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We're hiring who?

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Summary: Post chosen drabble series. The Cleveland school for aspiring female athletes has just hired GTO.

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Anime > Great Teacher OnizukaHecatonchiresFR15163,364067,7157 May 055 Jul 10No

Sign here please

Eikichi thought his wildest dreams had come true. "An all girls school!
And they were all so athletic!"

"Ok Mr Onizuka, its almost all ready. If you'll just sign this." The perky
redhead had been talking almost constantly, the sudden silence washed over him.


"It's our standard touch our girls and we'll ritually mutilate your body in
disturbing ways clause. Magically binding of course. I recommend pricking your
thumb." She handed him needle.


"Classes are ok. It detects intent"


"Just sign, ok"

No highschool girls? He looked at the redhead. It couldn't be that bad. He signed.

Of course, he doesn't know Willow, kinda gay now. Poor Eickichi. Exactly 100 words.
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