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It's All Good

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Summary: Willow’s worries about Jason during a full moon are put to rest.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: JasonSerenityChildFR131454021,5167 May 057 May 05Yes
Title: It’s All Good

Rating: FR13

Summary: Willow’s worries about Jason during a full moon are put to rest.

Pairing: Willow/Jason, Willow/Jean-Claude (friendship)

Spoilers: Ok, set after Willow went to England, but she never went back to Sunnydale. Tara was nothing more than a very good friend. None really for AB.

Disclaimer: Don’t own Willow. She belongs to Joss Whedon et al. Everything else belongs to LKH, except the plot which is mine, so what does that tell you about me?

Author’s Note: Ok, you can blame me for this if you want, but I’m putting it down to the heat. The evil plot bunny somehow got through customs when I came on holiday and wouldn’t leave me alone. :-P! Evil thing!

AN2: I don't speak French, and haven't since I was 13/14, so I apologise for any grammatical or spelling errors that may have occurred in the few French phrases thrown in here and there!

Dedication: To Vex, for putting up with me on said holiday when the evil plot (or should that be smut?) bunny got me.


The air was still and the noises of the night were carried clearly to the redhead stood by the door of the circus. She hated nights like this. Nights of the full moon. Nights when they couldn’t be near each other. The distance made her worry. What if something happened to him while he was on the hunt? What would she do then? If it wasn’t for him, she may never have recovered. Sure, the coven in England had helped, but she could still feel the darkness inside, and the pain. But when he was there, none of that mattered. He didn’t judge her for what she had done, he just accepted it as a part of her. How could he judge her for her darkness, when his beast sometimes filled him with urges just as dark?

Willow felt the vampire approach before he spoke. "Is something the matter, ma rouge?"

The witch turned to face Jean-Claude and tried to smile. "It’s nothing, really."

"You worry about him, non?"

Willow blushed. "I know it’s silly, but I can’t help it. Whenever he’s out there," she said, gesturing into the night. "I worry. I know nothing will happen to him, but I still worry."

"Jason is fine, ma rouge. I can feel it, as I am sure you can." His tone brightened, as much as the vampire’s voice ever did. "Now, come back inside. It is beginning to grow cold and you are tired."

Willow sighed. He was right. She knew Jason was ok, and she was getting tired. Maybe it was time to turn in. She followed the master vampire back inside and to the room she shared with her wolf.

"Bonnee Nu it, ma rouge, and sweet dreams," Jean-Claude said, closing her door.

As Willow sunk into blissful slumber, her last thoughts were of Jason, and the numerous ways they could make up their lost time when he returned in the morning. A wicked grin graced her lips as sleep consumed her.


AN: I have started writing another part for this, but i don't know whether to finish it or not. So, you all know what that mean! If you want more, you'll have to review and let me know!

AN (added 27/08/12): I have decided to call this fic ended. I haven't written any more for years, and when I went back to it, it just didn't seem to flow any more. If anybody wants to write what happens when Jason gets home, feel free, just let me know? Sorry for everyone who was hoping for another ending.

The End

You have reached the end of "It's All Good". This story is complete.

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