sort.

He couldn’t prove it, but things happened when Xander was around. Things that couldn’t be explained by any other reason. Broken stuff fixed itself without any evidence that it had been broken to begin with.

He was worried that the boy was delving into the Dark Arts. That could explain why he seems to meeting with all the famous people. Plus, it would explain what he had to be doing with all these women. And married women at that.

Something else to consider was that the background checks of Max and Liz Evans had shown that they were troublemakers. And maybe even into the arts themselves, if the files Willow had dug up were true.

But they still didn’t want a direct confutation with Xander yet. They needed more proof that his new friends were evil. And they needed something that could break the hold they had over Xander. It seemed to them that sex was what was controlling him, and they needed something as strong as that to break him free.

Neither girl wanted to have sex with Xander. Sure, if it was his life on the line, they would. But just to break spell?

They needed to find another way.


Buffy and Willow were working themselves to the bone at the shop, running back and forth to make sure everyone had a full drink or a bit of food.

But they had a plan: Xander would not show tonight.

That afternoon, they had broken into his bed room, found his suit and stolen it.

They would return it after the party, but Xander would not be here tonight. The only thing that Willow had noticed about his bed room, was that it looked like Xander hadn’t been there in a while.


At the Evans'

Xander was sitting in a funk.

Isabel was at the party, and so was Michael.

And his suit was gone.

He knew he shouldn’t have left at the Harris homestead, but he had just dropped it off after school and it was on his way to meet up with Faith to talk her into going with him that night.

Now he was going have to break it to her that he couldn’t go.

As he sat there, he was playing with his powers, changing the faces around on a magazine cover. Then it hit him.


He stood up and walked to a mirror. Looking at his reflection, he waved his hand down and he was dressed in his suit. His hair was perfectly done, just the way it was in the magazine pictures.

As he stood there looking at himself, he slowly became aware of a clapping noise. He turned and there stood Faith, decked out in a red dress that covered her like a glove.

The dress was cut in a way that screamed sex kitten, but the look in her eyes was that of a girl waiting to be kicked. She wanted to impress him and from the look he was giving her, she wasn’t sure if she had done that.

“My god,” Xander said as Faith tensed up, “you're beautiful.”

“Not so bad yourself, stud.” Faith paused, then looked at him closer. “Nice move with the hands. I've got learn how to do that.”

Xander winced.

He was going to tell Faith about the changes she would be going through, but just not tonight. He was going to meet more of his family, and wanted it to a good night.

“Uh, Faith, there is something I should tell you, but it will be later, ok?”

He would tell her if she wanted to know, but he really wanted to wait.

“Will knowing it now change anything about it?” Faith asked. If it was important, like the world was going to end, she wanted to know.

But if it was not, it could wait.

“Nope, nothing can change this.” Xander looked a little sad about it, but she saw a little determination in his face. He would tell her, but didn’t want to do so, right now.

“Ok,” Faith said. “It’ll wait.”

Xander broke into a smile.

“Let's hit the road and have a ball at the party.”

“You got it, stud.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Family Ties" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 3 Jan 06.

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