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Singing the Blues

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Summary: Between S2-3 before Buffy returns, a new family moves to Sunnydale..

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Movies > Undercover BluesEdScottFR1317100112,21112 May 0512 May 05No
Title: Singing the Blues (1/?)

Author: Ed Scott

Disclaimer: All characters belong to their rightful owners... none of

who are me.

Summary: Between S2-3 before Buffy returns, a new family moves to Sunnydale..

Warning: Crossover: Undercover Blues

A/N: If you haven’t seen this movie, rent it.

Pairing: Xander/?, Jeff/Jane Blue

Rating: PG 13 - R

Feedback, It's the coin of the realm.

Washington, DC

Jefferson “Jeff” Blue and his beautiful wife Jane were the perfect couple. Even though they were in their 30s, they still knew how to have fun. Even with a 6 year old daughter named Jane Louise, but everyone calls her Janey. The Blues are the best spies in the world. At least Jeff thinks so.

The happy family were enjoying a nice day in the park. In their case, the park being the Presidential Rose Garden. As they were watching their daughter run around in the sun, they were being watched by two members of the Secret Service. They didn’t need the protection, but the President didn’t want Jeff getting lost or into trouble. Again.

As they were enjoying the nice early Summer weather, a balding man in his 50s walked up to the Blues. Janey saw him first.

“Uncle Frank!” The 6 year old ran to the balding man and gave him a big hug.

“Hi, Janey. How’s my favorite niece?”

“I’m your only niece.” The 6 year old said with the sincerity that 6 year olds have.

“True. Look, Janey. I need to talk to your mom and dad for a minute.”

“Spy stuff? Where are we going this time?”

“Shhh! It’s a secret. What I can tell you, is that you might meet a movie star.”

“California, then?”

“You’re too smart to be a 6 year old. You are your mother’s daughter.”

“And my daddy’s daughter too.”

“True. Now, if you’ll excuse me for a few minutes while I talk to your mom and dad?”

“Sure, Uncle Frank.” Jeff and Jane Blue saw Frank and even though they had smiles on their faces, the only time Frank saw them was because they were needed for another job.

“What’s the job this time, Frank? Another terrorist or more illegal weapons smuggling?”

“Neither, Jeff. You’re going to Sunnydale, California.”

“What’s there?”

“Besides the Hellmouth?” This statement shocked the two spies.

“I’m not taking Janey to the Hellmouth. She’s staying here.” Jane Blue was in protective mother role.

“I agree with my wife here, Frank. Whatever you’re sending us on, is now complicated by the vampires and assorted others that live there. We’re leaving her here until we get back. She’ll understand.” The look on their boss’ face made them think Janey would be against them going to California alone.

“Alright, Frank. What did you tell Janey?”

“That the next mission you all were going on, she had a good chance of seeing a movie star.” Both parents groaned. They would never deprive their daughter of anything. And a chance to see movie stars, they knew Janey would be upset if they left her with her Uncle Frank. Jeff and Jane looked at each other.

“Fine. But she gets told of the rules in order to stay alive.” Jeff looked at his boss. “Why are we going to Sunnydale?”

“We need to find out why an AT-4 anti-tank rocket was needed to kill a demon.”

“You know as well as we do, that all equipment used in defeating vampires and demons are labeled as a mistake in inventory.”

“I know that, Jeff. Usually, it’s just guns, bullets, grenades and C-4 that‘s taken. This was the first time a rocket launcher was used and we need to find out why.”

Jeff and Jane looked at each other. They were curious why a rocket was needed.

“OK. What’s our cover?”

“Jane, you’re the new computer teacher replacing the one who died a few months ago. You’ll be replacing the student who’s filling in named Willow Rosenberg. Jeff, you’re a stay at home stock trader. When Janey was born, you decided one of you would work out of the home to take care of your daughter and Jane won the coin toss.”

Jeff looked at Frank. “If Jane is going to be a teacher, how long is our cover for?”

“It’s a permanent assignment. The Joint Chiefs want the people that used the rocket to have a liaison with the military. In case more equipment is needed or help with the police is needed.”

Husband and wife looked at each other. “New Orleans.” Then they smiled at each other. “Morty!”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Singing the Blues" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 May 05.

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